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It was a small treasure box, but it contained dozens of beautiful gems or stones of various sizes. This small treasure box that looked small to an adult had a certain weight now, and it was undoubtedly a bit heavy for the cub.

Xie Luan watched the whole process of this black dragon cub trying to push this little treasure chest over with its body, and now this young dragon was surrounding him flapping his dragon wings and flying around him. This reminded Xie Luan of another thing.

After this black dragon cub put the gems into the small treasure chest, it would also flap its dragon wings around the treasure chest like this. At that time, the young dragon looked like she was very happy.

“For me?” Looking down at the little treasure chest that was pushed in front of him, Xie Luan knelt down to look at the black dragon cub’s vertical amber pupils and asked slowly.

“Hey~” With a sound, the black dragon cub opened the little treasure chest in front of Xie Luan and showed the latter the contents of the little treasure chest.

It was packed full, although not all were gems, but every stone placed in this treasure chest looked very beautiful, which was very in line with the aesthetics of the dragon.

She deliberately placed the best-looking gems she found on the top. This black dragon cub picked up one of the light golden gems, biting it she then moved towards the young man on the front, approaching him with a few steps.

Putting the light golden gemstone in Xie Luan’s palm, the black dragon cub’s two front paws were also placed on Xie Luan’s hands, and half of his body was pressed against Xie Luan’s hands.

This action also made Xie Luan feel quite familiar. He had just met this black dragon cub, and when he deliberately sent a small gem in order to reduce the young dragon’s alertness to him, this dragon cub also put the gem under his body in this way.

This action of pressing the gem under the body was related to the nature of the race. It didn’t take long for the black dragon cub to move forward and press her abdomen with a little body temperature onto Xie Luan’s hand.

It was still a cub, and because the size of the young dragon had not yet grown, the abdomen of the young dragon looked a little bulging, and the scales on the abdomen of the young dragon were relatively soft, and they felt warm and easy to touch.

In this way, the whole body of this black dragon cub was pressed up into Xie Luan’s hand, Xie Luan felt that using only one hand to hold it was not enough. He also merged the other hand with his other hand, now he was holding this baby with both hands and the cub was lying down on him.

Maintaining this position for a while, Xie Luan held the black dragon cub in his arms with one hand, and held the light golden gem in his free hand, then he lowered his head and asked: “Oni has been looking for these gems in the morning these days?”


The black dragon cub nestled in the bosom of the youth shook its tail, dragon wings on both sides were also lifted, as if responding to Xie Luan.

Those beautiful stones of different sizes and colors were found by this black dragon cub on the seashore, not of the real sea, but the seashore called “Minute”. On that seashore, there would naturally form some beautiful things.

Generally, the stones that were formed were beautiful but lacking in value, and gems were relatively rare.

The black dragon cub first went to the beach because she wanted to find gems, but in the process, the dragon’s wings were accidentally scratched by the sharp rocks on the beach, so she had to come back early.

Xie Luan didn’t know where the baby dragon was looking for gems, but he saw that the baby was a little dirty when she came back these days, indicating that the process of trying to find these gems was definitely not easy.

“But Oni likes these gems very much, just keep them if you like.” When Xie Luan said this, he raised his hand and touched the back of the young dragon in his arms, although the scales on the back were hard and cold. These scales felt a bit like touching some kind of jade.

When Xie Luan said that, the black dragon cub that was nestling in his arms moved, and the dragon wings on both sides flapped quickly.

“Accept it.” The old dragon watching next to him said at this moment, “If you don’t want these gems, Oni won’t be happy.”

After all, this cub collected a small treasure chest and gave it to the other party. This was done just to make the youth happy.

Because she liked this human very much, she was willing to give away gems. Modo, who was also a dragon, could understand the thoughts of the cub in his family.

The response of the black dragon cub that he was holding was in line with the other party’s statement. Xie Luan nodded to the old man next to him. He put the light gold gem that was bit by the young dragon and put it back into the small treasure chest. Then he closed the treasure chest that was lying on the ground and picked it up.

“Then I will accept it.” He said this to the young dragon who was staring at him with amber eyes, Xie Luan acted to indicate that he had accepted the gift.

Wanting to make the cub he was holding happier, Xie Luan added another sentence at this time: “The gems Oni found are very beautiful, and I like them all.”

Whether it was valuable or not, every stone was found on purpose by the dragon cub, and this heart was its most precious value.

“Hey, eh—-“

After flapping the dragon wings to make a sound, the young dragon’s amber vertical pupils also shone like a jewel, and then the dragon wings were slightly closed to better nest in Xie Luan’s arms.

