TBVSR Ch. 33: Trapped Beast

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The show had already started, the lights in the audience area in the auditorium were dimmed, while the spotlight was focused on the stage.

Huo Cheng returned to the seat in the back row of the auditorium with a terrifyingly dark face.

His friend asked him, “Brother Cheng, how is sister-in-law’s preparations?”

“Nonsense, sister-in-law can win the grand prize every year, so why are you asking?”

“But speaking of it, sister-in-law has performed in the party for two years in a row and the dances have been the same every year…”

“Cough, it’s none of your business, if you like to watch it, then watch, if you don’t want to, get out of the way, don’t chew your tongue.”

Huo Cheng listened to their conversation, it was like something was stuck in his throat, and he felt irritable.

Before Jiang Yu took the initiative to break up, Huo Cheng was very embarrassed, so he also agreed to break up.

It happened that Tao Anxin, who earlier did not want to be in love, threw an olive branch to him again during this time. The relationship between the two quickly warmed up and they soon got together.

It stood to reason that the person he liked was Tao Anxin, and Jiang Yu was just a temporary substitute for Tao Anxin.

But just now when he was in the corridor in the backstage, seeing Jiang Yu and Qiu Li so intimate together, he felt extremely angry.

After his anger, he felt a sense of loss again…

Before, he didn’t think Jiang Yu had anything good. She was quiet and obedient, but she was just like boiled water.

He didn’t hate her, but he didn’t like her either.

He treated her very casually. Anyway, no matter how he treated her, she would never leave. She needed him to provide shelter…

Huo Cheng never thought that one day Jiang Yu would no longer need him.

She had her own life and a distinct character, like a rebellious little beast who would bite him if she was caught off guard.

It still hurt where she bit.

Huo Cheng kicked the chair in the row in front of him. The boy in the front row turned back in dissatisfaction, about to have a seizure. Seeing that it was Huo Cheng, he kept quiet, embarrassedly.

The Huo family was powerful in Beicheng, and he was the only son of the Huo family. He had been held like a pearl in the hand of his family and had thus developed a reckless and perverse character. So, no one could provoke him.

Qiu Li walked in from the side door in the backstage. Because there was no room left, he could only walk to the last row of the auditorium, lean against the wall and stand in the shadow, waiting for the start of the program.

Huo Cheng’s eyes had been following him, and the more he looked, the more annoyed he felt.

“Who is he?”

Jiang Jingwei followed Huo Cheng’s gaze and said, “Brother Cheng, you don’t know that guy?”

Huo Cheng raised his jaw and said lightly, “Why should I know him?

“Uh, he is quite famous in our school.” Jiang Jingwei saw Huo Cheng’s ugly face, so he pointed to his head and said, “This kid is very muddled, I heard there is a problem here.”

“He is mentally retarded?”

“That’s not true.” Jiang Jingwei explained: “I heard that his father was a psychoanalyst, and he used him for mental experiments since he was a child. Later, he was reported and imprisoned for the crime of abuse.”

Huo Cheng heard this, but it was new: “This guy looks pretty normal.”

“Normal, shit.” Jiang Jingwei became excited when he said that: “I have seen it with my own eyes, he was burned with a cigarette butt, and he smelled it burning but it was like nothing was happening, his face didn’t change, it’s as if he’s not even a human being!”

“It’s very cruel.”

“No, it’s like getting rabies in a fight, he’s a lunatic, and normal people have to avoid him.”

Huo Cheng was not very interested in this, and asked again, “How is his family background?”

“After his father went in, he was adopted by relatives for a period of time, but later they drove him away. He spent a few years in the No. 12 Middle School. I heard that he was poor, had no father or mother, and no one cared about him. However, his IQ is really high. He was recruited by our principal last year and was given the highest amount of scholarship, tens of thousands of dollars a year, and he is expected to be the first in the province in the college entrance examination.”

“The first in the province?” Huo Cheng sneered: “Just him, a gangster from No. 12 Middle School?”

“Brother Cheng, you don’t believe me, do you know how many points he had over the second place this time?” Jiang Jingwei made a gesture: “Fifty points.”

Knowing that, in the top ten of Yuxi Middle School, every one of them had a hard score before and after, and five or six points could open up a good ranking.

As for Qiu Li, he exceeded 50 points from the second place. At this level…it was no wonder that the principal did not hesitate to spend tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to poach him.

If he could really get a score that was unmatched by others in the college entrance examination, and win the provincial champion, this would be enough for many years for the school when recruiting students.

Huo Cheng looked at Qiu Li, and his eyes gradually became gloomy.

Jiang Yu actually found a guy who lived on a scholarship. Was she looking for some emotional resonance?

Huo Cheng’s head was full of images of Qiu Li tying Jiang Yu’s shoelaces just now. He was very irritable all night. So, the show passed by in a hurry.

Tao Anxin danced a very youthful jazz dance, which was full of energy, and suddenly pushed the atmosphere of the venue to a climax.

Although she danced this dance last year and the year before, she danced very well and added a lot of new moves, which aroused bursts of applause.

