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In the forest, when Chris was telling everyone the gossip about their “debut”, Qiao Xi had already been sent by the guards to a private hot spring outside the palace.

At this time, Qiao Xi had already turned into his human form.

Not seeing Jing Yan, he felt a little apprehensive. He was led all the way into the house, changed his clothes under the arrangement of the attendants, and then walked out of the house.

A large pool of hot springs, with mist curling up.

And the man soaked in water was lying on the shore, staring at him.

Qiao Xi: “…”

He was almost suffocated by Jing Yan’s gaze.

The man’s expression was cold, but his strong muscles exposed to the air were very sexy.

Qiao Xi swallowed, both heartbroken and guilty.

Jing Yan stared at him and asked, “Did you eat on the way here?”

“Hmm…” Qiao Xi said with a dry smile, “Why did you come to the hot spring so suddenly?”

Jing Yan said with an inscrutable look on his face: “Come here, let’s have supper after soaking for a while.”

Qiao Xi chose to shut up and walked to the shore.

Jing Yan looked up at him, and said seriously, “I’m going to take it off and go into the water.”

Qiao Xi nodded calmly, and confirmed, “Is this hot spring yours?”

“It’s for the royal family and nobles. But this pool has always belonged to me.” Seeing that Qiao Xi was not shy, Jing Yan felt a little puzzled.

In the next second, he saw Qiao Xi nodding his head, and then he untied his slender fingers, and the bathrobe on his body fell off.

Jing Yan was stunned.

Not only was Qiao Xiaoxi not shy at all, he was not even wearing swimming trunks!!!

Qiao Xi blushed and got into the water, then silently moved to the side of Jing Yan who had become stiff like a rock, leaned against him and said, “It’s so cold.”

Jing Yan: “!!!” What’s going on!!! Why was Qiao Xiaoxi suddenly so bold!!!

Originally, today he wanted to use his beauty to shock Qiao Xiaoxi and have some romance by the way, so that Qiao Xiaoxi would know that no coquettish slut out there could compare to him, but he dared not move now!!!

What a blessing from heaven!!!

Although Qiao Xi didn’t intend to tell Jing Yan about the love letter, he still felt guilty, so he decided to take this opportunity to treat Jing Yan better!

Hey, you have to sell some meat!

The two had their own thoughts, and the temperature in the hot spring pool was also “crackling” rising.

Jing Yan had soaked for a long time just now, but his skin color was still quite normal, but now he turned red visibly to the naked eye, and the red was extremely exaggerated.

Qiao Xi leaned against him and said softly, “Jing Yan, you have such a good figure!”

Jing Yan raised his head and tried his best to keep his nose normal.

After reciting the “Calming sutra” ten times silently, he adjusted his sitting posture, showed off his muscles generously, and said with a light smile, “Oh, I’ve practiced for so many years!”

Qiao Xi stretched out a finger and poked Jing Yan’s chest muscles, his face also became as red as hell.

Before, he knew that Jing Yan’s figure was good, but now that he was able to touch these muscles openly after they started dating, Qiao Xi realized that the impact of a figure on a person was really not a cover.

At this moment, the attendants came in and put down the prepared wine and dishes on the bank.

Jing Yan calmly hugged Qiao Xi a little tighter, and covered Qiao Xi’s small buttocks with his hands.

Fortunately, the light outside was weak, the two sat underwater, and the attendants kept their heads down and did not dare to look around, so they were not afraid of the scenery being leaked.

Qiao Xi was actually too embarrassed, so he buried his head against Jing Yan’s shoulder, he could even feel his ass turn hot, so he did not raise his head until he was sure that the attendants had left.

They stared at each other at close range for a few seconds, and where they touched, the hot liquid seemed to turn into flames.

Both of their throats were a little dry.

At the same time, they staggered their eyes, restrained themselves, took a deep breath together, and let it out slowly.

Qiao Xi hurriedly said: “Drink, drink some wine!”

Jing Yan looked at him: “Am I allowed to drink today?”

Qiao Xi said solemnly: “You are allowed to have a drink today!”

But it was absolutely not allowed to be crazy about drinking!

