MGSGW Ch. 211

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As Liu Yuanyuan spoke, her tears really fell.

Her heart was filled with self-blame, if she hadn’t recommended someone like Liu Ting to do things without seeing profit, they wouldn’t have such a mess today, and Lin Mumu wouldn’t be scolded.

She knew that Lin Mumu hated arguing in front of many people the most, but she had to deal with Liu Ting’s unreasonable troubles, and was scolded on the spot by the boss’s mistress.

This kind of self-blame made Liu Yuanyuan cry out.

“Go back to your own shop and leave, or I will let the dog bite someone. Classmate Lin is the wife of our little comrade-in-arms, the military wife you often talk about. Don’t surround her, being a military wife is not easy, if any of you want to bully her, I’ll be the first to say no.”

It was Uncle Guo who came pushing the wheelchair.

Uncle Guo was the most popular in the entire flower and bird market recently, not for anything else, but because they heard about his previous glorious deeds, and someone found the newspaper of that year and found the photo of the soldier who saved people.

It was just that Uncle Guo in the photo was much more handsome than he was now, and he was not lame yet. Thinking of Uncle Guo’s sacrifice to save people, everyone respected him from the bottom of their hearts.

At this moment, Uncle Guo opened his mouth, and even Boss Su had to show him some face, and obediently take his people and goods back.

Liu Yuanyuan stopped crying and looked at Uncle Gou gratefully. She always felt that Uncle Gou became famous because of her.

Uncle Guo had been watching from the crowd for a long time, but Lin Mumu was protected by Yun Ting, so he didn’t say anything. He also opened his mouth after watching Liu Yuanyuan cry.

When the excitement ended, Yun Ting took Lin Mumu’s hand and went back.

“You don’t have to go out.”

“You don’t have to come out.”

The two spoke almost at the same time.

“That kind of villain, what do you care about him.” Lin Mumu muttered.

“I’m your man, leave it to me.” Yun Ting stroked Lin Mumu’s hair to make sure she wasn’t angry, and felt a little relieved.

“I’m not a useless person. This kind of person, the more you give him face, the more you push your nose. You are a majestic major general, and you are still arguing with market peddlers? How embarrassing it would be if it spreads out.”

“My wife can’t be bullied, this principle is unwavering.” Yun Ting said with a serious face.

Lin Mumu laughed suddenly: “It feels like I was suddenly rejuvenated today, like a young girl.”


Yun Ting kindly said, “Honey, I’m only twenty-two years old.”

“Then your usual way of talking to old cadres is still the same.” In order to amuse Yun Ting, Lin Mumu imitated his usual serious look.

The originally normal expression, but after Lin Mumu deliberately imitated it, everything was wrong!

“Okay, how could they bully me. Boss Su spent his own money to pay for his crimes. He would probably die of heartbreak when he goes back. I have a lot of meat, and I am not missing other people’s money. If you talk about bullying, besides you, there is no one else. No one else can bully me!” Lin Mumu raised her small fist unevenly.

“When have I ever bullied you?” Yun Ting stared at Lin Mumu in confusion, this question was very serious, he had to figure it out!

It was said that a woman had a needle in her heart, he could no longer let Lin Mumu feel that he was bullying her, feel wronged, and then let her avoid him.

But Lin Mumu ignored him, and her face became more and more red.

“Comrade Lin Mumu, you should say everything clearly. Husband and wife should be honest with each other. If you have an opinion on me, you should tell me and not keep it in your heart.”

Yun Ting stared at Lin Mumu seriously, he even used the tone of ordering around subordinates.

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