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The “friendship” of delivering food for ten days seemed to have been exhausted in the anomaly last night. Su Yemu, who delivered the food, was warned away by Ah Sha, so he put the food box at the entrance of the spaceship, and he himself withdrew and went home.

Taking out the pen and paper, Su Yemu lay down on the table to draw the farm.

The architecture had to be antique, with carved beams and painted buildings, pavilions, gardens, rockery and flowing water, there would be fruit trees, various varieties of flowers, ponds, waterwheels, bamboo rafts…, by the time a general design drawing was finished, it was already afternoon; Su Yemu picked it up and looked at it for a while, then after being satisfied, he nodded.

The only regret he had now was that no matter how gorgeous Su Yemu’s paintings were, the materials used in the construction would be all synthetic materials. The only good thing was that this synthetic material was very cheap, but because Su Yemu’s drawings were too complicated, the cost must be higher than building ordinary building.

But Su Yemu was not in a hurry, he was going to simply build the necessary things first, and then add others slowly.

Stretching and sitting up, Su Yemu boarded the star network, placed an order for the ingredients that would be used today, and searched for all kinds of seeds in the mall, and pulled the items that would be used in the future into the shopping cart. After the farm was built, he could also place an order directly.

The ingredients were delivered fifteen minutes later. Su Yemu packed the things, opened the terminal, and was about to give it an instruction to start the live broadcast. When a private message popped up with the ID name ‘I am a legend’.

I’m a legend: Bobo, the panda apron artwork costs 10,000 stars, and I have already donated the amount. This is the voucher, please check the attachment.

In addition, since the sale of panda aprons had continued, he had received many orders for custom-made panda aprons. He checked and found that in addition to TV platforms, there were also many food bloggers who had made orders on other sites. Was this possible to affect him?

After Su Yemu replied that it was okay, he opened the attachment and found that the place where the star coins were donated was actually Saier Star. He knew that the economy of Saier Star was not good, so he wanted to donate it?

Su Yemu immediately searched the information of Saier Star on the star network, and found that Saier Star was a slum in the eyes of other planets.

The Saier star was not big, the ocean occupied 90% of the land, the other 5% was mountains, and the remaining 5% was flat land, suitable for human habitation. It was also because of this that the resources of Saier Star were so poor.

Speaking of the ocean, Su Yemu, who was born in the north and grew up in the south, couldn’t help but think of all kinds of creatures swimming in the ocean, all kinds of stir-fry, all kinds of barbecue, hiss, and his saliva flowed out.

He withdrew from Xingwang, Su Yemu issued a live broadcast command to the terminal, “Hi everyone, I’m Su Yemu. Today I’m bringing you Zhao Jun Duck[1] and Big Bone Sauce[2].”

Duck? Is that that animal with flat feet and a wagging hip when it walks? I feel inexplicably uncomfortable, but I trust the anchor.

Uh, that thing looks weird, can it really be eaten?

I don’t know the front! I have eaten eight-treasure duck in Neptune before. It was super delicious, but it was too expensive. It cost me three thousand star coins!

Behind this bullet screen, there were one after another lamenting about the expensive Chinese food. They were all influenced by Su Yemu, so they endured the heartache, and ruthlessly ate it, but they were disappointed in the end. Not only that, but the service attitude inside was also very bad. Simply inhumane. Immediately afterwards, they asked him to open a store like every day.

“I’ve already started to draw the plan. After the plan is finished, I can start the work.” Su Yemu said while taking out the duck, then he washed it and put it in the casserole with the belly down, after which he added ginger and scallion cooking wine, until the water had not yet covered the duck, and the pot was boiled on high heat.

Ahh…, the anchor is so good, he can even draw architectural drawings, which is better than AI.

Love the anchor, the house is built very fast, it can be built in one day, please announce the business hours.

“The exact time hasn’t been set yet, I’ll let you know when the time comes.” Su Yemu took out the six big bones, washed them in cold water, and put them in a pot. Big bone, ginger, green onion, pepper, cooking wine, salt and other ingredients, were brought to a boil on high heat, then he turned it low heat and simmered it until the soup turned white, then he proceeded to the next step.

Hehe…, from today onwards, I’ll stick to the live broadcast room without wavering.

I who drank the anchor soup said that although other foods are delicious, I don’t know why, every time I finish drinking the soup, I feel like the cells in my whole body are alive. By the way, I am a soldier.

Yes, +1 the front, I also discovered that the anchor’s soup has magical powers, although I have never actually drunk it, but drinking the data also gave me an instant sense of comfort, I really doubt that the anchor has magical powers.

Su Yemu felt inexplicable again, every time he cooked soup, the next day’s barrage praised the soup so much that he didn’t even know how, did he really have magical powers?

Su Yemu secretly laughed, how could it be possible.

Bobo, are you going to cook two pots of soup today? Are you going to draw a lot of prizes? I’m looking forward to it.