Both of them had a glass of wine, and Jing Yan finally settled the score.

He said awkwardly: “Met a lot of friends today, right?”

“Well, but when we chatted in the afternoon, I mentioned to them that I have a boyfriend, and they were also very nice, and they haven’t touched my head since then.” Qiao Xi actively made a report!

Everyone knew how to measure themselves. After Qiao Xi told his love story, they didn’t show any other expressions except being surprised. Although they still talked around Qiao Xi later, they didn’t make any more intimate gestures.

This was beyond Jing Yan’s expectation. When he heard it, his heart was elated, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rise: “You, you just said that?”

“It’s okay again!” Qiao Xi blinked, “And you can rest assured now, right?”

“Cough,” Jing Yan cleared his throat, and pretended to say, “Me?”

Qiao Xi thought for a while, and then asked tentatively: “Then what should I do if I really receive a love letter?”

Jing Yan immediately turned his face and said fiercely: “Heh!”

Qiao Xi: “…”

This wolf was still the same wolf!

Jing Yan leaned over suspiciously and said, “So you didn’t receive any?”

Qiao Xi took a sip of wine calmly, leaned over to hook Jing Yan’s neck, and pressed his lips to his!

Jing Yan was caught off guard and gagged, then his eyes widened!!

The aroma of the wine permeated the lips of the two, and Jing Yan felt drunk after just one sip.

He couldn’t help but tighten his arms, turn against the guest, and press Qiao Xi to the shore as soon as he turned around, in turn kissing him deeper.

The mist kept rising, winding around them silently.

Qiao Xi actually thought that Jing Yan could be comforted…as long as he worked hard!

After soaking in the pool for a while, the two of them had some supper after coming out.

Hugging people, kissing on the mouth, Jing Yan did not show the cold look similar to when they first met just now, and was coaxed by Qiao Xi completely.

Qiao Xi also said: “Go to bed early, you have class tomorrow!”

Jing Yan said stickily: “You really don’t want me to accompany you? I’ll be fine tomorrow!”

Qiao Xi: “No, I can’t concentrate when you are by my side, I won’t be able to study hard!”

Jing Yan rubbed his head and said excitedly, “Am I that powerful?”

Qiao Xi: “Of course, I like you so much!”

Jing Yan: Was he going to become a demon wolf that would harm the country??! This feeling seemed a bit great!

Qiao Xi: It doesn’t matter what happens, just feed sugar as much as you can!

But seeing Jing Yan being so happy now that flowers seemed to be floating out of his head, Qiao Xi also found it funny.

He rubbed against Jing Yan’s face, kissed him, and said softly, “Good night, Ah Yan.”

“Good night, Xiao Xi.” Jing Yan also kissed back.

The two frowned in the darkness, then closed their eyes against their foreheads.

…The next day, Chris and Jing Yi came again!

“Hey, didn’t you receive a love letter today?” Chris innocently looked at the desktop and drawers where Qiao Xi was sitting, seeming very interested.

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth twitched, and he said, “Everyone knows that I have a boyfriend…”

“But maybe someone has the courage to provoke my brother!” The broken brother said from the side.

Qiao Xi said dryly: “Your idea is too dangerous.”

Seeing Lu Yin passing by him with his schoolbag on his back, Qiao Xi subconsciously called out: “Ah, Lu Yin…”

Lu Yin stopped.

Qiao Xi said in embarrassment: “Have you returned that letter? That girl… is she okay?”

Ruan Yue passed by the door with a glance, and he saw her, she seemed to be going to the bathroom, but her eyes were still full of admiration and disappointment. The girl kept looking at the little chick… he didn’t know why the big classes of different colleges were all arranged in the same corridor.

He adjusted his glasses and said, “It’s okay…she will digest it by herself.”

It was also the first time for Qiao Xi to do such a thing, so he felt quite embarrassed.

Lu Yin paused, and then asked: “You… know who I am?”

Not only did he know his name, but he also knew his identity.

The three little ones knew.

Then they nodded awkwardly.

