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Xie Lin had said before that their three-day relationship was not over yet, and they would continue it sometime later. Fu Yuanzhou was mentally prepared for this. He thought that sooner or later Xie Lin would bring it up again. But he hadn’t expected that before they had even officially moved out, Xie Lin would ask him if he wanted to continue.

In fact, during this time, Fu Yuanzhou also thought about it a lot, especially after getting to know that he was susceptible, he had thought more than once that if he was really destined to associate with an Alpha in the future, it would be difficult to find someone else. Because his psychological dependence on Xie Lin was too heavy.

No one could accept that their lover valued somebody else more than them, let alone Xie Lin. If Xie Lin interacted with others, Fu Yuanzhou would also have to keep a distance from him. No matter what happened, he had no face to ask Xie Lin to value him over his lover.

Therefore, Fu Yuanzhou had once thought about being single for a lifetime, but now his physique had also cut off this idea, and after thinking about it, he could only be with Xie Lin.

His bottom line was getting lower and lower for Xie Lin, and even thinking about it now, it was not so unacceptable to him to associate with Xie Lin.

If he had no other concerns, maybe now he would consider actually dating Xie Lin and try it out, but not now, there were still Yu Fei and even Yuan Ye and Ran Shutang between them.

Rejecting them was certain, Fu Yuanzhou had already expressed his attitude before, but he dared not speak too harshly, because he was afraid that he would be alienated from them in the future, and they would not even be friends.

If it wasn’t for the rebirth, he wouldn’t have found it so difficult to make up his mind, but he had too many regrets in his previous life. He broke up with Yu Fei, Yuan Ye went abroad so he met him rarely, and Ran Shutang and him were strangers… Up to now, when he thought of it, he still felt heartache, he cherished his friendship with them and didn’t want to be alone anymore.

But… if there was really only one person he had to choose, he would still choose Xie Lin. The most important person to him was Xie Lin. He loved Yu Fei and took care of him. He had more weight in his heart, but Yu Fei was going to enter the entertainment industry in the future, and he didn’t want Yu Fei’s career to be affected because of this.

But to really communicate with Xie Lin, he would wait at least until he graduated from high school, high school studies were not easy, not to mention that it wouldn’t be easy for Xiaofei, and they also needed to consider Xiaofei’s feelings.

Just like in his previous life, because Xie Lin didn’t like to see the two of them dating, so before high school they were both very low-key, even a little sneaky, and didn’t tell anyone.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t reply for a long time. He was also sorting out his thoughts. Finally, he let out a long sigh and replied in WeChat, “Okay.”

Although it was just an ordinary word, it had taken great determination for Fu Yuanzhou to reply. Yes, he thought, since he had promised Xie Lin, he shouldn’t go back on his words, and the two-day relationship was just as Xie Lin said, so he could see if he could accept it and whether he would be moved by Xie Lin.

“But we don’t have much time to be alone recently.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “We can’t leave Xiaofei alone, or he will definitely be sad. If my mother finds out, she will definitely ask what happened to the two of us.”

Xie Lin replied, “On the first weekend of next month, Xiaofei and his mother will go to see his father. They will spend the weekend together. You give me that weekend.”

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment, he hadn’t heard Yu Fei mention this matter yet and hadn’t expected that Xie Lin would have already planned everything when he made the request, but it was in line with his character, and he had always been confident in everything he did.

At this point, Fu Yuanzhou agreed, and then he and Xie Lin chatted for a while before falling asleep. The next day they would be moving. In fact, a lot of people helped and most of the things were cleaned up, so Fu Yuanzhou didn’t need to do much. He just watched people move things.

When he came out, he saw Xie Lin and Yu Fei. From today onwards, they would be living even closer than before, just separated by a wall.

Seeing Xie Lin, Fu Yuanzhou found that he was still a little nervous and his palms were sweating, especially when his mother was present, he felt as if he had done something bad and had to hide it from others and keep this secret with Xie Lin.

When Xie Lin passed by him, he seemed to see what he was thinking and shook his hand gently. Now Fu Yuanzhou felt even guiltier. He looked around disguisedly, but unintentionally his gaze went to the window of the villa on the opposite side where Shen Xigou stood by the window and was looking down.

The two of them were not too close, and Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t see Shen Xigou’s figure clearly, but he knew that Shen Xigou must be looking at him, and he could even feel his gaze.

At the same time, Fu Yuanzhou’s footsteps also obviously stagnated. Shen Xigou seemed to know that Fu Yuanzhou had found him, and quickly left the window sill but he didn’t open the door, instead he locked himself at home.

Fu Yuanzhou felt a little uncomfortable, but it wasn’t enough to shake him, so he left resolutely.

When everything was brought to the new home, Fu Yuanzhou instructed the people of the moving company to help him put everything in the designated place, followed by more detailed packing and sorting, and it took a day of tossing about before everything was completely completed.

It was already dark at this time. After working hard all day, Fu Yuanzhou was also tired. He went to the next door for dinner. After having dinner together, he went back to his house to rest. He leaned on the bedside to scan his circle of friends and saw Ran Shutang’s news.

Ran Shutang seldom posted on his Moments, there were no more than five in his personal list. This time, he had posted a set of photos of the birthday party held for him at home. Although the day had passed, everyone still liked them and wished him a happy birthday, Fu Yuanzhou also liked it, while going along with the flow.

After a while, Ran Shutang sent him a message: “Moved?”

Fu Yuanzhou sighed and sent him an emoji: “Yes, the move is over, now I am a salted fish lying on the bed. You say.”


“Of course, moving is tiring.” Fu Yuanzhou said confidently, even though he didn’t do much, he was still tired.

“It’s hard work.” Ran Shutang said, “Have you seen the moon tonight?”

“No.” Fu Yuanzhou didn’t pay attention when he opened the curtain just now.

Then Ran Shutang sent him a photo of the moon. Today happened to be the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar. The moon was very round, the weather was getting colder, and even the night seemed to be chilled. The full moon was cold and white, and created a particularly large ring aperture in the sky.

Ran Shutang said, “I took the photo just now, and there is a moon halo[1] tonight.”

Fu Yuanzhou sat up with interest and opened the curtains to take a look. Sure enough, the full moon tonight was very bright, and the halo outside was also very bright, it looked very beautiful. He took the camera and took several pictures, and when he put down the camera, he saw Ran Shutang had sent a message again.

“I drank some wine with my family, so I went out to sober up, saw the moon, and wanted to share it with you.”

——I want to share the most beautiful moonlight with you.

——Because you are the one I like.

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help but have such an association in an instant.

He didn’t know if Ran Shutang had also sent the moon to others. If it was before, he would never think of it, but since he knew that Ran Shutang had a crush on him, he would sometimes think more, and he didn’t know whether it was him being hypocritical or Ran Shutang really had this meaning.

“This moon is really big.” He answered without any flair, half intentional, half truthful, the moon was really big and bright.

The words he said were too extreme, it seemed that he couldn’t think of how to get back to him for a while, so after a while he said, “My family told me to go back, I’ll go first.”

“Have fun.” Fu Yuanzhou returned.

“Yes.” Ran Shutang said, “I started to read the book you gave me. I like it very much. Thank you, I will send you a review after reading it. Let’s chat another day.”

After this, Fu Yuanzhou breathed a sigh of relief, it was so difficult, now he had to even speak carefully, so as not to be too ambiguous, it was really difficult.

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