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Ji Yan walked back home briskly, and under the nervous stares of the family, he told the good news. Immediately, everyone including Grandpa Ji was beaming with joy, and Ji Xiaoying was even more happy such that he jumped three feet high and almost popped a hole in the ceiling.

Nuonuo knew that she didn’t have to leave, and she could stay here to live in the future. After the little girl was stunned for three minutes, she jumped up with Ji Xiaoying in a rare show of emotion.

Seeing the two children so happy, the family’s low mood finally picked up, and the mood became extremely wonderful.

Seeing this, Ji Yan suddenly suggested: “Tang Tang, let’s take the children out to play.”

The eyes of Tang Tang and the two children turned to him at the same time, shining brightly.

Ji Yan thought how he had never taken his family out to play, and felt very guilty, “My injury is about to heal, and I won’t be able to accompany you when the time comes, I finally have this time, so I will take you to play. Let’s go.”

Ji Xiaoying’s eyes lit up immediately, and he rushed towards Ji Yan like a cannonball, hugging his thigh and rubbing against him, “Dad, where are we going to play? Can we go to Disney Land?”

“How about you, do you want to go to Disney too?” Ji Yan cast his inquiring gaze on Tang Tang and Nuonuo.

The two women, one big and one small, nodded immediately.


Ji Yan smiled, and immediately made a decision, “Okay, then let’s go to Disney.”

“Yeah——” Ji Xiaoying was going crazy with joy today. Not only could Nuonuo stay, but he could also go to the long-awaited Disney, he just couldn’t be too happy.

The rest of the family was also infected by Ji Xiaoying’s excitement, even the elderly grandfather Ji was looking forward to it, not looking forward to playing, but looking forward to the time when the family would go out together.

They decided to go as soon as they said it, so Ji Yan immediately booked tickets online, and planned the itinerary along the way, while Tang Tang was responsible for packing the luggage that the family needed to bring to play. The two children only need to be responsible for packing their small backpacks.

The family prepared for two days with great enthusiasm, and everything was ready to go.

However, just the day before departure, Tang Tang’s phone rang. It was a call from the guard room, saying that three people had come to her, surnamed Tang.

Tang Tang’s face immediately changed, and her first reaction was that it must be Tang Mi. After all, Tang Mi was the only one in the Tang family who could come to her, but did she still not give up?

Seeing that Tang Tang’s face was wrong, Ji Yan touched his forehead worriedly, “What’s wrong? Who called?”

Tang Tang pursed his lips, “It is said that three people surnamed Tang came to me, I guess it’s still Tang Mi.”

Ji Yan frowned immediately, and took Tang Tang’s hand to go out, “It’s okay, I’ll go with you.”

Tang Tang felt more at ease with Ji Yan, so they walked to the gate to take a look, the person who arrived was indeed Tang Mi. Tang Mi’s hand was tightly held by a tall and handsome man with a cold expression. The two seemed very close. Tang Tang also knew him. He was the person Tang Tang liked before, Ji Shiyue. However, she didn’t have any feelings for him, she just glanced away and turned her eyes to the third person.

It was a middle-aged man with a slender figure, elegant appearance, and gentle temperament, like a gentle professor. However, what attracted Tang Tang was not his temperament, but his appearance. The facial features of this man were 70% similar to her current appearance, Tang Tang could confirm in her heart without asking, this man should be the biological father of the original owner Tang Tang.

But why did he want to come here in person? Was it also for the kidney transplant?

Tang Tang’s heart tightened, Ji Yan felt the uneasiness of the person beside him, and held her hand tightly, indicating that she was fine.

Ji Yan replaced Tang Tang and asked the three of them: “What’s the matter with you coming here?”

Father Tang’s eyes only stayed on Ji Yan’s face for a second before shifting to Tang Tang’s face, when he saw Tang Tang’s face, a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes, and he felt that the person in front of him was completely different from the daughter with a vulgar expression, a vulgar face and ugly features in his memory.

