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RNMG Ch. 34


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Warning 18+ content; trigger warning: rape, violence

Si Huang, as if no one was around, brought the unconscious Dou Jun to the underground parking lot of Xiangyuan.

She had Dou Jun’s cell phone and car keys in her pocket, which she took secretly when she was opening his belt in the toilet in the morning. The plan was to leave people in Xiangyuan and wait to come find him.

She threw Dou Jun into a red sports car with a sassy throw, sat on the driver seat, put the key in, stepped on the accelerator and drove out of the garage.

At this time, it was already dark outside, and there were more cars on the road, but Dou Jun’s sports car was very valuable and no one dared to rush it, so Si Huang drove quickly and smoothly all the way.

There was a lot of traffic, Si Huang held the steering wheel with one hand, and propped up the window with the other while pressing her chin.

She never thought that she would see Dou Jun so soon.

Dou Jun was not from Yangcheng, so it was a coincidence that he met her at Xiangyuan by chance. Therefore, when she was caught in the toilet, she never thought it was him, until the familiar scolding blasted her dusty memory like thunder.

He was the direct descendant of the Dou family in Kyoto. He looked like a man. He usually wore suits and leather shoes but was actually a straw bag. Every day he was just drinking and racing or playing with women. In his own words, his greatest pleasure was to hunt for beauty, and he was also a lover of personality. Every woman who fell into his hands came out half-crippled.    

If there was someone he was most afraid of, it would be his cousin, Dou Wenqing. The genius of the Dou family, a young man who was as cold and cruel as a robot.    

The fiery red sports car drove in the dark night and finally stopped in a dilapidated parking lot. Despite the dilapidated parking lot, the cars parked here were all extraordinary.    

Si Huang carried the person out again, walked into the elevator in the parking lot, and entered the first floor through the elevator.    

“Dong dong dong dong——” The shocking and rich music beat hit the eardrums.    

“Handsome guy, this is your first time here?” An enchanting woman suddenly approached Si Huang who had just stepped out of the elevator.

Si Huang’s indifferent eyes pierced over, frightening people halfway through, so that she couldn’t continue the action of hugging her shoulders, “Ahem, we have all the services you might want here.”

Si Huang: “A private room, a packet of white tea and a few more fierce men.”

The woman’s expression was a little stunned. This man who looked abstinent and cold, really dared to say such a thing. “This way, please.” She still answered.

Along the way, many people looked at Si Huang and the… Dou Jun, who was only wearing a bathrobe. Whether it was this strange combination or Si Huang’s aura, it was all very interesting. However, this line of sight was eventually isolated by the door of the box.

The sound insulation of the box was very good, and there was still a panoramic floor-to-ceiling window room through which one could see the exterior scenery.

The so-called white tea, which was the term here, was actually an aphrodisiac. The enchanting woman quickly brought everything Si Huang wanted, including three tall and mighty men. These three men were not only strong, but also had decent looks. Wearing leather pants without tops made it easy for people to see their level of capital.

“Handsome guy, can you see these? I still don’t know what you are called, handsome guy?” The enchanting woman smiled, but was expelled by Si Huang mercilessly, “Go out.”

The woman didn’t get angry, instead she laughed and said, “You’re satisfied, handsome, then I won’t bother you.” After that, she exited and closed the door at the same time.

Si Huang threw Dou Jun on the ground, and indifferently instructed the three men, “Give him all the white tea, and then fuck him.”

Hearing this explosive order, the three men did not change their expressions, obviously they had been trained before. They were well-informed and followed Si Huang’s instructions very accurately.

When they started to remove Dou Jun’s clothes, Si Huang turned her back to them, sitting in front of the panoramic floor-to-ceiling window and looking at the night scene outside.

It didn’t take long for her ears to hear the rough gasping sound from the room and the sound of fleshy slaps.

M? She didn’t look back, she said casually: “I understand S.”

“Understood.” Someone replied.

Si Huang: “Don’t kill people.”

