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SN Ch. 8


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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Yan Qing had sharp hearing. She heard his words. She turned around. “Baby? Boss, how old are you?”

But, she was caught off guard. She saw President Huo was silently playing with their shadows. Her heart felt sour. The chicken in her bowl didn’t seem that appetizing anymore.

This man… …

He was frustrating, but he was pitiful.

If Goddess Yun Qing saw her husband like this, she would probably feel sorrowful too… …

She wasn’t a cold person. Especially, since she ate his food, she couldn’t give him the cold treatment.

Seeing his pale face and lips, and his hand pressed to his stomach, she could tell he wasn’t feeling well.

She could empathize with him… Huo Yunshen was someone who had experienced the depths of despair to the point of committing suicide. Then, he thought that his lost lover had saved him at the last minute. But, now his ‘lost lover’ wasn’t his real wife. She could see how he could lose control.

Yan Qing sighed. Fine, fine. She could be a temporary solace to him. That would be her repayment for dinner.

She scooted back to Huo Yunshen’s side and handed him her empty bowl. “President Huo, do you mind filling up another bowl for me.”

Qingqing was taking the initiative to talk to him. His invisible tail swayed back and forth.

He immediately did as she asked.

But, Yan Qing didn’t take the bowl from him, and instead asked. “Is your stomach hurting? Is it because you haven’t eaten today? Then you eat this bowl. After you’re done, hurry back and rest. In the future, live a healthy lifestyle, don’t cut corners…If you promise me, then I’ll call you ‘baby’ one more time.”

Huo Yunshen tried to appear calm. “You want me to agree with that many requests, in exchange for just one baby?”

“Are you in a position to be picky?”

Huo Yunshen’s voice lowered. His passionate eyes gazed at her, “Add a few more and I’ll consider it.”

Yan Qing’s face reddened. Wasn’t she leading this conversation, how did their roles gets echanged?

Huo Yunshen clung onto this opportunity, “Are you going to add more? If not, then I won’t leave here tonight. I’ll make you sit with me too.”

Yan Qing felt her temper rise but didn’t dare provoke President Huo’s unpredictable actions. Slapping her hand on the floor, “…..Add! I’ll add! Hurry up and eat!”

Under Yan Qing’s fiery glare, Huo Yunshen calmly tried the stew. Taking his time, he finished the food in the bowl. His stomach gradually warmed, the pain melting into comfort.

He liked the angry kitten look on her face. “I’m done. My reward?”

Yan Qing confirmed with him first. “After the reward, you will leave immediately. You aren’t allowed to sneakily find me in private again. Don’t interfere with me filming this program.”

“That depends on how good your trade is.”

Yan Qing thought she didn’t have it easy. To get what she wanted, she really was willing to use her wiles.

She kneeled on the ground, straightened her back. With a serious face, she reached out her arms and placed them on his shoulders. Originally she was going to give him a hug.

But with the distance between them closing, she could see his bloodshot eyes, and the unadulterated affection in them. Yan Qing froze.

She unconsciously leaned forward, changing the hug into a soft kiss.

Her action were skilled, as if occurring instinctively. When she snapped out of her daze, she moved to lean back. But, Huo Yunshen held her steadily, taking control of the kiss.

The atmosphere was dangerous. Yan Qing felt her heart beat like a drum.

Her eyes fluttered shut. She decided to take back her position on top. She lifted his chin and kissed him slightly on his forehead. Pretending to be perfectly composed, she said, “Shenshen baby, listen to jiejie, hurry and go home!”

After her daring act, Yan Qing didn’t have any more guts left to stay and see his reaction. She scrambled to her feet and ran out of the room. Within three seconds, her shadow disappeared without a trace.

Huo Yunshen sat on the ground. Robotically, he lifted his hand to his face. He broke into a smile. “Little dummy, you’re still the same as before. Teasing me and then escaping.”

But even if you run, where can you run to?

Qingqing was his. They couldn’t be parted even in death.

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