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FESM Ch. 26.1


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Yesterday, he was busy filming a single scene for a whole day. So, Qin Yize was physically and mentally exhausted. He finally got a good night’s sleep last night and stopped having those weird dreams. When he woke up in the morning, he was rarely refreshed. In the end, he was only happy for half an hour, and was then mysteriously pushed into the private dressing room by the director to meet Luo Ning.

Seeing Luo Ning’s smile, Qin Yize felt a throbbing pain in his head, and said a little unhappily: “Didn’t we agree not to interfere with each other? I’ve come to the crew, you can just edit your script at home, why did you come here to explore?”

He was obviously not welcoming.

Luo Ning didn’t mind, he just smiled with a good temper and said, “If I don’t pay attention to your filming, once my uncle tells my father, they will definitely suspect that there is something wrong with our relationship. Don’t worry, I’m just doing it for appearance, my actual reason for coming to visit the crew is to find a screenwriter teacher to learn from. I won’t affect your filming, I will even pretend not to know you.”

Qin Yize listened to Luo Ning’s explanation and was even more unhappy.

It turned out that Luo Ning didn’t come to see him at all, but to learn from the screenwriter? Let’s just say, how could Luo Ning come to visit his crew with kindness!

Qin Yize glanced at Luo Ning, feeling a little awkward in his heart, but he pretended to be calm on the surface: “This is for the best, I will pretend not to know you.”

Luo Ning changed the subject and said, “By the way, the actress playing with you is called Lin Su, right?”

Qin Yize wondered: “What? Are you interested in her?”

“She is very beautiful.” Luo Ning said with a smile, “I checked her out in the past two days. According to the information, her experience is very inspirational. She used to be an unknown 18th-tier star, and she slowly became popular after playing a supporting role for seven years. Since she has won the best actress, her acting skills must be very solid, right? You act well, I’m looking forward to seeing your opponent.”

Qin Yize said lightly, “Don’t worry, my acting skills are no worse than hers.”

Luo Ning nodded: “Well, I believe that you and her will be able to play scenes opposite each other well.”

Qin Yize confidently said: “Of course.”

Luo Ning smiled and patted Qin Yize’s shoulder: “I’ll go find my uncle first, and won’t bother you anymore, you just put on your makeup and change your clothes, don’t keep the crew waiting.”

Outside the dressing room, Li Xin, the agent, was waiting, Xi Wei had greeted him in advance that Luo Ning was coming over and asked him to make a good arrangement, so he stood here so as to not let anyone see it, let alone let the crew know that Luo Ning and Qin Yize were married.

Li Xin was bored guarding the door, he was thinking to himself that the two of them in the room must be kissing inseparably at this moment.

As a result, Luo Ning came out in less than five minutes, his expression was normal, and his breath was not disturbed at all. Inside the room, Qin Yize looked calm, as if he was just talking with Luo Ning about work. Li Xin rolled his eyes greatly in his heart, deeply worried about his artist’s EQ.

Luo Ning greeted Li Xin with a smile, leaned over and said softly, “Brother Li, I will pretend to be an intern and stay in the crew for a while, so act natural the first time you see me, and don’t reveal the truth.”

Li Xin patted his chest: “Don’t worry, I’ve been with Qin Yize for so long, and my acting skills are decent, so people won’t notice that we know you.”

Luo Ning nodded and left with a smile.

After Li Xin walked into the dressing room, he found that Qin Yize was sitting upright on the seat with the script in hand, he had a serious expression on his face, as if nothing had happened. Li Xin couldn’t help sighing, glare at Qin Yize angrily and say, “Luo Ning came all the way to see you, can’t you be a little gentler? Isn’t this attitude chilling?”

Qin Yize said coldly: “He didn’t come to see me.”

“If he didn’t come to see you, what did he come to do?”

Qin Yize shrugged, his tone a little unhappy: “He wants to be a screenwriter and used the excuse of visiting the crew as an excuse to run away. It has nothing to do with me, he has come to the crew to learn writing. He didn’t come to see me, so should I welcome him gratefully?”

Why did this sound a little awkward? Li Xin scratched his head, a little confused about what these two were thinking. Qin Yize’s tone was obviously very unhappy, and he seemed to have some grievances that “he didn’t come to see me”. Luo Ning was also very strange. On the surface, his attitude towards Qin Yize seemed to be of a marriage agreement and non-interference, but his actual actions were completely different. Qin Yize had only been away from home for three days, and Luo Ning actively came to the crew…to learn script writing from a teacher? Real or fake?

The more he thought about it, the more his head ached, so Li Xin simply knocked his head and didn’t think about it anymore, he just told Qin Yize: “Then leave him alone and focus on filming your scenes. Today’s task is quite heavy, and there are several scenes where you and Lin Su will have to act against each other, you should eat more snacks, don’t be stopped by the director again and affect the progress of shooting.”

Qin Yize nodded calmly: “Don’t worry, I won’t lose the chain.”

At this time, the makeup artist, stylist and the two assistants all knocked on the door and came in. Qin Yize and Li Xin immediately stopped the conversation and cooperated with changing the clothes and styling. Sister Lin told Qin Yize about the arrangement of several scenes today, Qin Yize listened carefully, and finally forgot about Luo Ning’s sudden visit to the crew and devoted himself to his work seriously.

In the lounge next door, Xi Wei brought Luo Ning to Xue An’an, the screenwriter teacher of the show, and introduced: “Teacher Xue, this is my nephew, he’s very interested in screenwriting. He wants to learn from you, please. Take him with you.”

Xue An’an was a bold middle-aged Beta woman who had worked with Xi Wei on several films and was a first-line screenwriter in the circle. She was really good at writing plots, especially the reasoning, that is why her work “Mystery” had won her the “Best Screenwriter Award”. In it, the audience couldn’t guess the truth until the last moment. Luo Ning went to watch it two days ago. The storyline was interlocking, and the foreshadowing was laid from the first second of the opening, which could be described as extremely exciting.

Luo Ning admired her from the bottom of his heart, and immediately extended his hand respectfully and said, “Hello, Teacher Xue, I’m your little fan.”

Seeing his clear eyes, Xue Ana’n couldn’t help laughing, and shake his slender fingers, then she looked back at Xi Wei and said, “Director, your nephew is so good-looking, are you sure he only wants to the screenwriter? Would you like him to make a cameo appearance in our play, it’s a pity that he is not an actor because of his good looks.”

Xi Wei scratched his head: “Guest? Xiao Luo, are you interested in making a cameo?”

Luo Ning smiled and said, “Okay, I haven’t acted yet. If there is a simple role, I can try to make a cameo, for example, the kind of… silent little valet. My speaking skills are not good, I smile whenever I speak, it is best not to speak.”

Xue An’an thought for a while, and said, “These two days of drama have been all over the place. We have found the extras, but if there is a chance in a few days, we will arrange a role for you!”

Luo Ning obediently said “um” and followed his uncle and Teacher Xue to the set.

On the set, the staff had been busy preparing the filming set for a while, but the appearance of Luo Ning’s new face still attracted the attention of many people. After all, Luo Ning’s appearance and temperament were there, and he always had a smile on his face.

It was hard not to notice a handsome little guy with a smile like him.

Seeing that many people were staring at Luo Ning, Xi Wei took the initiative to introduce: “Let me introduce to you, this is Xiao Luo, an intern who just graduated from school, and came to our crew to study with Teacher Xue.

Luo Ning immediately smiled and bowed to everyone cooperatively: “I’m a newcomer, please take care of me, everyone.”

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