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Not long after Lu Chengyu returned home, he received a call from Yan Mu and learned that he had returned home safely. After the other party said a few more words to close the doors and windows, he hung up.

Looking at the blackened cell phone screen, Lu Chengyu smiled, turned on the computer, and searched for news about himself on the Internet.

There was something wrong with the comments on his Weibo today, and many netizens mentioned Yan Mu. For no reason, so many people wouldn’t mention it suddenly.

When he checked this, things became interesting. From yesterday to today, many posts about him and Yan Mu suddenly appeared on the forum. These posts not only posted pictures of him and Yan Mu, but also said in a guessing tone that there was an ambiguity between him and Yan Mu, and even that they may be a pair. This is like an innocent girl, guessing about beautiful feelings, but there is no guarantee that these are true.

These photos were nothing more than the photos of him when Yan Mu was holding him at the police station, and some of the photos were of this afternoon of him sitting with Yan Mu and drinking tea.

One post also mentioned the secret photo of him on Weibo and found all kinds of evidence to prove that the owner of the half-arm exposed on the photo was Yan Mu, and then used the sentence “I believe in true love again”. end.

I love your sister[1]!

Lu Chengyu closed these posts speechlessly. Two men who ate together have true love. So many couples who have never left each other behind have been together for decades. Why haven’t I seen anyone praise their true love as touching?

Or if one of him and Yan Mu were unsightly, will anyone call it true love?

At this time, Weibo became lively again, because someone found Yan Mu’s Weibo in Lu Chengyu’s Weibo follower list, and Lu Chengyu was found in Yan Mu’s Weibo follower list, and the screenshot showed that Lu Chengyu was the first person whom Yan Mu followed after opening his account on Weibo.

As soon as this screenshot came out, netizens who joined the fun forwarded this Weibo one after another, and they wrote one word neatly while forwarding, that is, “together”.

Most netizens just joined in the fun, and they also know that this kind of thing can’t be taken seriously at all, and everyone is joking about this kind of thing. Turning around, they knew what should be done or not done?

Lu Chengyu discovered that these things only slowly started to appear from yesterday afternoon, and looking at the frequency of posting, it seemed as if these people had made appointments. Some people posted, some responded, and someone deliberately caused some people to post pictures. It proved that it was simply a well-rehearsed play.

But who was so boring as to cause arguments about him and Yan Mu on the Internet?

Is this person Yan Mu’s opponent or his opponent?

If it is Yan Mu’s opponent, it seems that it is of little use to discredit him by using the Internet. Let alone now that Yan Mu is not gay, even if Yan Mu was gay, it will not have much influence.

If it were his opponent, then this method would be even more stupid. The best way was to portray him as a little white face who depends on his appearance and wants to use unspoken with his boss. Now, this method of preaching that he and Yan Mu are true love is too gentle, and he is embarrassed to say that the person behind the scenes is his opponent.

Unable to guess the conspiracy behind this incident, Lu Chengyu thought for a while and dialled Yan Mu’s phone.

When Yan Mu just got home, he hurriedly answered the phone when he saw Lu Chengyu’s call, “Xiao Lu?” He didn’t call the other assistant Lu intentionally, and thought will the other party notice this?

“Boss, it might be a bit of a hassle online,” Lu Chengyu didn’t think there was anything wrong with this name. Anyway, many people around him call him that. It’s not surprising that Yan Mu calls him that way.

He checked the IP addresses of several posters. Not surprisingly, all these people used proxy IPs. “Are you home now?”

“I’m home.” Yan Mu strode upstairs and entered the study and turned on the computer and held his breath, “What happened online?”

After listening to Lu Chengyu’s narration, Yan Mu’s heart was relieved. He thought that someone on the Internet was looking for trouble with Lu Chengyu: “Online remarks, Don’t care too much.”

“I don’t care,” Lu Chengyu found that Yan Mu was calmer than himself, and instantly felt like he was making a fuss,

“I’m just worried about affecting you.”

“I’m not an artist, so I won’t be afraid of what they say,” Yan Mu clicked on those posts and looked at the pictures that he didn’t even know about. He couldn’t help but click a few times with his hand on the mouse and save the pictures on the computer. “Those pictures were taken very well.”

He seemed to think that the photos of him standing with Lu Chengyu were the best. He almost couldn’t help saying “together” when he looked at a bunch of netizens below and said they were true love.

“I can probably guess who is behind the scenes.” Yan Mu’s index finger trembled several times, and finally suppressed his urge to register to leave a message. “I don’t care about such trivial matters, so don’t take it too seriously.”

Lu Chengyu listened. Yan Mu didn’t care about this online news, so he smiled and said, “Do you think that Song Junyan let people spread the news?”

Yan Mu said while looking for photos to save in the post, “His intention is very simple, he knows I hate rumours with irrelevant people, so he deliberately used these to make us two have conflicts.”

Hearing this, Lu Chengyu touched his chin and said, “This method is quite naive.” Although he couldn’t see Yan Mu’s expression, he guessed that the other party must be expressionless now.

“Well,” the corner of Yan Mu’s mouth raised, “You are not someone else, why would I be disgusted with you because of these scandals, Song Junyan doesn’t know us too much.”