This dance expressed the theme of invincible youth and sunshine. The school leaders in the front row also nodded and whispered to the company’s executives to promote Tao Anxin.

Halfway through the dance, Tao Anxin’s movements were frozen, the irritable electronic music stopped abruptly, and a low-pitched cello sounded.

Everything around her dimmed, and Jiang Yu was about to take the stage.

After more than ten seconds of music, the girl slowly walked out from the side.

A beam of pure white chasing light hit her.

She was wearing wide wide-leg trousers and a simple white T. She was soaked with water all over her body, and the makeup on her face was drenched.

She was alone, trembling, standing pitifully on the stage, water dripping from her hair.

The students looked at each other, wondering what was going on.

Why was she… like a chicken in water? Was it a stage effect?

This was too cruel, you must know that the outdoor temperature was close to zero.

Tao Anxin looked at Jiang Yu in surprise, not understanding why she was so embarrassed, it wasn’t something that was discussed before.

She eagerly gave Jiang Yu a wink, and told her to step off the stage if she was not ready, so as not to delay her performance.

However, Jiang Yu didn’t move. Her teeth chattered and she shivered, her eyes fixed on the girls in the front row headed by He Zilu.

The girls chewed their gum and looked at her contemptuously, feeling triumphant over their shenanigans.

In her last moments on stage, the girls dragged her to the storage room, poured a full bucket of water on her, and scratched the delicate makeup on her face.

Jiang Yu didn’t have time to change her clothes or touch up her makeup. If she didn’t show up at this time, she would miss this stage and the chance to win the grand prize.

For someone like her, there was not always an opportunity waiting for her, so every opportunity had to be seized firmly.

But… whose fault was this!

Taking pictures, pulling her hair, slapping her face… The images of being bullied in the past reappeared in Jiang Yu’s mind. She gritted her teeth, and her eyes were full of shame.

Should the shameful person be her?

At this moment, should it be her who was questioned and scrutinized by everyone?

Tao Anxin was completely in a hurry, for fear that Jiang Yu would ruin her stage, she kept giving her a lip-synching gesture and telling her to leave the stage quickly, it would be too embarrassing to stand here.

Jiang Yu bit her lower lip, her pale hands clenched her fists, the music was still continuing, Jiang Yu suddenly stepped on the melody, took a step, and began to dance.

It was not the dance that was choreographed before. Along with the deep whimper of the cello, Jiang Yu began to use exaggerated limbs and superb movements to interpret the painful past experiences of her past low self-esteem, her introversion, and reticence to talk. Every class had classmates with this kind of behaviour, and they were seen as outliers and were inherently unwelcome.

Their schoolbags were discarded on the ground, stationery was taken away casually, and malicious ridicule could always be heard from behind…

Jiang Yu’s expressive dance and her angry eyes infected everyone at the scene, they could watch and understand the emotions expressed in her dance…

Even if she didn’t like to talk in the past, but at this moment, she used her body language to let everyone hear the suppressed, silent cry in her heart.

Why was it that evil people could always laugh so loudly, and why was the only one who had to whimper under the quilt every night, her.

So, what did she do wrong to suffer all this!

At this moment, her drenched and embarrassed look, her makeup that had been completely drained, and her dancing were like a perfect interpretation of a well-designed campus bullying theme.

At the end of the music, everyone stood up, applauded enthusiastically, and the applause continued for a long time, for her perfect interpretation and for her amazing dance…

Compared with her dance with strong visual and emotional shock, Tao Anxin’s youth-themed dance appeared to be a lot weaker.

Also, it seemed very ironic.

The so-called sunshine, the so-called youth, the so-called inspirational things created by the leaders of the school to whitewash the peace…

However, behind this seemingly peaceful facade, in the shadows that they couldn’t see or didn’t want to see, there were so many bullies, and students who were hurt and bullied.

They hid in the corner and shivered, crying till dawn, crying under their quilt, but they dared not tell anyone because they knew it was useless.

Everyone thought that Jiang Yu’s style tonight was deliberate, in order to achieve the most shocking stage effect.

They all stood up and applauded her heartily.

The lively applause was endless.

However, in the last row of the auditorium, Qiu Li stood in the shadows, his hands clenched into fists.

He bit his fist, and a trapped beast in his body was about to break free from the cage and rage out.

He knew that this was not the dance that Jiang Yu had originally prepared, nor was this Jiang Yu’s appearance at the beginning.

She had put on pretty makeup for herself: peach blossom blush, long curly eyelashes, white and natural foundation, and highlights on the bridge of her nose…

She looked as pretty as a doll, as if she lived in a fairy tale world.

The spread lipstick on the corner of her mouth was still painted by Qiu Li himself.

And now, when he looked at the drenched girl on the stage, looking at her embarrassed makeup…

He could feel her humiliation and anger from being hurt for no reason.

The back of his clenched fist was bitten with blood, and he didn’t even notice it.

Because of the pain, he was about to suffocate.

Just as Jiang Yu trotted out of the stage and the tears she had held back for a long time were about to burst out, Qiu Li had come to the backstage and pulled her into his arms.

He hugged her tightly, as if to embed her in his body.

“Don’t cry, I’ll protect you…”

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