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At this moment, the two of them were too close, and Fu Yuanzhou’s breath was filled with the unique scent of Xie Lin. In addition to the faint smell of red wine, there was also a very cold feeling, which was very similar to the feeling Xie Lin. Mixed with the moonlight, it made people feel a throbbing in the bottom of their hearts.

The blood from all over his body seemed to be rushing to his head. Fu Yuanzhou was blushing as they were talking to him. He was both flustered and embarrassed. In any case, he never thought that Xie Lin would ask him this so unabashedly.

Did this bastard know what he was talking about, asking him to give birth to a child? What was he dreaming about??

It’s been a while since he was reborn, but until now, Fu Yuanzhou’s scalp still felt numb when he thought of his physique.

He felt that he should beat Xie Lin violently, but because he was reluctant to break up with him, he dared to be so reckless? Where could someone like him exist!

He wanted to push Xie Lin away and lose his temper, or just pour a glass of cold water on his head to wake him up. But he just got the promise he wanted most from Xie Lin, and now Xie Lin was looking at him with such eyes, no matter how embarrassed he was, he couldn’t be angry at this moment.

Fu Yuanzhou could only tilt his head with difficulty and say in a small voice, “I trust you, you wouldn’t do this.”

“Why?” Xie Lin asked.


Fu Yuanzhou opened his mouth, suddenly remembering the voice message Xie Lin had sent him before, the temperature on his face was even hotter, but he still repeated it shamefully.

“You said I was someone you liked, and you didn’t want to make me be angry because of you.” And he believed that Xie Lin would never hurt him.

Who knew that Xie Lin would be unmoved: “You said the right thing just now, people may change.”


Fu Yuanzhou was about to cry. He really did not want to have anything with Xie Lin. What made him even more terrified was that Xie Lin had already put his arms around his waist. The handsome face slowly enlarged in his sight, as if he would kiss his lips in the next second.

“You’re committing a crime!” Fu Yuanzhou said indifferently, “It’s wrong, wrong…” He couldn’t say anything after that.

Xie Lin paused for a moment and asked him, “So do you want to associate with me?”

—— That would not be considered a crime.

Fu Yuanzhou heard the hidden meaning and wanted to flee immediately, but how could he escape? Xie Lin wanted to kiss him again, so he reached out to cover Xie Lin’s lips, but his lips touched the palm of his hand and he deliberately kissed him there.

The feeling of wetness and numbness came from the palm of his hand, and Fu Yuanzhou was shocked enough to withdraw his hand instantly: “You stop, stop quickly, really can’t do it, I can’t date you…”

“What’s the reason for rejecting me?” Xie Lin asked.

Fu Yuanzhou thought, this was because he had become accustomed to his original way of life. In his world, he liked the opposite sex. He used to associate with Yu Fei, and he wanted to associate with women in the future.

Originally, he and Xie Lin were good friends, and there was only friendship between them. After the rebirth, Xie Lin only liked him because one of them was an Alpha and the other was an Omega, not because of how special he was to Xie Lin, otherwise Xie Lin would have loved him before.

If he was also an Alpha, Xie Lin would still only regard him as a friend, so why, as an Omega, he must associate with Xie Lin, couldn’t he still follow the original trajectory?

Although Fu Yuanzhou had adapted to the difference between the present and his previous life and was slowly accepting the difference between Alpha and Omega, he still could not accept it if he had to interact with a male, not even a male Omega, let alone a male Alpha. Xie Lin was very important to him, so it was even worse.

Anyway, Xie Lin should just want to find an Omega to date, and it didn’t necessarily have to be him… Fu Yuanzhou thought a little awkwardly, but what he said was: “I won’t consider dating an Alpha, and I want to be—”

“You still… who do you want to date?”

Xie Lin’s voice suddenly became cold, and he lifted Fu Yuanzhou’s jaw, forcing him to look into his eyes.

“You depend on me, beg me not to leave you, it seems that you can’t live without me.”

“Fu Yuanzhou, you think for yourself, who else can you look for when you look like this?”

“If your lover is completely dependent on another man, can you tolerate her and continue to associate with her?”

Fu Yuanzhou was speechless after being asked this question.

Indeed, his relationship with Xie Lin was so deep, who else could he associate with? It was different now. If he got too close to Xie Lin, it would be regarded as a relationship. If he contacted others, he may be suspected of cheating on Xie Lin…

If he could continue to interact with Xiaofei, she would definitely believe that he had nothing to do with her cousin, but now that Xiao Fei had also become a male Alpha, that was not possible.

“Then I won’t associate with others.” After thinking for a long time, Fu Yuanzhou felt that he really couldn’t refute Xie Lin, so he whispered, “Anyway, I want to study hard, get into a good school, and it’s good not to fall in love.

“What about later?” Xie Lin asked.

“Later… Then we’ll talk about it later.” Fu Yuanzhou muttered.

Xie Lin watched him quietly for a while, then pressed him against the wall again.

“I should have marked you.” He pressed against Fu Yuanzhou’s neck and said, “so you can’t think about others.”

“I don’t think about others, no!”

Fu Yuanzhou tried his best to defend himself and struggled, but Xie Lin kissed him. Turning his neck over, he asked: “You haven’t answered me yet. If I mark you, will you cut off your relationship with me?”

“I… don’t go too far!” Fu Yuanzhou was stern, he knew that as long as he said the word “will”, Xie Lin would stop, but he couldn’t say it, he was afraid of being left by Xie Lin, and wanted to eliminate any such possibility.

