FPH Ch. 38

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Gu Nian felt scalded all of a sudden, she felt that his palm was like a fire, which was spreading warmth from his hand to her arm.

Gu Nian’s hands trembled, but she didn’t take it back, looking at Chu Zhaoyang in surprise.

As a result, when he turned his head, her eyes took advantage of the situation to notice the profile of a man who was entering the mall hand in hand with a woman.

“Yan Lu!” Gu Nian exclaimed, pulling her hand out of Chu Zhaoyang’s palm.

She didn’t even look at Chu Zhaoyang, her eyes fixed on the man across the road, and she rushed across the road without looking back.

She didn’t see Chu Zhaoyang staring blankly at his empty palm, and the corners of his lips that seemed to be pulled up just now were turned down.

He just wanted to laugh. Because he held Gu Nian’s hand, but Gu Nian didn’t refuse, instead she just trembled slightly and looked over.

But when Gu Nian pulled out her hand, he was involved in a little smile that was not obvious, and he suddenly took it back.

Only his family knew how rare it was for him to smile, even if it was just a slightly raised corner of his mouth.

At this time, Chu Zhaoyang stared blankly at his empty palm. It was obvious that the residual warmth and soft touch from Gu Nian’s hand were still there, but he still felt that his palm was cold and his heart was sinking a little bit, as if he was back at the age of seven, in that cool and damp dilapidated factory building.

The road was too wide, Gu Nian had to pay attention to the vehicles passing by, and was anxious. She heard the warning horns of passing cars several times.

After finally reaching the opposite side of the road, the figure she saw earlier was no longer there.

She hurriedly entered the mall, looked around, and searched every floor, from the first floor to the fifth floor, and then to the first floor again, but never saw the familiar figure again.

She even grabbed passing guests and asked, “Have you ever seen a man this tall in a light blue shirt?”

She has asked many people but the answer was always no.

She knew that Yan Lu was dead, she had even gone to his funeral.

But just now, she did see him. How could anyone in the world look so much like him? That face was exactly the same, even the walking posture was the same, it was clearly him!

It was just that he was holding another woman’s hand, smiling tenderly, and that woman was still holding his arm coquettishly.

Was she wrong?

It was because Yan Lu died too suddenly and she didn’t even get to see his body that she refused to accept the news of his death. So deep down in her heart, she always felt that he was not actually dead, and she still had unrealistic expectations for Yan Lu to be alive somewhere.

But if he was not dead, how could he hide from people? Even if he didn’t see her, it was impossible that he won’t see his family.

Gu Nian smiled bitterly, and walked out of the mall in a daze. Looking up, she saw Chu Zhaoyang standing across the road.

With one hand in his trousers pocket, he stood tall and proud, looking at her from a distance. The sun shone on his black hair, glowing golden brown.

In the distance, his face also became blurred, making her unable to see the expression on his face.

Gu Nian’s heart skipped a beat, when she thought of the hand that Chu Zhaoyang took the initiative to hold just now.

“Chu Zhaoyang…” Gu Nian said softly, jogging across the road in a hurry, so anxious that she didn’t even bother to look at the cars, and was almost hit several times.

She ran over in embarrassment all the way, and saw Chu Zhaoyang frown and let go.

“Chu Zhaoyang!” Gu Nian shouted at a loss, and ran in front of Chu Zhaoyang.

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