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Director Yu who came out of the shadow next to him was full of anger: “Maynard, you sent the photo? How could you do such a thing!”

Maynard’s face turned pale, his lips trembled slightly, and he was so frightened that he couldn’t say a word.

Luo Ning said indifferently: “You are two years older than Xiao Zhou, you made your debut earlier than him, you have acted in two more TV dramas than him, and you have more experience than him. Why did he become the leading actor, but you can only play the second male lead role? Watching him happily recite scripts in the dormitory every day, you must feel very unbalanced, right?”

Speaking of this, Luo Ning’s smiling eyes flashed sharply, and he stared at his eyes: “A truly powerful person would disdain to do shady things behind people’s backs. The more jealous you are of Zhou Jinyun, the more it means you know very well that your talent is not as good as his, and you will never be able to surpass him. Can the crew keep you with a wicked mind like yours?”

Maynard’s eyes widened in fear, and he immediately begged with sobs: “Mr. Luo, I, I was just… confused for a while…”

Yu Cheng was straightforward and interrupted him with a wave of his hand: “I don’t want to hear your explanation, pack up your things and get out tomorrow morning.”

Maynard: “Director…”

Yu Cheng had a bad temper so rather straightforwardly, he frowned and scolded: “Our drama is originally a small production, and the actors we hired are all newcomers. I also thought that everyone would work hard together to make a good work. In the end, you newcomers who have just debuted don’t know how to hone your acting skills but are playing intrigue here, which makes me feel upset! Pack up your things and get out, I’ll hire another actor who is willing to act well!”

Maynard wanted to turn around and ask the screenwriter teacher, but found that the screenwriter Lin Xiaoluo, who was always smiling and the best talker, now only had cold sharpness in his eyes. Those eyes were as sharp as a sword and seemed to be able to instantly pierce through all disguises and directly see his dirty heart.

This person… was terrible…

Maynard fled with a pale face in embarrassment.

It wasn’t until his back disappeared that Luo Ning sighed softly, and said: “It’s a pity, he looks quite distinctive, and if he works hard, he will definitely be popular.”

At this moment, Qin Yize walked over from the corridor in his pajamas, then he frowned and looked at Luo Ning: “Detective Lin Xiaoluo, your efficiency is quite high, you caught the culprit in just one day?”

Luo Ning smiled and rolled his eyes: “Thanks to Teacher Qin’s cooperation.”

Qin Yize lowered his face and directly grabbed his wrist: “Come with me.”

Luo Ning: “Hey, what are you doing…”

Regardless of Luo Ning’s struggle, Qin Yize directly dragged him back to the room.

Yu Cheng and Zhou Jinyun: “…”

The two looked at each other.

After a while, Zhou Jinyun said embarrassingly: “I, um, it’s already very late, director, I’m going to bed, go back to the dormitory, good night…” He had started talking nonsense, obviously very agitated.

Yu Cheng said solemnly: “Now you know, Qin Yize, the great god, what did he come to our small crew for?”    

Zhou Jinyun nodded his head, “Understood!”

“Don’t mention a single word to anyone, do you understand?”

Zhou Jinyun continued to nod his head, “Understand, understand!”

Yu Cheng rolled his eyes and said, “Go.”

In the room, Qin Yize pressed Luo Ning against the wall and directly kissed him.

Passionate and domineering.

Luo Ning was kissed until he was almost out of breath, so he could only grab his shoulders to keep his legs from becoming weak.

The fiery kiss seemed to melt people, and there was a hint of anger in it.

Luo Ning was so dizzy from being kissed, that he hugged him and begged for mercy: “Yize… um… let go of me… why are you angry… let go of me…”

Qin Yize finally let go of him, took a deep breath and with a steady tone and a steady heartbeat, he frowned and looked at Luo Ning and said, “You let me flirt with Zhou Jinyun, to draw out the people behind the scenes. You can even watch my acting from the sidelines. You were so happy to watch, aren’t you jealous at all?”

Luo Ning was startled, it turned out that Yize was angry at him for not being jealous.

Seeing his Alpha’s depressed expression, Luo Ning smiled lightly, and took the initiative to hug his waist: “I’m actually a little jealous.”

Qin Yize: “…Really?”

Luo Ning nodded: “I believe in you, that’s why I let you act. Even if you and Xiao Zhou enter the dormitory alone for several hours in the middle of the night, I know you will stick to your bottom line. Because you are the one I like, Yize. If you were the kind of half-hearted person, how could I like you?”

This guy was too good at talking, and Qin Yize felt very comfortable when he was coaxed, and his mood quickly improved.

He hugged Luo Ning, kissed Luo Ning’s wet lips lightly, and said with some distress: “I really can’t say anything to you.”

Luo Ning smiled: “Because I’m telling the truth.”

Qin Yize also smiled slightly, then the Alpha picked Luo Ning up and said in a low voice, “Sleep with me tonight.”

Luo Ning struggled: “No, what would the director think?”

Qin Yize raised his eyebrows: “Didn’t he see the relationship between us a long time ago? If not? Isn’t it good to let him know. And Xiao Zhou, who will be an artist under my studio in the future, this scandal made him feel uncomfortable, let him know who I like, so he should know how to avoid suspicion in the future.”

Luo Ning felt helpless, but he had no choice but be hugged to the bed by Qin Yize.

Then, Qin Yize fell asleep with him in his arms, and held Luo Ning in his arms contentedly.

Luo Ning held back a smile and thought: Sure enough, no matter how serious and domineering he looked on the surface, he was still an upright and pure Alpha in his heart.

When you talk about sleeping together, you just sleep!


The next morning, the entire entertainment circle was swamped by a message.

Yize Studio: “Regarding the recent scandal, I make the following statement: @Zhou Jinyun is a newcomer signed by our Yize Studio, and Qin Yize went to the “Digital Password” crew to make a guest appearance, just to set an example for our artists, to guide the younger generation’s acting skills. The relationship between the two is not ambiguous, I hope everyone can treat it rationally.”

It turned out that he was a newcomer in the studio, and the boss personally went to support the rookie.

Qin Yize’s fandom immediately changed, and they all whitewashed their idol: “I just said that Yize is such an upright Alpha, how could he secretly have unspoken rules with a newcomer!” “I suspect that he has no love cell at all!” “He has a serious face all day long, not to mention trying to have unspoken rules with others, even if someone crawls over on his own initiative, he will probably avoid it in a serious manner!” “People are playing ambiguously!”

Fans were chatting about Qin Yize on Weibo.

As a result, the next moment, they were collectively slapped in the face——

Qin Yize: “I have a clear conscience about the recent scandal, and I don’t want to explain too much, but I’m afraid my family will think too much, so I hereby declare——I am married, I have an Omega lover who is very cute, smart, gentle, and considerate—all good words are not enough to describe him. I will not announce his identity for the time being, because I don’t want anyone to disturb him. I just want to tell everyone, and here I want to promise my family: I love him very much, I only have him in my heart. I will protect him well and do my best to give him happiness.”

A marriage certificate was then posted on Weibo, but the photo on the certificate was mosaiced, and the column of spouse information was also mosaiced, but Qin Yize’s name was clearly written in the column of the certificate holder.

Couldn’t fake it.

Fans: “………”

What about the innocent actor who promised not to fall in love?

Why did you suddenly get married?! And vowed saying: I love him very much????

It was really a lot of dog food spilled, and I was caught off guard.

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