Lu Yin understood, and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you yesterday.” When he talked to his parents yesterday, he mentioned this incident and his parents were very surprised. It should be true that he had never heard of it. Later, he went to inquire again, and found out that Jing Yan accompanied Qiao Xi to the examination city before, but before that, apart from the examination organizing committee, the only news about this was that the other royal families of the beast clan and the wolf clan had also gone there. Only the core of the royal family knew that they had never left.

Coupled with the fact that Lu Yin and Ruan Yue had never met these two people, they were even more unknown—even though Jing Yan didn’t seem to cover up too much when they were out this time.

“It’s all right.” Qiao Xi quickly waved his hand.

Lu Yin hesitated to speak, but Qiao Xi asked suspiciously, “What’s the matter?”

Lu Yin shook his head, “It’s nothing.”

Since there were no new love letters, Chris and Jing Yi expressed that they were very bored, and just stayed for lunch with Qiao Xi then went back to the palace.

In the afternoon, Qiao Xi came to the classroom.

After a while, he didn’t know if it was because there were not many seats left, but this time, Lu Yin chose to sit beside him.

The boy was quiet all the time, he just took out his book and pen, and after a while, he asked, “Why don’t you come to class in human form?”

…Because there was a black wolf in the family who was always being jealous, and now the “Sea, Land, and Air” boy group was so popular, if he revealed his human form, his campus life would probably not be peaceful.

But Qiao Xi wouldn’t say that, so he just said: “It’s comfortable to be in the beast form.”

The beast form was more suitable when out in nature, so most of the orcs actually liked to stay in their beast forms.

Lu Yin said softly: “Your two friends don’t mind your animal form.”

“Well, they don’t mind at all.”

Before, Qiao Xi always wanted to wait until he could transform stably and try his best to go out with them in human form. But after knowing his thoughts, both Chris and Jing Yi and the others, as well as Lin Chu and Ji Yang, who were far away in the Bird Clan, said that there was no need to do this at all. If Qiao Xi always cared about this issue for them, they would be angry instead.

So in order not to make them angry, Qiao Xi stopped thinking about this issue.

That’s what true friends were like, Qiao Xi really felt lucky.

“That’s great,” Lu Yin murmured, and asked again, “Is your boyfriend… the eldest prince?”

Qiao Xi shrank his head, it should be easy to find out about this in the palace now, he was ashamed but still said: “Yeah.”

“Does he not care about your animal shape at all?” Lu Yin asked.

“If he cared, he wouldn’t have kept me in the forest in the first place,” Qiao Xi said with a smile, “Jing Yan is not that kind of person, neither are Chris, Jing Yi, Jiao Yue, A Xue, and Hei Yu. They are not the type of people who would make a fuss just because a person has a special appearance.”

Lu Yin opened his eyes slightly, and then fell silent.

Qiao Xi looked at his appearance, thought for a while, and didn’t ask any further questions.

He felt that Lu Yin seemed to be interested in Jing Yan and the others.

He didn’t know Lu Yin well, and he didn’t know what aroused Lu Yin’s curiosity, but he had some guesses in his heart.

After returning to the forest, he asked, and Jiao Yue remembered something, and said: “Lu Yin, his animal shape is indeed very special.”

Sure enough…

Qiao Xi asked: “Is it the same as me?”

Jing Yi asked: “Still the same as me?”

Chris proudly said: “Anyway, he’s different from me!”

Hei Yu and A Xue looked at him.

Jiao Yue looked at the wolf and the chicken, and said, “His situation is more similar to Qiao Xi…or more special than yours.”

“Jing Yi is just small in size, as for Qiao Xi…” A Xue said euphemistically, “Although Qiao Xi’s animal shape is different from most of the bird tribes, the origin is the same.”

Translated, this sentence meant that although Qiao Xi was a chicken and the bird tribe were usually phoenixes but they were both birds at least.

Qiao Xi nodded to show that he understood.

Jing Yan said: “That Lu Yin, I remember his beast looks like a pig.”

Qiao Xi was surprised: “It doesn’t even look like a canine?”

Jing Yan, Jiao Yue and A Xue nodded.

So his situation was even more special than Qiao Xi’s.

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