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YXBG Ch. 66: The End


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Zhou Qi had always known that Wen Xuan was a very ambitious woman, otherwise she would not have looked at his plain-looking self when she was in school.

At that time, Wen Xuan was the school flower, and Zhou Qi was the president of the student council. The combination of the two could be called male with talent and female with appearance, but only Zhou Qi knew that Wen Xuan was with him for various conveniences at school. She was beautiful and scheming, it was just that people tended to be stupid about beautiful women.

Zhou Qi not only saw her ambition, but also supported her unconditionally like a faithful believer.

Until she was killed in a car accident.

By the time he said this, Yin Ruoji had already opened the door of the rooftop and walked in. Seeing Chang Mei sitting high on the edge of the rooftop, his blood almost froze with fear.

Chang Mei’s beautiful teary eyes looked at him, but she didn’t dare to speak, she was afraid that her vulnerability would be used by Zhou Qi.

She had already caused such a big trouble for Ruoji, and she didn’t want to disturb him again.

“Great, our protagonists are all here.” Zhou Qi smiled, “Mr. Yin, you should have thought of me at this time. If you still can’t think about it, you can’t say anything anymore.”

Yin Ruoji immediately stared at him fiercely. His ordinary appearance really couldn’t evoke the slightest memory of him.

“You still can’t remember it! Hohoho…” Zhou Qi smiled in a low voice, “You’re really a noble person who forgets things, then, you should remember Wen Xuan.”

Yin Ruoji’s face changed, he was not there to listen to Zhou Qi’s nonsense, he was just thinking about how inconvenient it would be to snipe at such a height. But the other party mentioned Wen Xuan’s name, which finally brought back some of his memories.

“It seems that you remembered it…” Zhou Qi smiled, “Yin Ruoji, you are so vicious, you killed Wen Xuan and our child, but you had nothing to do with it in reality, you cunning murderer…”

“She told you that her child was yours?” Yin Ruoji interrupted his long speech.

“What do you mean!”

“Don’t get excited,” Yin Ruoji immediately raised his hand to reassure him, “I mean, this is very interesting, because Wen Xuan’s child was mine.”

“What did you say?!” Zhou Qi said angrily, ” Try again!”

Chang Mei’s expression became very sad: “He is right, when Wen Xuan used her child to force me to divorce him, I had read the paternity test. It was his child, otherwise you think, why would Wen Xuan blackmail him for three million?”

“Impossible, it’s impossible! You are lying to me! You are lying to me!” Zhou Qi shouted out of control, “She just made it up for the sake of your money. How can you say something like this!”

“Zhou Qi, it’s better to say, you were deceived by Wen Xuan.” Yin Ruoji’s face showed a sarcastic expression, “You are now the deputy editor of ‘News Weekly’. It’s not easy to get to this position, are you sure you want to do such illegal things for a woman who didn’t even love you, and for a child who was not yours?”

“Yin Ruoji! Stop talking nonsense! Don’t think that I don’t know, what are you thinking, believe it or not, I will push her down now!” Zhou Qi yelled furiously.

Yin Ruoji almost couldn’t help rushing towards them, so he hurriedly said: “You…don’t be impulsive, I didn’t come empty-handed, I have some materials from the past here, I promise, I will put it here, you can take a look, I promise. So, don’t do superfluous things.” He raised his hands and took two steps back, “You will see, I didn’t lie to you.”    

Zhou Qi said suspiciously, “Go back a little bit.”

Yin Ruoji took two steps back.

Zhou Qi just stepped forward, stared at Yin Ruoji’s every move, and slowly picked up the folder on the ground.

The first few pages were the paternity test.

Zhou Qi saw this, and his hands trembled…

At the same time, because of the difficulty of sniping, the undercover officer climbed up from the back of the rooftop through the window of the underground office, and the black figure seemed to melt into the night, as he moved in an orderly manner.

At this time, Zhou Qi suddenly became angry, he threw the material in his hand suddenly, walked to the rooftop, and pushed his hand on the handle of Chang Mei’s chair: “Yin Ruoji, don’t think I don’t know, you did some trick, believe it or not, I’ll push her down now.”