The girl in front of him was healthy and tall, gentle and quiet, her face was like a peach blossom, and she was extremely beautiful. None of the words that could be used on Tang Tang in his memory could be used on her, which made him wonder if this girl was really his daughter Tang Tang? But he couldn’t deny it in his heart, because she really looked a lot like him.

When did Tang Tang become like this?

Tang Mi and Ji Shiyue standing behind Father Tang were also surprised to see Tang Tang’s face at this moment, and their thoughts were similar to Father Tang.

Seeing that the few people were silent, Ji Yan lowered his eyes, and his voice suddenly turned cold, “If you have nothing to do, please go back, we still have something to do, and we don’t have time to entertain you.”

Father Tang was displeased by Ji Yan’s rude tone, but he looked at Tang Tang and said, “Tang Tang, I think you know what happened and why Dad came this time. Your mother is very sick. If we can’t find a suitable kidney for a transplant, her life will be in danger, can you help your mother?”

If the original owner was here now, she would definitely not agree, so Tang Tang pulled the corners of her mouth, and answered Father Tang without a trace of emotion, “I think I have said this many times, I have nothing to do with you, and your affairs have nothing to do with me.”

Father Tang sighed deeply, “Tang Tang, I know you blame us, and we have nothing to say, but I just beg you, please save your mother, no matter how much money you want, I will give it!”

Tang Tang suddenly felt sad for the original owner, what kind of image did she have in Father Tang and Mother Tang’s heart? A person who saved others for money? Or someone who could be driven by money? Fortunately, she was not the original owner, so she would not feel sad because of these words.

“Mr. Tang, I don’t need money. If I want money, my husband will give it to me. I don’t need others to give it to me. Besides, I don’t need anything now. My life is very good. I hope you don’t bother me anymore.”

The three people’s faces became ugly, as they looked at Tang Tang with deep disappointment and disgust in their eyes, Father Tang was then about to say something, but Tang Mi stood up and said to Tang Tang: “Tang Tang, how can you say that? That’s your own mother, you are the only one who can save her, but you cruelly refuse to save her, won’t you have a bad conscience like this?”

Tang Tang was about to speak, when Ji Yan took her hand and squeezed it, then he said expressionlessly: “Miss Tang, my wife’s kidney may not be suitable for Aunt Tang, everything is just your guesswork, please be cautious in your words.”

Tang Mi couldn’t refute the first point of Ji Yan, but she could refute the second point, she immediately said: “Tang Tang’s kidneys match my mother’s kidneys exactly, and it can be transplanted 100%!”

Ji Yan’s eyes tightened instantly, and he looked at Tang Mi scrutinizingly, “Miss Tang, my wife didn’t go to the hospital for a match, why are you so sure?”

A medical document was shown to the two, “This is Tang Tang’s examination report, which shows that her kidney matches my mother’s perfectly and can be transplanted.”

Tang Tang’s information was written on the white cover, which was indeed true. It was indeed Tang Tang’s inspection report.

Tang Tang was very surprised. She hadn’t been to the hospital for an examination in this area. Where did the examination result come from?

Ji Yan stared at the document in Tang Mi’s hand, his eyes seemed to be on fire, and asked word by word: “Where did you get this report?”

Tang Mi was shocked by Ji Yan’s eyes and her heart tightened. Holding the report in her hand tightly, she said nervously: “I don’t know where it came from. Yesterday morning, this report was directly placed in the mailbox in front of my house.”

Tang Mi was telling the truth, and she couldn’t figure it out. It was unclear who put this in the mailbox, but these were not important to them. The important thing was that the content in it was what the Tang family urgently needed now. This report was like a timely rain to the Tang family, so they rushed here without stopping to find Tang Tang.

Tang Tang turned to look at Ji Yan in panic, “Husband, I haven’t been to the hospital for this test, why do they have this?”

They had to check the hospital information, this was a confidential report. There were only two explanations now, one was that this report was false; the other was that this report was true, and Tang Tang was checked when they were not aware of it.

Based on intuition, Ji Yan was inclined to the second explanation. If it was the first one, it would be broken through by a real inspection, and it was not worth the effort of the people behind it.

But if this report was true, who exactly checked Tang Tang without anyone knowing?

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