Although these words were plain and not sensational, Lu Chengyu felt abnormal. Well, he has to admit that Yan Mu’s words had increased his favourability for Yan Mu: “Haha, boss, you are not someone else, and I also don’t care about this kind of content.”

Yan Mu shook his hand, and closed the post carefully, but at this time he didn’t have the mind to manage the post. The corners of his lips rising proved his good mood at this time, “You should rest early, don’t worry about such trivial things online, and come to work tomorrow. “

Lu Chengyu hung up the phone and looked at the time on the computer desktop. It turned out that it was already after ten o’clock. He stood up and stretched out, looked at the messy room, turned off the computer, and went back to the room to sleep.

As for Song Junyan’s method, he should just read it as a joke. If he cares about these remarks on the Internet, wouldn’t it be more unbearable for him to hear the words he heard in real life in his previous life?

When he went to work the next day, the attitude of his colleagues remained the same. Although some people saw the posts on the Internet, no one would take them seriously. After all, what kind of people Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu are, they know in their hearts how they can link things online with reality.

However, Lu Chengyu was stopped by Cao Jingshen when he went to the secretary department to get information. He knew by looking at Cao Jingshen’s expression that what the other party wanted to say might have something to do with the Internet.

Sure enough, Cao Jingshen started to mention the famous “together” incident on the Internet.

“What’s going on online?” Cao Jingshen closed the office door and said in a low voice, “Did someone trouble you?”

“It’s not that someone troubling me, it’s that someone is troubling the boss,” Lu Chengyu saw that Cao Jingshen put a few boxes of breakfast milk on the table, and unceremoniously took a box to drink. “I checked the posters and found that they are all professionals. The things in Song Junyan’s computer are very simple, but I found that in his browsing records, there are many posts about me and Yan Mu. This matter is related to him.”

“You went to his house?” Cao Jingshen said, knowing that Song Junyan was living upstairs from Lu Chengyu, he frowned when he heard Lu Chengyu’s words, “Stay away from this person, or you will be the trouble at that time.”

“I can get his Wi-Fi signal downstairs.” Lu Chengyu drank more than half of the breakfast milk in a few mouthfuls. “To check the contents of his computer, do I need to go to his house?” Cao Jingshen was silent for a while and suddenly grabbed more than half of the breakfast milk from Lu Chengyu. : “Since there is no problem, you go back to your office.” This kid knows some hacking methods.

“Brother Cao, don’t be so stingy,” Lu Chengyu snatched the breakfast milk back with a grin. After gulping a few sips, he put the empty box back on Cao Jingshen’s desk, “Thank you.”

“Fuck you.” Cao Jingshen said, pushing his glasses up his nose, “The average person’s skin is much thinner than you.”

Lu Chengyu smiled even more brilliantly: “Don’t say that, I’ll be embarrassed.” 

“I couldn’t guess that you could get embarrassed.” Cao Jingshen raised his eyebrows and said suddenly, “Does the boss know about this?”

“I told him about it last night,” Lu Chengyu’s expression became serious. “The boss doesn’t mind this kind of thing. I don’t understand the use of Song Junyan’s trick.”

Cao Jingshen glanced at him with a complicated look, then moved his gaze away and said, “It’s not very useful, but someone like Yan Lao San can probably use this to come to the company to make trouble.”

How could he tell Lu Chengyu that Yan Mu is a man? Who would care that people made jokes about the relationship between him and the person he likes?

As Yan Mu’s secretary, he knew what he should say and what he should not say, so he just said, “As long as it can add obstacles to the boss, Song Junyan is not willing to let it go.”

“Then he is persistent,” Lu Chengyu shrugged, remembering Song Junyan’s previous performances, “Since he is a beam jumping clown, I don’t care about it.”

“You still have to pay more attention,” Cao Jingshen hesitated and said. “Song Junyan is a bit vicious in addition to scheming.”

Song Junyan was so cruel at a young age, let alone now.

Realizing that Cao Jingshen’s remarks might have hidden some things in the past, but Lu Chengyu saw that he didn’t seem to want to discuss it, so he didn’t ask more: “Thank you, Brother Cao, I noted it down.”

He left the secretarial department. , Lu Chengyu returned to his office, saw the door of the president’s room open, and walked towards the president’s room when he turned a corner. Unexpectedly, as soon as he arrived at the door, he saw Yan Mu and Yan Lao Er facing each other.

Yan Mu was still expressionless, but Yan Lao Er’s expression was a little strange.

Unexpectedly, Yan Lao San, who liked to trouble Yan Mu, did not come, but the calm-minded Yan Lao Er came.

“Xiao Lu,” Yan Mu saw Lu Chengyu, his face softened a bit, although this was not obvious, “Why are you here?”

“Sorry, did I bother you two?” Lu Chengyu held the schedule in his hand. He didn’t know why, but he thought this scene looks a bit weird.

“No,” Yan Mu glanced at Yan Lao Er, “Second Uncle has nothing important to do.”

Yan Lao Er’s eyebrows trembled, and he turned to look at Lu Chengyu who appeared at the door. The originally somewhat complicated look in his eyes suddenly became even more serious. It’s complicated, it’s like looking at a junior who doesn’t suit one’s liking.

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[1] An angry curse.

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