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YXBG Ch. 27.2: Goodbye


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When Yin Ruoji walked into the office, Wen Xuan was already waiting there. As soon as she saw Yin Ruoji, she rushed over: “Yin Ruoji, I have already given the photo to the people at the newspaper, you can either give me 3 million now, or you just wait to be famous!”

“En? Why are you so angry?” Yin Ruoji immediately smiled and sat behind his desk.

“Yin Ruoji!” Wen Xuan was mad, “Why haven’t you divorced her yet! Do you want to lie to me again?”

“Why should I divorce her?” He smiled harmlessly.

“You… well, then you wait for tomorrow…” Her chest rose and fell sharply, and she almost fainted with anger.

At this time, her mobile phone rang, and Wen Xuan quickly answered the call: “Hello?”

A man roared from the other end of the phone: “Are you trying to be famous and crazy? This is Yin Ruoji’s pornographic photos! You crazy girl!”

“You…what are you talking about!” Wen Xuan panicked.

“It’s really shameless! You’re still using this kind of thing to cheat money! Damn, I’ve suffered a loss!” The people over there hung up the phone bitterly, leaving Wen Xuan with a blank face, then she saw Yin Ruoji’s playful smile, and suddenly said: “It’s you, right! What kind of hands and feet did you move?”

“I’m very innocent!” Yin Ruoji spread his hands, “What does the pornographic photos of you and your boyfriend have to do with me?” After seeing Wen Xuan’s expression, he stood up, with a smile on his face like a demon: “Okay! I might as well tell you directly, all your photos have been modified by me and entering your simple system was really easy. Of course, you are still very smart and keep a lot of backups, but I did have time to modify them one by one. You should know that this is really too childish for me. So, the only thing I wanted to do was to hold you steady.”

Wen Xuan was completely stunned, she stammered: “I also set up…I set up a scheduled send, if I don’t go back…”

“Ho ho, Wen Xuan, don’t talk about such childish things anymore. If it does go out, it will only be a pornographic photo of you and your boyfriend.” He took out his phone and pulled out a photo and put it in front of her. “Look, isn’t this your boyfriend?”

The man and woman in the photo were Wen Xuan and her former boyfriend Zhou Qi. She screamed and slammed Yin Ruoji’s phone against the wall. He shrugged and said it didn’t matter.

“I also want to mention you about your house. Now maybe because of your carelessness, a fire broke out. There should be nothing left in it!”

“Yin Ruoji, how dare you! You burned my house??!” She widened her eyes.

“Look at what you said,” he smiled, “you were not careful when you left. Maybe it’s a gas leak? Hoho, whatever, I think, it should burn thoroughly!”

“Yin Ruoji, you devil!” She screamed and rushed forward to hit him. And Yin Ruoji just easily caught her arm with a twist and pushed her out.

“Since you provoked me, you must have the courage to bear my anger? Wen Xuan, you really touched my bottom line. You want to be my wife? Dream on! You think I don’t know that you sent private detectives wandering around my house every day? I tell you, it’s easy to do a show. But let’s face it! You can’t even match Chang Mei’s toe! If I were you, I would die. As for you, the child in your belly—I really don’t think it should come into this world either. Otherwise, it would find it hard to accept that its mother has done this kind of thing one day.”

Wen Xuan’s face was pale, and she was completely silent.

“Okay, I’m leaving, listen to me, you should go die!” He smiled and went downstairs. Just as Yin Ruoji drove on the road, he saw Wen Xuan rush out from a diagonal direction: “Yin Ruoji is–! I will let you pay for my life–!” She screamed and rushed towards Yin Ruoji’s car. Yin Ruoji was taken aback, and the steering wheel turned sharply and nearly collided with a car next to him. He didn’t stay longer to prevent her from coming up again.

Wen Xuan chased after his car, screaming frantically: “Yin Ruoji, I will kill you, I will die with you!”

At the crossroad, Yin Ruoji took advantage of the yellow light to turn. Wen Xuan rushed up regardless, “Yin Ruo–!”

“Bang–!” A large truck drove over her with a harsh brake sound.

Yin Ruoji then calmly looked at the scene behind him from the mirror, with a cold face, as if facing a common sight, and drove to the airport on his own. Wen Xuan was knocked to the ground, her eyes widened, her pupils spread as the blood spread, and her life slowly faded away.

All her ambitions, all her unwillingness, also disappeared.

At the airport, Yun Xin handed the plane ticket to Chang Mei: “This is the ticket for you and Xiaomei.”

“Huh? Mom, you are going with Xiaomei too?” Xiaomei raised her head happily.

“Yes, mom will go with Xiaomei!” She smiled and touched Xiaomei’s head.

“But mom doesn’t want to stay with dad and brother?” She was puzzled.

Chang Mei’s face darkened, yes, she really hoped that Yin Ruoji could come soon. If he hugged her and was willing to tell her clearly, she would know if she should leave. But now… “Mom would stay with Xiaomei until she grows up, and then came back, is Xiaomei unhappy?”

“Xiaomei is happy!” There was a big smile on her face, and she no longer resisted Yun Xin.

“Let’s go! It’s time to board the plane.” Gentleman Yun Xin invited.

“No…Mr. Yun Xin, you go first! I…I want to wait.” Chang Mei hesitated.

“Yeah, mom must be waiting for Dad to say goodbye to him!” Xiaomei said to her uncle, “Uncle go up first, I will wait with my mother, and we will go up and find you in a while!”

Yun Xin nodded: “Okay, but you must hurry up, don’t miss the plane.”

Yin Ruoji immediately encountered a traffic jam. He wanted to take out his mobile phone to give Chang Mei a call. Only then did he remember that the mobile phone had been dropped by Wen Xuan. He was so anxious that he had to tap the horn continuously, but the jam still had no intention of moving.

Also blocked were Yin Zhefei and Zhang Xiangyi who rushed to the airport to teach Yin Xiaomei a lesson.

The radio broadcast was urging passengers boarding the UK flight to quickly approach their gates: “Mom, can we go?”

“Oh”, She looked at her phone again, but there was nothing.

If so…

She turned her head frequently, hoping that the tall figure of her husband would appear at the door, but the hope finally fell through.

“Mom! After we go to the UK, Xiaomei will be very good at speaking English!” Yin Xiaomei, unaware of her mother’s emotions, exclaimed excitedly, fantasizing about her British dream.

Her luggage was full of gifts from her classmates, and her heart was full of good memories of this land.

She was really happy!

She was sitting on the plane—this was her first time in a plane—and she was still holding the bunny bag from Yin Zhefei in her hand.

Goodbye, everyone, Xiaomei is leaving! Ah, but it’s a pity that I couldn’t see the dean before leaving, but she took back all the money that Yin Zhefei confiscated from her, and it was never too late to give it back.

Don’t be caught eating again, Yuanyuan!

Uncle Zhang, you must pay attention to your body.

Don’t be so sullen, dad!

Brother, hey, don’t hate her! She didn’t even hate him for making her ass hurt!

The plane took off, and all the people and things that flew away from here, with emotions of sadness or joy, sank into the clouds.

The bad girl Yin Xiaomei was going to harm the British people!

Long live!

(End of the first arc)

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