For four hours in a row, Si Huang leaned back on the chair with her eyes closed. She didn’t know when Dou Jun woke up. He cried out and begged for mercy, but in the end, there was only painful whimpers. Everything seemed to have nothing to do with Si Huang. She didn’t call to stop, and the three hard-working men didn’t dare to stop.

The vibration of the phone made Si Huang open her eyes, she checked the time, it was past ten o’clock.

She stood up from the chair, moved her body easily, and turned her head to see a white fleshy forest.

Dou Jun lay on the ground like a dead pig, almost out of breath.

Si Huang gave him a cold look. The hand that was broken by Qin Fan in the morning was almost impossible to recover after a night of tossing and turning. Passing by a few people, just after opening the door, she saw an enchanting woman waiting there, and when she saw her, she smiled and said: “The handsome guy is finished? This account…”

Si Huang said: “The one inside is Dou Jun from the Dou family in Kyoto, sell him to you, it will be enough to pay the bill.”

The woman’s expression did not hide her surprise, and after several changes, she said softly, “Do I need to find money for the handsome guy?”

Si Huang replied without answering and left.

Once out of this devil’s cave, Si Huang stood in the dilapidated garage, let out a long sigh, then smiled, and turned her head to look somewhere.

There was nothing there, Si Huang indifferently retracted her gaze, sat back in the fiery red sports car, and rushed out like a flame.

[Your Majesty…】


[The man has come, and I can feel his breath. 】



The Devil’s Nest was a mysterious organization, and Si Huang didn’t know its exact name. They had their own backers, and even if it was a member of the Dou family, they dared to take it over.

The enchanting woman who received Si Huang before, that was, Wei Yao waited for Si Huang to leave and entered the private room where she had been staying before. Seeing Dou Jun’s miserable state, without blinking an eyelid, she laughed sarcastically, and greeted the three tired strong men and said, “It’s been hard work today, you can get off work after you go down.”

After thanking her, the three men walked towards the door, and stopped abruptly when they approached the door.

Obviously there was no sound, but Wei Yao felt something, and the hairs all over her body stood up. She turned around abruptly and saw two men standing at the door of the private room. The man in front was wearing a simple black sweater, military pants, leather boots, had a handsome face, deep eyebrows, a perfect figure and had the aura of a cold emperor. The face, coupled with the ruthless and wild temperament, was so sexy that women couldn’t wait to jump on it – if they had the courage.

“…Master Qin?” Wei Yao whispered in disbelief.

Qin Fan didn’t speak, his eyes went straight at Dou Jun on the ground. The strong man in military uniform who followed him tutted loudly: “Hey, this is a little white rabbit, it’s clearly a little white tiger, right? But he knows too much, he doesn’t even hide from playing 3P, and he’s having sex…cough.” The ruffian’s words ended with a glance from Qin Fan.

Wei Yao was sweating on her forehead, thinking to herself: When I saw that person before, I thought he was not simple and I was right, he was actually from Master Qin’s side!

This thought came up when she heard Qin Fan’s voice, “See what he looks like?”

Wei Yao blurted out: “No, he was wearing a mask and hat, so his face couldn’t be seen clearly.”

“Forget it.” Qin Fan said.

Wei Yao: “Yes, I didn’t see anything today.”

“How is this person going to be dealt with?”

“…This, we have to wait for the upper management to decide.”

“In my opinion, isn’t he quite capable of harming women? According to what he has done, it is not enough to go to jail until death. Why don’t you just throw him into the iron-grey triangle sea area for others to enjoy.” The ruffian in the military uniform said with a smile, waited for two seconds but no one responded to him, he then sighed for his own amusement: “I think the little white rabbit has this meaning, or else he wouldn’t throw people here to do this. Hey, I don’t know what this guy has done to Little White Rabbit to make him so angry?”

Qin Fan’s face instantly turned cold, and the atmosphere in the entire private room sank.

“Destroy him and throw him away.” The cold words could not be ignored.

The ruffian man in military uniform looked surprised. He just said it casually, but he didn’t expect the chief to really care.

Wei Yao didn’t dare to resist, “Yes.”

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