“No, this big bone soup is used to make high soup, and it will be used to make Zhao Jun duck later.” Su Yemu began to prepare the ingredients for sauce bones. Pig big bones were used to stew high soup, and it would thus take longer. After the soup became thicker, the meat attached to the big bone would be burnt, and it became a bit difficult to eat.

As a good chef, it was shameful to waste food, so big bone sauce appeared in today’s menu.

Zhao Jun duck? Is it a person’s name? It sounds very contemporary.

It looks like there is a story, I want Bobo to popularize science, I love listening to Bobo’s storytelling.

Moving the small stool and sit in the front row.

Second row, don’t fight with me, whoever dares to do it, I will destroy it.

“There’s an allusion,” Su Yemu prepared the ingredients for the big bone sauce, pulled a chair, sat down facing the terminal, and saw the cheerful messages on the barrage, then Su Yemu couldn’t help but smile.

Ah, Bobo finally smiled. It has been many days, and I missed Bobo’s smile.

The laughing Bobo looks good, contract this smile.

I have a little idea, my evil hand can’t hold it anymore.

I couldn’t bear it anymore, I pinched the anchor’s face carefully, it was so soft and fleshy, I decided not to wash my hands tonight.

I want to touch, I want to touch…

Su Yemu, who was suddenly pinched, quickly stood up, took a few steps back, and instinctively covered his face with his hands: “Do you still want to listen to allusions?”

Ah, Bobo always threatens me, before asking me if I want to eat dumplings, and now asking me if I want to listen to the allusions, saying, I am so happy, Bobo is so serious even though he is blushing, he is super cute.

Su Yemu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he didn’t want to be pinched from time to time when he was talking, so he pretended to be fierce and said: “You really don’t want me to talk anymore?”

A wave of bullet screens occupied the live broadcast room, and the students of the Royal Academy of History dismissed their classes.

Whoever dares to stop Bobo from talking about history is against all the oriental civilization factions of my Royal Academy of History, respectfully.

Everyone said that they dared not mess with it.

Su Yemu breathed a sigh of relief, sat back in his chair, and told the story of Wang Zhao Jun.

“In 33 BC in the Western Han Dynasty of China, during the period of Emperor Han Yuan, Wang Zhao Jun was drafted into the palace. Because she refused to bribe the court painter, the portrait was painted with a mole of mourning husband’s tears. Since then, she was neglected for three years. Wang Zhao Jun stepped forward, wishing to go to the Great Wall thousands of miles away to be with Shan Yujie forever.

After arriving in the Great Wall, Wang Zhao Jun was not used to the noodles being served outside the Great Wall, so the chef combined vermicelli and gluten with oil and cooked duck soup, Wang Zhao Jun liked it very much, and later people called this dish Zhao Jun duck.”

After Su Yemu finished speaking, the bullet screen was full of questions, who was Emperor Han Yuan? What was the Huns? What was Shan Yujie? What was the draft?

Su Yemu answered the barrage questions one by one. He answered easily, and the audience asked joyfully. It made the students of the history school before holographic very happy.

After this question and answer session, time passed slowly, the duck had been steamed, and the big bone soup had turned milky white. The aroma of the soup was tangy and appetizing.

It’s fragrant, it’s time to start the pot.

“We have to wait a little longer.” Su Yemu passed the big bone soup through the gauze net, poured it into the cleaned casserole, put the stewed duck, soup, gluten, and soaked vermicelli into the pot and boiled again, and simmered it for ten minutes on low heat.

Zhao Jun duck is about to come out of the pot, so grab the bowls and chopsticks and wait.

Bobo is about to take the duck out of the pot, move the stool and sit in the front row.

Thank you Zhao Jun for going out of the fortress, thank you Zhao Jun for not being used to noodles, today I have a good fortune, smelling this smell, I want to throw myself into the pot.

Don’t do this, Zhao Jun will cry.

As we all know, this is a live broadcast room for historical science popularization, even if, the food is really delicious.

I feel like after watching a few more episodes of the broadcast, I can go outside and pretend.

The front one is already installed, hahaha…

The fragrant water vapor floated out from the pot and curled up. The audience couldn’t help but twitch their noses. When Su Yemu served the soup, everyone had already swarmed forward to drink the soup and eat duck, even if their mouths were burnt and it hurt, but they couldn’t bear to stop, it was so delicious.

Lovely duck, I have decided that from today, you are my life.

Zhao Jun, Zhao Jun…

The previous one, I also really want to recite a poem, but unfortunately there are only three words in my mind, it’s so delicious!

I ate soup that made me want to chant poems.

Su Yemu saw the audience eating happily, and started to make sauced bone, a dish he liked very much. When Su Yemu took out a dozen bright red peppers, the audience in front of the hologram was stunned.

What a cranky chili, though, it was sure to be delicious.

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