Human body temperature was warmer than that of dragons. Since experiencing this temperature, this black dragon cub had become more and more fond of staying in Xie Luan’s palms or arms.

A nest could last for a long time and being held in Xie Luan’s arms would make this young dragon feel similar to sleeping on a pile of gems, and she was very happy like this.

Putting the small treasure chest into the space button, Xie Luan looked down at the baby dragon nestled in his arms as if she was about to fall asleep, he raised his hand and patted the body of the black young dragon lightly, and said: “Let’s take a look at the bandage and see if you need to change the dressing. Oni will wait for a while and then go to sleep.”

Hearing Xie Luan’s words, the black dragon cub opened her eyes again obediently, and consciously put the bandaged left wing towards Xie Luan. The wing was spread out to facilitate Xie Luan’s actions.

The wound on the dragon wing should be completely healed today. It was inconvenient to work with one hand. Xie Luan temporarily put the black dragon cub down on the side table, and then began to untie the knot on the bandage.

He carefully wiped off the old ointment applied on the dragon wing, and as expected, saw the dragon wing where the wound had healed completely, and the scales that had been scratched before were also regrown, and the wing of this black dragon cub was completely restored to a healthy state.

Holding the small dragon wing on the left side of the young dragon’s body, Xie Luan touched the position where the dragon wing had originally had a long and narrow wound slightly.

Observing the reaction of the black dragon cub, he saw that the young dragon just continued to lie down and did not resist. It was confirmed that there was no problem. Xie Luan curled his eyes slightly and said to the young dragon: “It’s done.”

It was checked. Then now she could sleep. This black dragon cub hadn’t been going to bed on time recently. Xie Luan was willing to let this young dragon sleep in his arms, so he took the initiative to open his hand to this young dragon.

It should be flapping the dragon wings and flying over to the young man’s arms, but the black dragon cub remembered something as soon as she moved the dragon wings. Before flying over to Xie Luan’s arms, the young dragon flew into the room.

Did this cub want to sleep in the bed more today?

Just thinking about this, Xie Luan saw the black dragon cub flying into the room flying towards him with a small emerald gem in her mouth.

After the dragon flew all the way into his arms, the young dragon stopped biting it. The little gem was hugged by its two front paws, then she nestled into Xie Luan’s arms in this position, and then gradually closed her eyes.

After a while, the black dragon cub fell asleep, but even if it fell asleep, the two front paws of the young dragon were still firmly hugged on the little emerald gem.

Although it was still a cub, this young dragon behaved like a dragon guarding his own treasure.

It was only today that Xie Luan knew that this black dragon cub did not dislike the little gem he gave but seemed to particularly like it.

The young dragon used the little treasure chest to hold the gems he found outside to give him a gift. And because he gave her the emerald gemstone, so she put it outside alone.

She also gave him the little treasure chest. This black dragon cub now did not have a chest to hold gems…

He would have to buy another small treasure box for the young dragon later, and he would also buy more gems of several colors when that time came, Xie Luan planned in his heart.

During these days of staying in this house temporarily, Xie Luan had passed through the grandfather’s caution of this black dragon cub. He told him that he was the president of a cub care branch and he wanted to let this cub live in that branch.

The problem of this young dragon’s power control needed to be solved. A few days ago, because the cub’s injury was not healed, Xie Luan only wanted this black dragon cub to rest more, now it was good, he waited for the cub to wake up so they could go and try.

Holding the sleeping baby dragon at this time, Xie Luan faced the old dragon with a pair of golden vertical pupils next to him. He had been meaning to ask a question to him these days.

“Does the eye color change when the cub grows up?” Xie Luan lowered his voice as much as possible when asked, afraid of waking the sleeping young dragon.

It was normal for foreigners not to know about this matter. Modo was not surprised by the youth’s question, and succinctly replied: “Every cub of our race needs to pass the ghost trial to truly awaken their bloodline, it is called the awakening of the dragon. The sign is Jin Tong, Oni… hasn’t awakened yet.”

It was necessary to enter the trial cave to destroy the “ghosts” in it.

These ghosts were afraid of fire. For the dragons who were naturally able to use fire, it was not difficult for young dragons to destroy these ghosts, but this black dragon cub was very resistant to entering this cave. Once she went in, but quickly flew out.

It was not like what some outsiders said that because it was also of a dark attribute, so this young dragon was unwilling to destroy those ghosts.

It was because the black dragon cub was very afraid of the things that existed in that dim cave.

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