“Trust me! Believe me! What do you want, tell me, and I’ll do it!” Damn, he was already within the attack range, who knew he would go crazy and run over, and the undercover officer who was hiding in the dark who was about to attack also retreated again.

Yin Ruoji said anxiously: “I know, you hate me, don’t you? If you push her down now, what are you threatening me with? Come on, if you come to torture me, I will cooperate with you.”

“No. Ruoji! Don’t!” Chang Mei finally said, “I don’t want you to save me! I’d rather jump right now!”

Zhou Qi came back to his senses, so he instead dragged Chang Mei from the edge and the chair was thrown off, then she tumbled to the side, and fell heavily to the ground, groaning in pain.

“Don’t hurt her!” Yin Ruoji’s eyes turned red, wanting to step forward to check on her.

“Don’t come here!” Zhou Qi took out a knife, “If you come here, I will kill her.”

“Zhou Qi, listen to me, if you stop now, I will pretend that nothing happened, you can still be the deputy editor, you are still young, you can have a new family, Wen Xuan is dead, and after so many years, you can start over!”

“Shut up! Yin Ruoji, now that I’ve prepared for today’s events, I never thought I’d leave here alive, but even if I die, I want you to be buried with me. By the way, Mrs. Chang Mei, I forgot to tell you that I also found the one who molested your daughter back then. The pedophile, think about it, will he take good care of your Xiaomei?”

“What?!” Chang Mei’s eyes widened.

“Chang Mei, don’t be afraid, Xiaomei is safe.” Yin Ruoji said hurriedly.

“Do you believe him?” Zhou Qi smiled lowly, “He’s a cheating man, what’s his trustworthiness? You know that Ma Junhong, he thinks about your Xiaomei every day, guess how he will torture her?”

Chang Mei’s face was as white as a piece of white paper in the night, but she said in a low voice: “Of course I believe in him.” She looked at him and said viciously, “If I don’t believe in him, should I believe in you?”

“Haha, Haha!” Zhou Qi burst out laughing, “You guys are more in love than Jin Jian at that time, it’s really disgusting, it’s disgusting!” He suddenly threw the knife in front of Yin Ruoji, “You, cut your wrists, I’ll let her go, do you believe it?”

Yin Ruoji picked up the knife, the cold blade glowing coldly in the dim moonlight. “Even if I don’t believe it, I have no choice but to follow your orders, don’t I…”


With Chang Mei’s exclamation, Yin Ruoji slashed the wrist of his left hand with the knife, and blood spurted out. It dripped to the ground along his fingertips.

“Okay, what other orders do you have?” Yin Ruoji was about to put the knife aside.

“Yin Ruoji, you are cruel even to yourself.”

“Zhou Qi, in those documents, there is a letter written by Wen Xuan to you. I found it at her house. She wanted to break up with you. Did you see it?”

“What? Impossible, Xiaoxuan won’t leave me!” He suddenly stood up, and at this moment, a bullet whizzed past and penetrated his head.

Zhou Qi’s eyes widened, as if he still couldn’t believe what was going on.

Then he leaned back and fell from the edge of the rooftop.

Chang Mei was rescued, but she didn’t care about the pain in her body, instead she ran to Yin Ruoji, who had fallen to the ground, and pressed his wound tightly: “Yin Ruoji, you idiot, this is your selling bitterness plan again, right! You! This idiot, I will not forgive you, even if you die, I will not forgive you then either!”

“Chang Mei…” he murmured, “I have never betrayed you, Wen Xuan’s child was not mine, you believe me, I had nothing to do with her, I’m sorry, I wanted to protect you well, but you have been sad for so many years alone, it’s my fault… I’m sorry…”

The swarming people separated them. Chang Mei was forced to lie down on a stretcher by Yao Fei. She could only watch Yin Ruoji being surrounded by medical staff as they treated his wound.

“Chang Mei, it’s fine, he’ll be fine, trust me!” Yao Fei assured her over and over again holding her face.

This night was undoubtedly an eventful one for the Yin family.


“Brother!” Yin Xiaomei cried out in horror, and as she regained consciousness, she realized that Yin Zhefei was holding her hand.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” He placed a light kiss on her forehead.

