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Si Huang came back and put the takeaway on the table. Seeing that Guan Li’s work was not over yet, he specially waited at the side. It didn’t take long for Yu Xi, who had received her news, to come down, holding a few books in his hand, which happened to be the textbooks that Si Huang wanted to study.

“You’re here to study?” Yu Xi asked her, putting down the book.

Si Huang had already picked up the book she had been reviewing earlier, “It’s fine.” Her learning ability was not what it used to be, and her memory was much better than before.

You said it was all right, what more can I say? Yu Xi thought to himself, and immediately said: “By the way, I also opened a Weibo.”

“Yeah.” Si Huang didn’t look up.

Yu Xi: “I want to mainly post your news.”

Hearing his somewhat cautious tone, Si Huang raised her head, smiled and said, “You can do this if you think it’s good.”

Yu Xi silently looked away. This guy was not only a female killer, if he wanted to, absolutely no man could escape his palm!

With Si Huang’s consent, he quickly took out his mobile phone to face Si Huang and framed the scene where she was sitting on the set studying now. The photo was then posted on Weibo.

[Yu Xi V: [Photo] His Majesty’s filming has ended today, and he is currently doing homework on the set.]

He had rarely been involved in the entertainment circle before, and his tone of speech was very serious, but he was certified as Si Huang’s agent, and this simple photo of the fresh male god was enough to attract countless girls and for them to start licking the screen.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“It can’t be any better! Little Feather is so good! Come on and put out a beautiful photo! Look after him~ Muahaha!”

Yu Xi, who had been studying hard, had never even had a girlfriend as yet. Seeing the phrase ‘Muahaha’ made his ears warm, he coughed lightly, and put down his phone pretending to be calm, thinking: The response is very good, although there are no complete works yet, but Si Huang’s popularity and recognition are very high.

It didn’t take long for the crew to rest and come to eat. An Yiyuan and Guan Li also ate a boxed lunch like the rest of the crew, but it was specially made by the hotel. The two walked towards Si Huang in a tacit understanding, and An Yiyuan asked first, “Why are you waiting here?”

Guan Li also looked at him.

Si Huang put down her book, stood up and nodded to An Yiyuan, then looked at Guan Li and said with a smile, “I brought some vegetarian dishes for Sister Guan from Xiangyuan.”

Guan Li hesitated, “Why are you waiting here for this?”

Si Huang shook his head, “I guessed Sister Guan would be about to rest at this time.”

Guan Li’s face was cold, and the light in her eyes flickered. She said coldly, “You don’t need to please me.”

She laughed dumbly.

His smile made Guan Li embarrassed and realize that she seemed to have misunderstood something. With everything this clean-eyed young man had, he didn’t need to please her at all, how could she be so stupid for a while…

Si Huang’s smile made people feel like a spring breeze, it was hearty and irresistible, as he generously said: “Actually, this is to thank Sister Guan for helping me to speak before, that is the time on Weibo. Maybe it’s nothing to Sister Guan, but it’s different to me.”

Guan Li moved her eyes away, “Even if I don’t say anything, you will prove yourself. “

Si Huang smiled without saying a word.

Guan Li’s assistant stared again. Why did Guan Li seem to be blushing!

“Si Huang, if I remember correctly, I helped you too, why don’t you thank me as well.” An Yiyuan interjected evilly and put his hand on Si Huang’s shoulder.

Si Huang turned sideways to avoid it, but it seemed like nothing had happened. He glanced at An Yiyuan’s evil smiling face, and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t pity men.”

An Yiyuan shook his shoulders: “…You used the wrong word.”    

Si Huang: “Ah, I haven’t gone to college yet.” And then he greeted Director Liu under everyone’s gaze before saying goodbye and returning to the hotel room.    

After reaching the door, Si Huang stopped Yu Xi who wanted to go back to his room, “I want to go out at night, you come to my room to help me hide it.”    

Yu Xi: “…”

I thought Si Huang was reliable before. The conclusion was shaken again. “When will you be back?”    

“Before 12 o’clock.” Si Huang opened the door and went in. Not seeing Yu Xi follow, she turned around to look at him.    

Yu Xi held on for two seconds under her gaze, and silently walked into the room.    

Si Huang changed into a low-key gray outfit, a black baseball cap and a mask in the bathroom, which covered most of her face. As soon as this outfit came out, Yu Xi was terrified, “What the hell are you going to do?”    

Si Huang pulled off his mask and gave him a harmless smile, “Go out for dinner.”    

Yu Xi sulked. Only a ghost would believe you.    

The fact was, in front of this harmless smiling face, he was defeated, and he not only promised to help Si Huang guard the gate, but also promised that he would never tell anyone.    


Si Huang took a taxi and returned to Xiangyuan Garden, which was the place where he and Grandma Yu ate at noon.    

“Hello, I’m looking for Mr. Dou Jun.” Si Huang said coldly to the front desk, his deliberately lowered voice was as magnetic as an ice pick.    

The front desk lady shuddered, quickly glanced at Si Huang, searched on the computer, and after two seconds asked, “Who are you?”    

Si Huang: “I’m Dou Wenqing.”

The front desk lady changed her expression and immediately said, “Dou Jun. That gentleman is in room 7 of the infirmary.”

Si Huang nodded and walked in the direction of the sanatorium without rushing.

Xiangyuan not only had restaurants, but also teahouses and convalescent rooms. Si Huang, who had been here before, still remembered the approximate route. Along the way, her body exuded an icy aura that warned any strangers from approaching her, and her eyebrows were hidden under the shadow of her hat, which still made everyone who passed by feel the pressure.

In the treatment room No. 7.

Si Huang pushed open the door and came in and saw a mess – a woman in overalls sat on the ground dumbfounded, with shards of glass and blood on her hand, and blood running down her wrist. Opposite her was Dou Jun, who was wearing a yukata, with a grim expression on his face, and laughing coldly: “Believe it or not, even if you die now, no one will take care of you. After finishing, I will throw your body to the dog, do you understand? Is this wonderful?”

The woman was trembling all over, and her tearful eyes showed a deep despair.

The appearance of Si Huang was discovered by Dou Jun, and he saw his figure standing against the light at the door, unable to see his face clearly, and the icy temperament that permeated his body, made his body instinctively shocked, and he took a step back, “Dou Wenqing!” Then he saw the man walking in unhurriedly, seeing the face wearing a mask, he gradually started showing doubts, “You… No, who is it?”

Si Huang’s answer was to raise his leg and kick him against the door.

Bang –

Dou Jun fell to the ground.

Si Huang grabbed the man, walked to the door and said to the woman who was still stunned, “Stop the bleeding and call a doctor.”

Er Shui: Your Majesty, you what are you doing?

Your Majesty: Pest control.

Ershui: Why do you still have to camouflage?

Your Majesty: Do not leave your name for good deeds.

Ershui: …Okay! Your Majesty is so wonderful! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

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