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It just so happened that the director came over cursingly at this time, Jiang Zheng told Ji Muye to be calm, while she herself walked over to block the director’s way, and said with a smile: “Director Zhang, I happen to have a drama in which I’m also going to play the role of the oiran recently. Let me practice my hand.”

Director Zhang was stunned and glanced back at Ji Muye.

Jiang Zheng approached and said, “Anyway, the oiran’s face can’t be seen as she is wearing a veil, why don’t I make a play and help her complete the dance part. You can make up the rest of the scene.”

Director Zhang couldn’t wait for it. It was a great thing that Jiang Zheng was willing to come to play. The key point was that the big guy was stuck here, and he couldn’t make it up to him, and he couldn’t drive away the related party, so he could only vent his anger with a few curses.

Jiang Zheng hissed, “Don’t use my name. I just suddenly had an addiction to drama.”

Director Zhang suddenly understood. Sometimes the drama lunatics get addicted to drama and couldn’t get rid of it.

He hurriedly arranged for someone to change Jiang Zheng’s clothes and make up.

Ji Muye silently watched Jiang Zheng enter the dressing room, and after a while a pretty and bright oiran came out.

The same clothes, the same makeup, but a different person made a big difference.

The oiran sent in was probably at the level of a remote county, and Jiang Zheng’s oiran was immediately upgraded to the level of a big city in the ancient capital.

Republic of China’s dark red cheongsam highlighted Jiang Zheng’s good figure to the fullest, and her delicate eyebrows curved into a coquettish posture.

Han Yi just went downstairs and chatted with Jing Meini for a while, and then came upstairs to find Jiang Zheng wearing a white veil, singing a ditty enchantingly, with seductive winks all around.

Both he and Jing Meini were dumbfounded, not knowing which game this aunt was playing.

The director was delighted to receive the help of a national treasure, and excitedly shouted for everyone to take their positions.

Jiang Zheng tried it out, walked off with Ji Muye and a few supporting actors, and then officially started filming.

The noble son played by Ji Muye was the youngest son of the Governor’s Mansion. He looked suave and he had suave affairs. He hung out in brothels and flower boats all year round, and he was a master who could enjoy and play well. But this was all for him to deceive those who didn’t expect him to be good. In his bones, he was decent, soft-hearted, and kind. In short, he was a person with a very complicated personality.

The plot had progressed until his father, the governor, was going to marry his sixth concubine today, so he had invited guests at home, to celebrate his sixth marriage. As the youngest son of the governor, he naturally came to the brothel to meet the expectations of the audience in a different way. His father of course protested.

Jiang Zheng’s guest oiran was today’s bride’s sister.

The young masters present here were extremely listless, and they just want to watch a bloody scene where their father played with the sisters.

How could this son disappoint them, so he immediately invited the oiran to perform a dance.

The old-fashioned record player was babbling and playing extravagant music, Jiang Zheng was holding a round fan, half covering her face, her ruddy lips were faintly shadowed, and her delicate eyebrows were catching Ji Muye’s heart little by little.

The director secretly shouted happily.

As expected of Ms. Jiang, with just a frown and a smile, she immediately played an oiran who could seduce people’s life away.

Ji Muye also cooperated very well, showing a sense of intoxication but disgust at the same time.

Jiang Zheng twisted her waist, took two steps forward and one step back amidst the yelling of other nobles, hooked this person’s chin for a while to tease, and sometimes pinched another person’s ear for a while, deliberately delaying for a long time until she jumped to the side of Ji Muye.

At this moment, as if she was tired from jumping, or was surprised by Ji Muye’s beauty, her feet went limp and she fell to the side.

Ji Muye stretched out his hand and pulled her into his arms, warm as jade, with a tangy fragrance, amid laughter from the side.

Ji Muye narrowed his eyes slightly, staring fixedly at the beauty in his arms.

Jiang Zheng turned away shyly.

Ji Muye snorted, stretched out his hand, wiped her lips with his fingertips, and wiped off all the lip balm on her lips little by little.

