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WMPLT Ch. 3.1


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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Zhai Xingchen, who didn’t know anything, returned to his room, took out a pen and paper, and wrote down the names of the seven guests.

The third male, Yan Zhi, hadn’t come yet, but he still wrote his name.

Anyway, he was also tall, rich and handsome, with overwhelming popularity and strong strength.

Blue on the left, red on the right, written in two rows.

If he had known that he would transmigrate into this novel, he would have followed the whole book.

This was the importance of finishing a novel.

Who and who would be the final CP?

Yan Zhi was from Haitang, so he didn’t know how to pair up with N?

A pair of Ns placed in Jinjiang was the existence of pulling black and brushing negative, and placing N in Haitang, then it was Modo.

Zhai Xingchen took a serious look at the guests.

Well, it seemed that these few people were very suitable for drawing CP fans casually.

For example, the generous and dignified Duan Yihua matched the tall and mighty Huo Cheng, which fit well and conformed to the traditional aesthetics.

The cold and handsome Pei Xu, and the heart-warming big brother with the dark little wolf dog.

Another example was that the most beautiful Hu Ying, matched with Huo Cheng, it could be said attacking the beauty who is matched with fire. Wasn’t that still dry wood and fire?

It was better to match Pei Xu, if the evildoer was matched with the iceberg, one hot and one cold, the sexual tension would be directly full.

But the introduction of “Red and Blue Signal” said that this was a fascinating article.

Whether it’s Jinjiang, Dianjia or Huajia, one heartthrob was an enduring theme.

One-on-one, even and stable, the Shura field where a few compete for one was YYDS[1]!

So here came the question, the dignified and mature Duan Yihua, the seductive and hot Hu Ying, the pure and intelligent Lin Qingning, the shy and cute Wen Nuo, who was the heartthrob pursued by the three male protagonists?

In the small living room on the second floor, the four guests on the red side had just finished accepting the solo interview and gathered together to chat.

This was requested by the program group. They hoped the four of them could get together to discuss the three male guests from the blue side.

“Pei Xu is so handsome.” Wen Nuo smiled.

“But he is very difficult to get along with.” Lin Qingning knew Pei Xu from before, and when he mentioned Pei Xu, he seemed to remember something, and shook his head while holding his glasses.

“It’s okay that you guys came late. I was the second one here. Pei Xu was the only one who came. After saying hello, we both had nothing to say. Didn’t I read the news before? Everyone said he had a bad temper, it was difficult to get along with him, and he really didn’t take the initiative to chat, he was always watching stock information there, and I didn’t dare to open my mouth for fear that he would ignore me, so the two of us just sat down until Hu Ying came.” Duan Yihua said.

“How handsome the face is, that’s how smelly his temper is!” Hu Ying commented.


It seems that everyone’s eyes are still sharp.

After all, they are all tall, rich and handsome, and there is no shortage of men, so there is really no need to rush.

Although I am very happy that the little handsome guys in red group have clear eyes and hearts, there is really no warrior who volunteered to accept that evildoer Pei Xu? This old lady really can’t understand this crazy look!

Seeing that it was about to turn into a meeting of Pei Xu’s complaints, after all, Lin Qingning had something to do with Pei Xu’s aunt Zhou Lan, so he immediately changed the subject and said, “But Huo Cheng has a very good personality.”

“Yes, and he looks like a very good and handsome man.”

“Zhai Xingchen seems to have a very good personality, and in terms of good looks, he is the prettiest, right? He is also very tall, estimated to be 183 cm.”

“He smiles so beautifully, and there are stars in his eyes. He is just too big. He’s pretty, this kind of feeling is more like a sister.” Hu Ying pushed his hair back, raised his sharp and slender eyebrows, “Anyway, I can’t accept someone who is prettier than me.”

“You are the prettiest.” Wen Nuo complimented.

In terms of looks, Hu Ying and Zhai Xingchen were the top two among them. Hu Ying was gorgeous and compelling, like a touch of red that stimulated the adrenal glands, while Zhai Xingchen was like a gem star, and his brilliance could not be concealed even if he deliberately kept a low profile.

In the end, they came to the same conclusion. Among the three male guests on the blue side, Pei Xu had the worst reputation. He was too cold and his temper was too smelly.

The one with the best reputation was Zhai Xingchen, who ranked first in combination of appearance and personality.

Huo Cheng was also very good, rough and straight, and he could be called a dish in the circle.

But if you could only choose one heart-warming guest today…

Everyone chose Pei Xu.

Huo Cheng was also accepting a single pick. The staff came up to help him adjust the lighting board. He sat on the high stool and looked at the camera: “Is that so?”

Compared with Pei Xu, Huo Cheng’s personality was much better, and he was very cooperative.

“I have seen most of the guests today, who do you have the deepest impression of?”


Huo Cheng thought for a while, “Everyone is very good-looking, there is not much of a difference…”

“You have to choose one.”

“Zhai Xingchen.”

The program group: “…why?”

“I think he looks so young, how old is he? Is he eighteen?”

“If he can participate in our program, he must be an adult.”

The program group replied. “Oh.”

Huo Cheng said, “When I was with him, I instantly felt like an old man. He looked so young and there was the smell of milk on his body.”


“Yes, I smelled it when I was carrying my luggage.”


Huo Cheng: “I’m serious.”

“Is there really a man who smells like milk?” asked the staff member opposite.

“Yes, there’s my ex-boyfriend. He is twenty-five years old and still smells like milk.” A young lady said.

“It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with age. I heard that some people have this kind of fragrance.”

The photographer next to him interjected: “Some men have it even when they are older. When I was in college, there was a boy in our dormitory. We all liked to hug him and smell him because he smelt very clean.”

“Zhai Xingchen looks very white and delicious, like a little milk dog.”

“Hey, did I ask you guys to digress?” The director said angrily through the headset ask.

Zhai Xingchen sneezed.

He changed his clothes and came out of the room.

Everyone was still in their own rooms, and he had no other place to go. He wandered around the living room by himself, and finally went to the kitchen.

This would be his most important battleground. Of the eight guests, he was the only one who could cook, and he would also “sweat the most” here during the recording of the variety show.

Great, he’s streaming here, and the other guests were streaming in the bedroom.

In the real world of love affairs, you can’t accept a kiss until the final confession, but this was a novel, so it was not impossible to secretly make fire in the room with the camera behind your back, right?

It would be quite exciting to think about the plots that were only found in this kind of novels if they happened in reality.

At least there must have been a forced kiss. He saw the spoiler in the comment area.

Thinking of spoilers in the comment area, he remembered the “classic famous lines” in the comment area when the Shura field was high and the tide turned high later in the article.

How to say.

Oh, “I really want to fuck you up, believe it or not.”

His little face suddenly turned yellow.

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[1] YYDS or “forever God” The four English letters are the initials of yong yuan de shen, meaning “forever God” in Chinese. It was first used by players of a popular internet game, and later was adopted by many internet users to express their admiration and high esteem for their idols.

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