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Hall Qi usually referred to those handsome men with fair complexion, good temperament, who looked like provincial and departmental cadres, and wore glasses.

Seeing him in person, the expressions of all the people present had subtle changes.

Zhai Xingchen was very excited.

Strictly enforce!

The most charming begonia male protagonist in this article! Dressed like a beast, full of sexual tension!

Reality show was different from TV dramas, and rarely had a particularly dramatic plot, so the essence was in the micro-expressions and detailed shots. He couldn’t help looking at the other guests from the corner of his eye.

The eyes of the four guests were all amazed. Duan Yihua, who was always generous and dignified, seemed to be a little flustered and kept pursing her lips.

Hu Ying took a step back and couldn’t help but say, “You’re so handsome.”

“Hello.” The other party looked at them, all exuding a gentleman and abstinence temperament, calm and gentle, his whole body, including the suitcase in his hand, was neat and clean, almost too clean: “My name is Yan Zhi.”

Zhai Xingchen looked at Pei Xu and Huo Cheng.

Huo Cheng had always paid attention to his expression in front of the camera, and his face was still smiling. He tilted his nose, and his expression obviously became vigilant and defensive. His eyes looked at Yan Zhi for a while, then the four guests on the red side for a while. Realizing the excitement and astonishment of the four guests, the smile on the corner of his mouth faded obviously.

Pei Xu’s expression immediately became serious.

This was the instinctive expression that male animals had when they encountered a strong enemy.

Oh, it’s wonderful.

He could even imagine how romantic and exciting it would be when this program was edited and accompanied by heart-pounding music. It would be best to have a close-up of everyone’s expressions!

Zhai Xingchen couldn’t help chuckling, but this smile made both Pei Xu and Huo Cheng look at him, Pei Xu pursed his thin lips, and Huo Cheng followed him with a grin.

“Just put the things in there.” Duan Yihua said.

“Have you eaten yet?” Hu Ying asked.

Yan Zhi shook his head.

“Great, we just sat down for dinner.” Hu Ying said.

“I will go get the bowls and chopsticks,” Wen Nuo said.

Lin Qingning said: “Sit first, the chair…”

He glanced around, and Huo Cheng took the initiative to move another chair over.

“Thank you.” Yan Zhi said.

“Sit down.” Huo Cheng said.

“I want to go to the bathroom first.” Yan Zhi said somewhat cautiously.

“Then I’ll take you to the room to have a look first,” Huo Cheng said with a smile, “We live in one room.”

Yan Zhi nodded, then glanced at the crowd, and his gaze finally landed on Zhai Xingchen’s face.

Zhai Xingchen smiled at him.

Yan Zhi nodded, and followed Huo Cheng to their room with his suitcase.

Zhai Xingchen smiled and said to Hu Ying and the others, “Big handsome guy.”

“Yeah, so fucking handsome.” Hu Ying’s eyes were burning.

Lin Qingning said: “It’s the first time I saw him in real life, and I didn’t expect him to be even more handsome than he looked on TV.”

Wen Nuo and Duan Yihua put Yan Zhi’s dinner plate on the table.

Yan Zhi was like a stone thrown into a lake, causing countless ripples in an instant.

The atmosphere of the dining room changed in an instant, and the feeling of romance came out all at once.

The smile on Zhai Xingchen’s face never broke: “Oh, by the way, the red wine glass!”

He got up and ran to get the red wine glass excitedly, and his fighting strength came out all at once.

Pei Xu took a sip of the red wine, put his elbows on the dining table, pinched the wine glass with his slender fingers and shook it slightly, but when he looked up, he saw Lin Qingning looking at him with a smile and his eyes were quite playful, so Pei Xu picked it up slightly, then his eyebrows and eyes started to look even more aggressive.

After a while, Huo Cheng came out first, pulled out his chair and sat down, and looked around at the several other people.

After a while, Yan Zhi also came out of the room.

His seat was next to Zhai Xingchen.

“You came a bit late, we all ate much better food.” Duan Yihua said.

“It’s okay, I’ll just eat whatever I get.” Yan Zhi said.

“Do you eat noodles or rice?”


Hu Ying immediately stood up, took the initiative to serve Yan Zhi a portion of noodles, and handed it to him.

Such an aggressive beauty, it was very important to take the lead in the romance show, well done!

Yan Zhi looked at everyone, his eyes were as calm as a deep pool of water, but his smile was a bit reserved, and he said, “Don’t all stare at me, I will be shy.”

Everyone laughed.