“I… I want to take a bath!” The first reaction of Yin Xiaomei, who had just woken up, was to remove the traces that that disgusting man had left on her body.

“Aunt Chun has already carefully cleaned up Xiaomei!” He hugged her, “It’s alright, you’re alright.”

She bit her lip tightly, her fingernails clutching his arm so tightly that she was almost digging into his flesh. She wanted to hold back her tears, but for some reason, while she was fearless in the face of the vicious kidnappers, but at this moment, she felt so wronged that her tears slipped down uncontrollably.

“I was so scared! I dreamed that I was killed by him…” She put her arms around his neck and said tremblingly.

“I’m sorry Xiaomei, I didn’t protect you well!” He sighed heavily and put his arms around her petite body. The fear in his heart had not yet subsided as well.

“No, don’t blame yourself… He’s sick, he’s a lunatic.” In his arms, her fear miraculously disappeared little by little. She looked up at him: “How…how did you find me?”

“The clues you left on the phone were too obvious, and I’m not a fool.” He tapped the tip of her nose lightly. He said it lightly, but when he was driving, he felt like dying. It was a miracle that he didn’t get into a car accident!

And he couldn’t imagine what he would have done if he couldn’t have arrived in time, and Xiaomei was injured, or experienced something worse, he would probably kill Meng Ke and Ma Junhong directly! He didn’t even dare to imagine how he would live without her.

“Where’s Mom…why didn’t she come to see me?” she whispered.

“She came to see you, you were sleeping, she guarded you for a while, and then went to rest.” Yin Zhefei couldn’t tell Xiaomei what happened last night, so he had to tell her a white lie. In fact, it was true that Chang Mei had come to see her, but she almost fainted from crying, and coupled with the stimulation of Yin Ruoji’s immediate injury, Yin Zhefei simply had to ask Uncle Zhang to put her in the same ward as her father, so both of them would be obedient while recovering from their injuries. And Yao Fei and A Chun were there to take care of them, so it wouldn’t be too boring for them.

“Are you hungry, Xiaomei, do you want something to eat?” He said gently, “I made porridge for you, wait for me to bring it to you.”

“Don’t go!” She grabbed his hand tightly. Her tears started falling again.

He sat back on the edge of the bed again: “Okay, if I don’t go, do you still want to sleep? I’ll watch over you here.”

“He wanted to…” She burst into tears: “But he couldn’t, so he wanted to strangle me… You know that when I was growing up, I deliberately understood the mentality of that person. He was not born a pedophile, but because his wife cheated, he turned into this. I deliberately made a seductive appearance, so he couldn’t have that sense of control, you see, am I very smart.”

“Xiaomei…” He hugged her tightly, “Yes, you are very smart, you have been a smart child since childhood, otherwise how could I be fooled around by you?”

“Brother,” she looked at him with radiant eyes, “I’m not afraid of death, I’m just afraid that I’ll never see you again… When he was strangling me, I really felt like I was suffocating to death, but you know what I was thinking?” She burst into tears, “I thought to myself, I haven’t done anything bad with you, I’m not a pure bad woman, so if I die like this, it’s not worth it.”

“Xiaomei!” Of course, he understood what she meant, but he couldn’t do it, she was too young, and she had already endured so many frights… Especially the scratches still visible on her neck were still shocking.

Yin Xiaomei naturally knew his concerns, but she wanted his hugs and kisses to dispel those touches that made her sick. She pulled him in front of her and slowly took off her pajamas…

“Brother, help me…” She had never been so gentle and shy before, even the kiss was different from before, full of love and tenderness.

“Xiaomei, you are so impulsive because you are stimulated. When you wake up, you will regret it…” He avoided her kiss, knowing that once he accepted it, his self-control would be completely abandoned this time.

“Brother… I love you…” she said seriously.

“!” He held her face, “What did you say?”

Yin Xiaomei refused to say any more, she slowly unbuttoned his clothes, and kissed his chest from his Adam’s apple. It’s good, she wanted to do this a long time ago, she loved him, and loved his body even more.

She pulled him down, and the two fell into the soft bedding, as if everything between heaven and earth was in each other’s arms, and the rest of the world was far away from them.

And this time, no one bothered them…

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