This scene was both subtle and sensual.

“What? You also want to enter our Duan’s mansion and be my concubine?” Ji Muye asked with a soft smile, but his eyes were frosty.

Jiang Zheng snorted, “I’m not as lucky as my sister.”

The unconcealable sourness and longing were all played out in her tone.

Ji Muye pinched her chin, “Don’t be sour and jealous, maybe you will receive your sister’s corpse in a few days.”

He emphasized the word corpse, which made the people next to him get goosebumps. It also frightened Jiang Zheng so much that her face turned pale.

“Get out!” Ji Muye scolded coldly, and Jiang Zheng ran out rolling and crawling.

The director shouted cut with great satisfaction.

The big guy didn’t say anything, but he gave Jiang Zheng a big praise in his heart.

The director said thank you to Jiang Zheng, but Jiang Zheng thanked the director in turn for giving her this opportunity to practice.

After filming this section, the director finally let everyone go back to rest.

Jiang Zheng went to the dressing room to change, but she didn’t forget to turn her head and smile at Ji Muye.

Ji Muye’s back stiffened instantly. The aristocratic son in the play didn’t want to marry the oiran, it must be because he was blind.

At this moment, the lights suddenly went out, and everything was plunged into darkness.

The power outage at night was also a major feature of the crew. Otherwise, why would there be many stories about the crew being haunted.

Jiang Zheng must have heard many stories like this, so she must be scared.

The thought flashed through Ji Muye’s mind, and his feet had already stepped out.

All around were noisy and complaining voices. Under the dim light of the emergency light, he had just touched the door of the dressing room when he bumped into someone head-on.

“Mr. Ji, don’t be afraid. It’s me. I’m here.” The person in his arms grabbed his arm and said anxiously.

Ji Muye: “…” Of course, she was not afraid.

In his imagination, Jiang Zheng should be scared enough to hide in the corner, her face turning pale, waiting for his rescue.

However… things backfired.

In the darkness, Jiang Zheng couldn’t hear Ji Muye’s feedback, so she asked again: “Are you okay?” When they were filming “Dongnu Country” together before, Ji Muye was frightened by the incident of the fake boat until his face turned pale. And she had always remembered it.

Ji Muye took a deep breath, hummed tremblingly, and then said weakly: “Can I hold your sleeve?”

She took the initiative to hold Ji Muye’s hand, “It’s all right. The power will come back right away.”

Ji Muye pursed his lower lip and clenched it tightly with his hands. All right. Coward is a coward, at least held hands.

After waiting for about five minutes, the power came and everything returned to normal.

Reluctantly, Ji Muye let go of her hand, and said helplessly, “I should thank…”

Jiang Zheng raised her head, staring at him with bright eyes.

Ji Muye didn’t dare to say the words. Jiang Zheng pretended to be addicted to acting, but in fact she was afraid that he would delay his rest by filming too late. She was supposed to be a fan, but she was helping out in the show, and was even worried that he was afraid of the dark… Things seemed to be reversed. The feeling of being spoiled was really sweet, sour and sad.

Jiang Zheng seemed to have guessed the meaning of Ji Muye’s words, so she smiled mischievously: “I don’t want to tell the truth. I’m so thin-skinned. I don’t think there will be a next time.”

Ji Muye: “…”

After getting into the car, Han Yi murmured: “It’s strange. Why did the power go out suddenly? Let me tell you, last time the filming base also had a power outage suddenly, and then someone, oh no, more than one person saw someone wearing a costume play and babbling. When the electricity came, all the figures and voices had disappeared.”

He said to himself with a smile: “You are so courageous, you are never afraid of this. I will still be a little scared.”

After finishing speaking, Jiang Zheng didn’t respond, so he turned to look at her.

Jiang Zheng snorted and said with a smile, “Who said that? I’m so scared.” But someone was more scared than her. So… she looked down at her phone, and Ji Muye’s WeChat avatar kept vibrating.

She clicked on it, and the other party had sent a sentence.

[For the sake of me writing poems for you, please don’t stop… pampering me.]

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