Taking advantage of the opportunity when Xie Lin turned his body around, he grabbed the open door frame and staggered into the house, but was hugged from behind by Xie Lin, such that the two fell together and rolled on the soft carpet a few times until they hit the stairs.

Fu Yuanzhou was guarded by Xie Lin, so the person who bumped his back on the stairs was Xie Lin, and the noise that resulted was very loud. He wanted to care if Xie Lin was in pain, but he was hugged and kissed on his ear, and he suddenly trembled.

“Xie Lin!”

He didn’t dare to make too much noise and called Xie Lin’s name in a low voice. He bent his elbow and pushed it back, but Xie Lin restrained his hands and turned him over and pressed him to the ground as he looked down at him condescendingly.

The moonlight outside the window filtered in and reflected on Xie Lin. His eyes were very dark, his black hair and clothes were a little messy, and instead of the usual neat and cold aura of abstinence, he had a different kind of confusing atmosphere.

“You won’t break up with me.”

He slowly leaned over and kissed Fu Yuanzhou’s forehead lightly. His breathing was so hot that Fu Yuanzhou was a little nervous and closed his eyes subconsciously.

Xie Lin continued to kiss his cheek again and said in a low and slow voice.

“I did this to you, you can’t really refuse me, who else can you associate with?”

He couldn’t associate with others, but this was different, this was…

Fu Yuanzhou was tense all over, and when Xie Lin was about to make another move, the sound of a door being opened suddenly rang out in the silent villa.

The aunt who slept in the guest room on the first floor opened the door, she was looking around with the light on her mobile phone, and whispering to herself, “There seemed to be some movement just now.”

Xie Lin and Fu Yuanzhou were both blocked from her glance by the sofa. She didn’t see them, so she went to the switch, turned on the light in the living room, and squinted to look around again.

At this time, Fu Yuanzhou had already pulled Xie Lin to hide on the side of the stairs, but the aunt was obviously not at ease. She picked up a vase and looked around carefully. As a last resort, Fu Yuanzhou had no choice but to stick his head out and say to her: “Auntie, it’s me.”

“Oh, Xiaozhou, why are you here?”

Seeing him, the aunt let out a sigh of relief, put the vase back in its original position, and asked strangely, “Why are you there?”

“I… came to drink water, and accidentally fell.”

After Fu Yuanzhou finished speaking, he felt that this reason was too lame, because there was a water dispenser in his own room, and he didn’t need to come downstairs to drink water.    

Auntie was obviously a little suspicious, but she didn’t ask any more questions. She just said, “Then turn off the light after you’ve finished drinking, go to bed early, you have to go to school tomorrow.”

Only after she had gone did he breathe a sigh of relief, staring at Xie Lin while secretly thankful that Xie Lin didn’t release his pheromones, probably because it was his home and his body, so he didn’t want to cause his estrus period to come in advance.

Anyway, he didn’t do it which was very good… If he hooked him with pheromones, the situation would have been worse just now.

Just as Fu Yuanzhou felt that Xie Lin’s humanity had not yet died out, he was hugged by Xie Lin, so he bowed his head and kissed the corner of his lips.

It was just a fleeting kiss, Xie Lin stood up very quickly, but it didn’t matter if he kissed other places, it was almost half a kiss, and Fu Yuanzhou’s expression became blank in an instant, staring at him blankly and he forgot all the words that he had wanted to say.

Xie Lin rubbed his lips with his fingertips: “Should I continue?”

Fu Yuanzhou was so frightened that he pushed him away instantly, and after a few seconds he said, “Don’t come here!”

Xie Lin looked at him and didn’t speak.

Fu Yuanzhou wiped the corners of his lips, and scolded Xie Lin over and over again in his heart. He had never kissed anyone in this life. How could his first kiss be almost taken away by Xie Lin? Damn…

At this time, he could only comfort himself, fortunately it wasn’t real kissing. He guessed Xie Lin didn’t understand either. In his last life, Xie Lin was still single in his twenties, let alone now, his kissing skills must be terrible, and he didn’t even know how to use his tongue…

Damn, what time was this, he was still thinking about this?

Fu Yuanzhou scolded himself in his heart again, but fortunately, they were interrupted by his auntie. She must not have fallen asleep yet, so Xie Lin couldn’t do anything more, right?

Xie Lin really didn’t do anything, he just picked up the coat that fell on the ground, looked back at Fu Yuanzhou, his expression very calm, but his eyes still made Fu Yuanzhou shrink his neck.

“You haven’t given me an answer yet.” He said, “Would you like to date me?”

This was not the first time he had asked Fu Yuanzhou, but when he heard him ask again, Fu Yuanzhou shuddered and shook his head back and forth: “I don’t …” But he was afraid of Xie Lin and dared not say that he would not consider dating Xie Lin, so he had to beat everyone to death, “I won’t think about it before graduating from high school.”

“Okay.” Xie Lin looked at him, “I’ll wait for you.”


Fu Yuanzhou hesitated for a moment. He wanted to say that Xie Lin didn’t have to wait for him. If he wanted to communicate with other people, he wouldn’t stop him, but when he was about to say it, he couldn’t say anything. If he said that, Xie Lin would definitely be angry. What’s more, it was really strange. He couldn’t imagine Xie Lin interacting with others.

“I want to know,” he paused before changing the question, “Do you want to date me because I’m an Omega? If I’m not…”

“It doesn’t matter what gender you are.” Xie Lin said.

“Because you are you, that’s all.”

“What I like is only you.”

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