MGSGW Ch. 146

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Warning 18+ content; sexual references

“Yun Ting, I have feet!” Lin Mumu protested.

“I know.”

You know but you still won’t let me down!

Lin Mumu seemed to have gotten used to Yun Ting’s domineering way of getting along.

Then, let him go.

She rested her head on Yun Ting’s chest, and felt inexplicably relieved, but she was still a little sleepy!

“Mumu, are you wronged by marrying me?” Yun Ting suddenly asked cautiously.

“Ah? No.” Lin Mumu was stunned.

“Then you cried so hard.” Yun Ting was still a little scared, just now when Lin Mumu was crying, he almost pulled out his gun.

He was afraid that Lin Mumu would ignore him after crying. Lin Mumu’s personality seemed gentle, but in fact she was tough. She seemed to seldom cry.

Crying so hard this time really frightened Yun Ting.

Lin Mumu was a little ashamed, she really couldn’t explain it, she could only say haha: “I really cried out of happiness, I was so happy to see you. I couldn’t help crying.”

“Mumu, do you feel that when I am not at home, no one is protecting you, and you are particularly wronged?”

“You are a big man, what are you doing!” Lin Mumu became angry instead: “There are so many sorrows and worries, I am not that kind of person!”

“Yes, I’m a big man, but, what are you doing!” Yun Ting just put Lin Mumu in the yard to chat, and now he picked her up again, aiming at the bedroom, and when entering the door, a little white dumpling stuck to the wooden belly was thrown out, and the door was locked with a bang.

“Yun Ting, what are you doing in broad daylight?” Lin Mumu seemed to sense Yun Ting’s strangeness.

His things were all against her. Lin Mumu didn’t dare to move, for fear that the gun would go off.

Yun Ting didn’t answer her, just hugged her and kissed her non-stop, the temperature between his lips and teeth kept rising, his skills seemed to have improved a lot compared to before.

At last after the fierce battle, he knew to give her a chance to breathe.

“We didn’t even take a shower, we must stink to death.” Lin Mumu made an excuse, just trying to play tricks, in broad daylight, the flowers and plants outside were still listening, how embarrassing.

“Good.” Yun Ting picked up Lin Mumu again and headed to the bathroom.

Their room, the bedroom had an attached bathroom, so it was convenient as they did not have to open the door to go out.

But Lin Mumu probably thought of what he was going to do, and struggled for a while, “Yun Ting, don’t rely on your height and strength to carry people around like cargo!”

“Be good, don’t make trouble.” Yun Ting seemed to be holding back something.

Lin Mumu felt very real this time. The thing under him had already poked her forcefully.

He had already reacted to her, and he endured it very hard. Just now Lin Mumu approached and rubbed her body against him, making his reaction even more obvious.

“You asked for this.”

Bang, the bathroom door was also closed.

The warm water from the shower fell on them.

Before Lin Mumu had time to think of an excuse, she was held in his arms.

The temperature of the shower was not high enough. It’s not too hot, it’s only slightly hotter than their body temperature, but it covered the bathroom with a layer of warm water vapor, and their affection made the temperature of the bathroom higher and higher.

Lin Mumu just felt that she seemed to be caught in a warm rain, and she was enjoying the rain and sunshine constantly.

He took her to climb the highest mountain little by little, watching the flowers blooming all over the mountain. Slowly the warmth spread to all her limbs.

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