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RNMG Ch. 31


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The place where Grandma Yu brought them to eat was a classic restaurant called Xiangyuan on Weiming Mountain. The cooking materials here were all grown and raised by themselves, ensuring no chemical pesticide ingredients, and pure natural and clean food, so the relative cost was not low, and generally the customers here came from the upper class.

During the meal, Si Huang and Grandma Yu had a pleasant chat, while Tie Lao occasionally interjected, but Qin Fan was really silent.

Si Huang went to the bathroom halfway.

Of course, she entered the men’s room, walked into a booth with a calm expression, and just came out a few minutes later… Then a hand was placed on her shoulder.

“Heh, little baby, you’ve gone to the wrong place, this is the men’s toilet.” The strange man teased her, sounding drunk, “Are you missing a man? Let’s go with brother.” Those eyes that seemed to be drunk but not drunk looked dead. Staring at Si Huang’s face, his Adam’s apple rolled, as he forced Si Huang to walk into the compartment.

Si Huang stumbled and turned the man’s hand indifferently, then regardless of his thin figure, he threw him to the ground and walked towards the door.

“Little bastard! Do you know who Lao Tzu is?” An angry scolding came from behind.

Si Huang’s footsteps suddenly stopped, if it wasn’t for Qin Fan’s figure at the door, she was afraid she would not have been able to stop herself from turning back immediately – the scolding behind her was all too familiar.

She didn’t know when the tall man came. He stood at the door of the toilet, and was at least 1.88 meters tall, which made him look particularly imposing. Holding a half-burned cigarette in his hand, the smoke obscured his handsome and cold face, but the sight projected by his pair of deep eyes made her skin feel like it was being cut by a saw.

He stared blankly at Si Huang for two seconds, then stepped in. His steps were always large and regular, which could easily make people feel a sense of oppression hitting them in layers and waves.

Si Huang’s eyes were clear and calm, and her body was ready to attack.


Qin Fan passed her by.



Si Huang was startled, and when she turned around, she saw Qin Fan kick the man in the suit over. Si Huang knew how strong he was. Seeing that the body of the adult man in the suit was kicked two meters away, she was not surprised when he hit the wall. However, Qin Fan took another kick and she directly heard the sound of bone cracking and he seemed to have broken the hand of the man in the suit that grabbed Si Huang, which was beyond Si Huang’s expectations.

What was he doing?

Qin Fan looked at the man as if he was looking at garbage. He stepped on his shoes again, turned his head to the inexplicable Si Huang and said, “Don’t be polite to this kind of person in the future.”

Si Huang raised her eyebrows and said nothing.

Qin Fan frowned, his tone seemed to be a little suppressed and irritable, “If you have a weak face, just improve your skills. There are all kinds of perverts in this world.”

Weak face?

“Haha.” Si Huang smiled.

Today, her attire was youthful and clean, and when she was expressionless, she already looked delicate, beautiful, tall and high-spirited like a small poplar. With a smile now, Qin Fan, who was looking straight at her, seemed to hear a shattering sound in an instant, his head became dazed, and his eyes had gone blank.

Si Huang stepped past Qin Fan and came to the man in the suit.

As soon as she reached out and grabbed the collar of the weakly groaning man, no one could have imagined that her slender, well-proportioned, but not quite robust body had such power to easily lift a 1.7-meter adult man like a chick.

She didn’t look at the man in the suit before, but she remembered this man after hearing his scolding. At this time, she still didn’t want to see the face that looked like a man but had a bad breath. In this way, the person was dragged into a compartment, and the person’s head was thrown into the toilet.

Qin Fan’s eyebrows jumped.

Si Huang calmly pressed the button to flush the toilet.


The man in the suit struggled, but she couldn’t hear his groaning amid the flushing water.

Si Huang slowly tore off his belt.

“Crack—” The belt was put around the neck of the man in the suit.


The water tank was full again, and Si Huang pressed the flush again.

Once the man in the suit struggled, Si Huang indifferently pulled the belt again.

After four cycles of this, the man in the suit remained motionless.

Qin Fan’s cigarette had burned to the butt. He flicked his hand and threw the cigarette butt into the toilet with the man in the suit, then said, “Old Tie and the others are still waiting.”

Si Huang squinted her eyes into crescent moons, then the boy’s face bloomed into a refreshing smile, “Weak chicken? Huh?” Qin Fan’s heart trembled when he heard the rising tail tone[1], especially with this smiling face, it was hard to imagine, how could there be such a thing in the world… this kind of…

Qin Fan didn’t know how to describe it, such a violent heartbeat rate had never been seen by him before.

Si Huang saw that the eyes of the tall man were getting more and more terrifying and oppressive. He suddenly stepped in front of him and stretched out his hand…

“Huh?” A big hand touched her head.

Qin Fan sighed with a smile: “Obviously you have a weak face, why is your temper so strong?”

Si Huang was surprised by his smiling face. The man’s appearance was actually quite defiant. Very few Orientals could have such deep eyes. His appearance was not exquisite, but it made people feel right in every place, he couldn’t be ignored, but you couldn’t look directly at him as well. The straight lines, the honey-colored skin, and the slightly curly black hair always seemed to be wild and scattered, however they didn’t make him look sloppy, but made him look… wild and sexy!

It was right that he didn’t smile on weekdays. Otherwise, how many women in this world would be sad again. If you look closely at this smiling face, it was the real iceberg melting, satisfying the sense of conquest of people taming wild beasts. How many people could resist? Si Huang thought about it, and at the same time indifferently brushed the big hand on her head away and walked out of the compartment.

Qin Fan followed silently, pinching and rubbing his fingers together quietly, reminiscing the soft and smooth touch of the hair he touched before.

This person…

Qin Fan stared at Si Huang’s back, and suddenly his eyes lit up.

He realized what the boy looked like.

Big baby!

Baby, baby, once a thing was identified as a baby, it would be thought of as very beautiful, everything about it would be seen as good and precious, it would even be touched carefully, as everybody would be afraid that it would be accidentally damaged or lost.

This child exuded the light of a baby, attracting everyone to pay attention to him.

Besides…wasn’t he a treasure to him? Qin Fan thought that meeting him again made him sure that when this child was around, his mania would not break out, and his spirits had never been better.

“Weak chicken.”

There was no response.

The corner of Qin Fan’s mouth curved slightly, “Si Huang.”

“What’s the matter, beast?” Si Huang paused, smiling at him sideways.

Qin Fan’s face paled, “Why don’t you want to join the army?”

Si Huang walked up again, “There is no reason, I am doing everything I like now.”

Qin Fan: “If you don’t need to give up your current occupation, are you still not willing to join the team for training?”

Si Huang was surprised that he would say these words, but his face was still indifferent, “I will consider it.”

Qin Fan thought: What a rude boy.

Surprisingly… this attitude suited him!

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[1] This means that his tone is like that of a dog raising its tail asking for praise.

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