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They had booked a total of three rooms in the hotel, Si Huang trimmed the roses and put them in the vase in the room, then went to take a shower and changed into the clothes that Yu Ling had prepared for her long ago.

After she had freshened up, she had lunch in the room, and called the waiter to clean it up, then Yu Ling and Yu Xi came over one after another.

Si Huang sat quietly, letting Yu Ling take care of her hair. When the hair was finished, she bent down to get the makeup tools, but she just stared at Si Huang’s face, holding the eyebrow pencil and powder puff for a while, then she finally put all the things down, with a thoughtful expression, and said to herself, “The lights on the show are brighter, which softens people’s facial features. If you don’t put on some makeup, you will look dull. But Si Huang’s facial features will look good after being softened. The effect of the skin is very good, the most important thing is that the key issue of the show must be the matter of President Fenghua, it is not good for people to look too energetic, and they will be used as excuses.”

Si Huang stood up feeling funny.

“Huh?” Yu Ling came back to her senses, “Not done yet…”

Si Huang had already gone to look in the mirror, looked at herself in the mirror, and smiled at her, “That’s good.”

Yu Ling stared at her smile, she didn’t say anything after she found that she couldn’t find any defects.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the three of them drove to the location of the “Star of the Week” program group.

As soon as Si Huang came backstage, she was warmly welcomed by everyone. As a representative figure of the star of the week, the hostess Yun Qin was sitting in front of the dressing table, and a professional makeup artist was doing her makeup.

Yun Qin was thirty-two years old and well-known in the hosting industry. She was well maintained, her skin was white and smooth, her appearance was very grand, and she was more graceful and elegant than ordinary ladies.

As long as you are a loyal audience of Star of the Week, you may not know who the boss of Star of the Week is, but you must know who its host is, and you must also know that Yun Qin’s mouth was very powerful. For so many years, there were very few guests who had been on the Star of the Week without making a fool of themselves. It was not that Yun Qin didn’t play cards according to common sense, but that the guests obviously got the questionnaires for the show in advance, and they also did their homework in advance. But unable to hold back against Yun Qin’s aggressive aura, as her questions come one by one, especially about sensitive topics, not to mention giving you time to think slowly, it made her hard to guard against.

This was also one of the characteristics of Star of the Week, it would make the audience feel real, which was why there were so many loyal fans. Most of the guests who were invited did not perform very well, but they would not be disgusting, and they could gain fans and increase their exposure. Because of this, knowing that this show was not good, most of the invited guests would still want to be interviewed.

The name of the show “Star of the Week” also represented the gold content of the program – the most influential star in a week.

“Young Master Si came really early.” Yun Qin greeted Si Huang with a smile.

The make-up artist was painting her nose, and the stylist behind her was doing her hair, so she didn’t stand up to greet Si Huang.

Everyone else in the dressing room looked at her from time to time, and their amazing eyes couldn’t deceive anyone.

Si Huang stood beside Yun Qin, looked at her in the mirror, smiled and said, “Sister Yun can just call me Si Huang.”

Yun Qin’s smile didn’t fade, but her eyes were sharper than ordinary men, “Si Huang, I can still call you by your name now, maybe I will call you the president if I forget.”

“If you can be called the president if you start a company.”

“I’m talking about Fenghua Entertainment.”

She was so direct, so Si Huang was even more direct, “No way.”

Yun Qin was surprised.

She thought that she was not 100% accurate in judging people, but at least 80%.

Yun Qin raised her hand, signaling the make-up artist to stop temporarily, then turned her head to look directly at Si Huang.

There was nothing false in the child’s eyes.

“That’s right.” Yun Qin’s eyes softened a lot, “It’s a pity, I thought young people would be more ambitious.”

“My ambition is not here.” Si Huang said.

This time, it was Yun Qin who shifted her gaze a little guiltily. This kind of situation was really rare. After Yun Qin became famous, she had also experienced this but only with several big shots.

“Sister Yun should take care of me later.” After Si Huang finished speaking, she stopped disturbing her.

“It’s really the same as the rumors, not like a child who has not yet grown up.” The makeup artist whispered: “He is very polite and stable.”

“No matter how you say it, he is a young master cultivated by Fenghua Entertainment, and his temperament and appearance are definitely not bad.” The stylist answered, “Although he has no works yet, he is very popular, and there are no young people who don’t know him. Look at the end of the Real Entertainment now because they provoked him. And isn’t “The Emperor’s Path” going to be broadcast soon? It’s when he will really rise up. The starting point is really good. Queen Guan and the other first-line movie stars are still supporting the show.”

“There is nothing to discuss.” Yun Qin said.

The makeup artists and stylists shut up and said nothing more.

Si Huang was pulled over by the director to talk, nothing more than to teach her what to pay attention to in this kind of live broadcast, the most important thing was not to be nervous, although it was a live broadcast, there would still be commercial break for people to rest.

Si Huang said that she understood and was comforted by the director: “After being on the show, Yun Qin will speak more straightforwardly, so don’t take it to heart, it’s all for the show’s highlights. By the way, have you done your homework yet?”

“Well, I understand.” Si Huang smiled slightly, “I have watched a few episodes of the “Star of the Week” program, and I am prepared.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

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