Yan Zhi looked at Zhai Xingchen: “Are you a Chinese dancer?”

Zhai Xingchen was stunned for a moment: “How do you know?”

“You guys know each other?” Huo Cheng asked.

Zhai Xingchen said: “I don’t know him. If I knew him, I would definitely remember him, such a great god.”

Everyone looked at Yan Zhi.

Yan Zhi smiled, and Wen Nuo who was opposite him had his ears turn so red that he didn’t dare to look at him again.

“He is the school grass of China Dance Academy.” Yan Zhi said.

When he said that, even Zhai Xingchen became curious. He looked at Yan Zhi, who looked at him with a smile, looking gentlemanly.

“My younger sister is from Zhongwu. I have been to their school, and I was lucky enough to meet him once.” Yan Zhi said.

His tone was slow and sounded extremely comfortable. The two contradictory feelings of shyness and calmness formed a strange unity in him, showing him to be a high class gentleman.

Huo Cheng picked up the wine glass and took a sip. Pei Xu’s expression remained serious, his brows frowned slightly, and he reached out to wipe his lower lip, revealing the edges and corners of his distinct chin.

“I don’t have any impression.” Zhai Xingchen said, “I must have not seen you, otherwise I would have an impression of such a handsome guy.”

Yan Zhi was handsome and had a good temper, except for his excessive cleanliness, slow personality, and him being an introvert, he had few obvious disadvantages. If Pei Xu was the type that girls would like, and Huo Cheng was the type that boys would like, then Yan Zhi was the type that both men and women like.

His arrival made the red and blue cottage fill with excitement for the first time, and also caused great changes in the first heart-warming text message tonight.

Because in the original book, Yan Zhi didn’t arrive until the second challenge, and he was absent for seven whole days.

What to do, he felt that as soon as Yan Zhi came, Pei Xu fell out of favour immediately.

He was handsome, had a good temper, was famous, and had strong strength. He was basically a perfect man. The most important thing was that under his ascetic and clean appearance, he was an extremely “hot” soul. In the original book, the author spent a lot of time describing what was a “sexy ascetic”, and he did not know how many times it was implicitly alluded to. This man was so talented!

Yan Zhi even went out in grey sweatpants once, and because he swayed too obviously when he went downstairs, he became a trending search, and male fans jokingly called him Brother Big Bird.

In short, the author wrote about him with a completely different style of painting than the other three male guests!

His treatment was also better than others. For example, Huo Cheng couldn’t cook. Seeing this, netizens said that in modern society, a man who cannot cook is not good husband material, but Yan Zhi was a life idiot as well. He could not even turn on the gas stove. But to this the netizens said that the big guy who killed the gods when he met gods during the competition didn’t even know the simplest common sense in real life. Hey, the contrast was so cute, and I really want to take care of him!

Just don’t have double standard.

The difference between this station and the other three stations was that the recording location was the city where they lived and worked, because the program team also needed to record shots of their respective work and study, so everyone was busy going out after eating.

“You don’t have to go to work, do you?” Huo Cheng asked Yan Zhi.

Yan Zhi shook his head: “No need.”

Duan Yihua and the others said with envious eyes, “That’s great.”

Everyone left the door almost at the same time, and a luxury car was parked outside the red and blue cottage. Zhai Xingchen came out of the house with his schoolbag on his back, and saw Yan Zhi sitting in the living room.

“Let’s go.” He smiled and waved his hand.

“Zhongwu is quite far from here, do you want to take a taxi?” Yan Zhi asked.

Zhai Xingchen said: “There is a bus stop nearby.”

“I’ll take you there.” Yan Zhi said.

Zhai Xingchen was stunned for a moment, Yan Zhi took the car keys and got up: “It’s just time to go out and get acquainted with the surrounding environment.”

Zhai Xingchen said with a smile: “Thank you then.”

The two walked outside together, changing shoes. At that time, Zhai Xingchen turned his head and took another look at Yan Zhi: “Have we really met before?”

“I wore a mask during your school celebration last year.”

“I just said, if I saw you in person, how could I not remember you.”

He opened the door and came out, and saw Hu Ying flashing by in a red supercar, the roar of the car made Huo Cheng and Duan Yihua not help but look over.

Zhai Xingchen glanced at the camera above, the scene of Hu Ying driving the red supercar must be gorgeous.

“Zhai Xingchen.”

He turned his head and saw that it was Pei Xu.

Pei Xu wore a baseball cap and was dressed in black, making him look particularly sharp.

“Take my car, I’ll give you a ride.” Pei Xu said coolly.

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