KHSW Ch. 281

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A black Porsche stopped not far in front of them, and a man with blond hair got out of the car.

When he walked over with the suitcase, he glanced at Ling Xi without any trace.

The collision of eyes made Ling Xi feel inexplicably familiar, and she thought it was because it was Chi Jingyu.

“Hi everyone, I’m Chi Jingyu.”

When she saw Chi Jingyu, Shen Bingqian was naturally eager to put her hands on him, “Hello, Mr. Chi, I am Shen Bingqian from the ‘Yiling’ company.”

This time, she was smart enough not to stretch out her hand.

Chi Jingyu’s eyes dimmed slightly, but he turned and walked towards Ling Xi.

Ling Xi glanced at him lightly, pretending not to be familiar with him, “Mr. Chi, I am Ling Xi from ‘Yiling’.”

Bing Yanyan looked excited, “Mr. Chi, I am also from ‘Yiling’, and my name is Bing Yanyan.”

Chi Jingyu nodded slightly, and stopped looking into Ling Xi’s eyes, for fear that she might see something wrong…

Training room.

When the captain walked into the training room, he seemed to bring a gust of cold wind with him.

“According to the current position, look to the right…look forward, stand up for me, don’t move, in the army, orders are unquestionable, the task of soldiers is to unconditionally obey the orders of superiors, you, don’t move.” The captain pointed at Shen Bingqian with a black face.

Shen Bingqian was stunned, she just flicked her hair, what’s wrong?

Although she was disdainful in her heart, she obediently put her hand down.

“Six recruits will be led by squad leader Yin Jun to form the first squad of recruits.”

Hearing the word “Yin Jun”, Liming, Shen Bingqian and Bing Yanyan all laughed out loud, and they immediately fell silent as soon as the captain cast his gaze over.

Squad leader Yin Jun walked to the place where the captain had just stood, and gave a military salute, “My name is ‘Yin Jun’, and I will be your squad leader from now on. I have only one request for my soldiers: obey orders and be firm.”

As soon as his words fell, everyone applauded.

“Don’t move. As I said just now, orders are unquestionable. You must report before you move. If you have any problems, you must also report.”

The captain said with a straight face, “Now, according to the direction you are standing, from left to right, proceed in turn for self-introduction.”

“Reporting captain, I’m Liming, an actor and singer by profession, and I’m 24 years old this year.”

“I’m Yu Jiayin, I’m good at street dance, I’m 28 years old.”

“I’m Chi Jingyu, 26 years old.”

Listening to their brief introductions one by one, Shen Bingqian naturally didn’t want to learn from them, “Hello captain Yin Jun, I am the popular singer Shen Bingqian, I am 26 years old, my hobby is singing, my specialty is singing, and I will serve in the army camp, please take care of me.”

Hearing Shen Bingqian’s words, both the captain and the squad leader had serious faces. Although they didn’t say anything or show anything on their faces, they saw “conceit” from her.

Bing Yanyan was surprised by Shen Bingqian’s swell. She just made her debut, she was just a little bit red, and she started to swell?

“Hi everyone, I’m Bing Yanyan, I’m 25 years old this year.”

“I’m Ling Xi, 25 years old.”

After the introduction of the six people, the captain walked up to Shen Bingqian, “Are you moving these three suitcases.”

“Reporting to the captain, no.”

The captain glanced at her and took out a stopwatch, “Each of you has an empty box in front of you. Now, I’ll give you six minutes. Except for clothes, you can only leave three things in the empty box in front of you. The rest will be left to our specialists for safekeeping.”

Among the six of them, Ling Xi was probably the calmest.

Shen Bingqian frowned slightly, “There is nothing in the army camp, how could we only keep three things?”

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