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While chatting happily with this “X” reader, Tang Bai switched the size, clicked into the chat interface with Xie Ruheng, and asked: “Brother Xie, can I ask you to do my makeup~”

Hurt by green tea, the dying Xie Ruheng slowly asked a question: “Do you need my help with makeup?”

Seeing Xie Ruheng’s retorted question, Tang Bai was a little embarrassed to ask Xie Ruheng to help him complete the imitation makeup for gland scars.

Gland scar imitation makeup was a collaboration between Bai Zhi and his live broadcast account.

Bai Zhi valued the popularity of his tea art class live broadcast room and hoped that he would release a beauty series this time with a more explosive title, such as “Slut Makeup”. The omegas who were forced to remove their glands so that they could not be marked by Alphas were seen as sluts.

Bai Zhi offered a very attractive price for Tang Bai’s live broadcast account, and also analyzed how much fans this imitation makeup could make Tang Bai gain through these series of operations, and what help it could provide for the omega group…

When this was said, Tang Bai was crying: “…” Boss, I am actually a friendly army! The kind who is willing to work for nothing!

The biggest difficulty in imitating makeup this time was that Tang Bai needed to find a helper, because no matter how good Tang Bai’s makeup skills were, he didn’t have eyes on the back of his head, so he couldn’t apply glandular scar imitation makeup by himself.

And the special effect makeup of glandular scar imitation makeup was more hideous and scary. Tang Bai thought that the little sisters would not dare to help him apply this kind of makeup. If he went to find Xie Ruheng, he could also go to the red light district to see those omega scar accumulation materials. After thinking about it, Xie Ruheng was still the most suitable.

Tang Bai: “What I want to do is special effect makeup, the part I want to do it on is the glands, I can’t see the glands myself, so I have to worry about asking others…”

Xie Ruheng: “!!!”

Glands!!! Body!!!!!!

Too! big! guts!

Too! prick! Excited! up!

Was this the green tea that seduced people without being responsible for their lives?!

Xie Ruheng sat up startled from his dying illness, just about to say I can, but halfway through typing, his congested brain calmed down.

The omega’s glands were naturally attractive to an Alpha, especially the glands of an unmarked omega he liked. Usually, when he saw Tang Bai wearing a necklace, his attention would often be focused on the covered restricted area. Once Tang Bai fully exposed the glands in front of him, could he really restrain the urge to mark Tang Bai?

“…This time I want to do imitation makeup for gland scars. In fact, it is a cooperation with a small partner. We want to let more people know what happens to omegas in the red light district through the video of gland imitation makeup. I think those omegas can all learn this imitation makeup. There must be passers-by who see this makeup and will learn it out of curiosity. If every omega wears this makeup, maybe there will be no victims who have to feel guilty for removing their glands….”

Xie Ruheng looked at the message from Tang Bai, and suddenly felt ashamed of the yellow waste that filled his head just now.

This was a public welfare activity, a cause that Tang Bai was going to devote his time and energy to. He should maintain respect for Tang Bai and provide Tang Bai with as much help as possible.

Tang Bai: “But this matter is really troublesome. It takes a long time to study makeup. It doesn’t matter if brother Xie doesn’t have time. I can find someone else.”

Xie Ruheng: “!!!”

Xie Ruheng: “No problem, I can.”

Tang Bai: Good! Worthy of being my good sister!

Tang Bai was very touched: “Wooooooooooooo.”

Xie Ruheng: “Where are you, am I looking for you or are you looking for me?”

Xie Ruheng’s eager and enthusiastic attitude deeply moved Tang Bai, a real good sister should be anxious about what the other wanted!

Tang Bai: “I’ll see you at the military academy in half an hour~”

After happily making an appointment, before leaving to pack his things, Tang Bai replied to “X”: “Sorry, I was chatting with a friend just now, so I forgot to reply you.”

X: “It’s okay, I was chatting with my favorite omega just now.”

Tang Bai: “Hahaha okay, you guys continue chatting, I’m going out with my best friend~ I’ll be too busy to read messages later.”

X: “Going out with your favorite alpha?”

Tang Bai: “No, a good friend.”

X: “…”

Tang Bai: “What’s wrong?”

X: “It’s nothing, I just suddenly remembered something. Have fun, and don’t forget to code words when you come back.”

X: “After thinking about it, I still couldn’t resist blowing rainbow farts to Da Da. Da Da’s article is very well written. I am very happy to read Da Da’s article. I wish you Da Da can continue to do what you like and don’t forget your original intention.”

Tang Bai: “You too! [Super Invincible Snakeskin Bang Bang Happy Peacock Opening Screen.GIF]”

X: “[Super Invincible Snakeskin Bang Bang Happy Peacock Opening Screen.GIF]”


Tang Bai changed into a puff-sleeved shirt, with gemstone cufflinks on the cuffs, and a dark blue cloak. When putting on the cloak, Tang Bai found that his hair was a bit long, so he took a red ribbon off a gift bag and put it in a little chirp[1] casually.

Soon Tang Bai happily ran towards the figure at the gate of the military academy with the small biscuits specially made for Xie Ruheng.

Today was the weekend, so Xie Ruheng was not wearing the uniform of the military school, but a very simple set of white shirt and black trousers. This kind of dress weakened his sense of distance all of a sudden. Walking on the street, he looked like an overly handsome alpha with a cold face, which made people look at him once and want to take another look with courage.

Tang Bai took a lot of glances, “Wow ~ Xie Ge, you look so good in this outfit today! You look different from usual!”

Green tea tips5: choose simple and fresh clothes, and occasionally a different style should be used to surprise.

Xie Ruheng took Tang Bai’s handbag naturally, the breeze blew by, and a touch of crimson loomed in his peripheral vision, then his phoenix eyes turned to look at the snow-white back of the neck being caressed by the red silk, Xie Ruheng took a breath, and the words “high-end green tea” frantically flashed in his mind!

This scheming red headband! Instantly grab attention with eye-catching colors!

Moreover, the material of the hairband was also very particular. The silk and satin contained a sense of elegance, softness and elegance, which was very consistent with Tang Bai’s own temperament.

What’s more scheming was that Tang Bai also tied up his hair with a headband. Not only had this hairstyle not been seen before, it was lively, cute and full of energy. It could also divert everyone’s attention from the headband to the slender and fair neck …

So that’s why, moderate care was the essence of a green tea’s fresh look!

Not only that, Tang Bai also sincerely and enthusiastically praised his attire as soon as he came up, and the moderate praise made people’s hearts flutter.

Good to take notes.

Green tea tips6: You must have a pair of beautiful eyes and good language skills for compliments. Appropriate compliments can win the other party’s favor.

Xie Ruheng suppressed the shock in his heart, and said flexibly, “Your hairstyle today is very cute.”

“Eh?” Tang Bai stroked his little chirp, “Hahahaha, I just tied it with the ribbon on the gift box.”

Xie Ruheng: “!!!”

Got it! High-grade green tea should create a sense of effortless beauty! Rather than admitting that every part of their beauty is carefully designed, it is better to imply that I am naturally beautiful. Using a gift wrapping ribbon as a hair tie sounds down-to-earth and casual…

Green tea tips7: Create effortless, unpolished beauty/handsomeness.

Tang Bai got on the suspension car, and waved at Xie Ruheng who was stunned, “Brother Xie?”

Xie Ruheng came back to his senses, opened the car door, sat in the driver’s seat, and was about to take out the desserts and snacks he bought from the car cabinet.

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