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How big a deal was it to bring down a well-known entertainment company at a low price? Undoubtedly, the days approaching the Chinese New Year were all about Si Huang’s news.

That day, Si Huang sent Si Zhihan to Yuhai Bay Resort and came back, and found that Qin Fan had left City H, and she only received his message after he had arrived in the capital, saying that he was waiting for her in the capital.

Si Huang didn’t respond to his leaving without saying goodbye, she was too busy to react, and thought it was not a big deal.

The employees of Fenghua Entertainment should be paid by Si Huang. They signed the talents they had long been attracted to under the name of Fenghuang Entertainment, and used the funds obtained from Fenghua Entertainment to purchase an office building in the capital. However, some well-known artists of Fenghua Entertainment also quit on their own, and not many signed with Fenghuang Entertainment. Probably in their eyes, Si Huang’s behavior of destroying Fenghua Entertainment was almost like a lunatic. And they didn’t want to entrust their future to a madman.

Si Huang didn’t care about this point. An entertainment company won’t win by the number of artists, but by personal achievements.

For example, the reason why Fenghua Entertainment could quickly enter people’s sight and develop to where it was today and the biggest contributor to it was Li Lisi.

After a few days of busy work in the dark, she finally managed to settle down on the day before the New Year’s Eve, and she was able to celebrate the New Year with Grandma Yu and the others in a relaxed manner.

Originally, Grandma Yu and her husband were invited to the Spring Festival Gala, but they refused on the grounds that they were unwell, in order to celebrate the New Year with Si Huang.

This kind of heart warmed Si Huang’s body and mind. Her first Spring Festival after rebirth was very relaxed and happy. She made dumplings, fried spring rolls, fried lotus root, etc. with Grandma Yu, and devoted herself to the atmosphere of the New Year.

When receiving congratulations from everyone in her contact list, Si Huang also replied to them one by one. Among them, An Yiyuan and Li Jiming, a few young people, expressed their admiration for her, when they were talking about Fenghua Entertainment. Playing around like this, while letting everyone know that she didn’t want to talk or show off about it, and still staying calm, showed that she was not afraid of the consequences.

As a matter of course, she had received blessings from countless fans on her Weibo. Si Huang also posted a post wishing everyone a happy new year. Immediately below, a bunch of howling wolves appeared, expressing that they wanted the benefits of the new year. They didn’t ask for more, just take a photo.!

“Your Majesty is too low-key, but Xiao Yu is obedient! The benefits are great, and Your Majesty is the best husband candidate! New Year’s snacks made by Yu Xi V\Si Huang.”

This comment just popped up, and fans immediately clicked into Yu Xi’s Weibo address, and then saw his latest post, which was a simple sentence, but there were also six photos attached to it.

The six photos were of snacks, spring rolls, dumplings, mille-feuille cakes, sugar crisps, glutinous rice balls…everything was home-cooked snacks, but what did Xiao Yu say? These were all made by His Majesty himself!

“As a kitchen-handicapped girl, I have to say, Your Majesty, you are my god!”

“Hey! Xiao Yu is so happy! To be able to eat snacks made by His Majesty himself [grievance] people want it too!”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Your Majesty…Your Majesty, my mind is full of Your Majesty now!”

“[Link] Little Majesty, this is my daughter’s Weibo address. She is the same age as you this year, with a gentle and lovely personality. She also likes to eat, I think you are a perfect match, if I can let you call me mother-in-law, my life will be complete!”

Before everyone could finish worshiping, Yu Xi updated another post with three photos attached.

These three photos were obviously taken secretly, and the direction and lighting were not good, but they were also extraordinarily real.

The photos were all of Si Huang, one was her sitting cross-legged on the carpet, holding poker cards in her hand, with a soft smile on her face, seriously thinking about which card to play.

In the second picture, she looked sideways, but she was not looking at the camera, but at someone in this direction, her expression was a little helpless, and there was still a natural smile on the corner of her mouth, which was so gentle that the viewer felt like drowning.

In the third picture, someone had drawn three cat whiskers on Si Huang’s face with a black pen. She looked frustrated and let the man do whatever he wanted with her hands down. The person who painted her face was not shown in the photo, but the hands holding the black pen were shown. Even if they were well maintained, it could still be seen that they were a pair of old people’s hands.

As soon as these three photos came out, everyone couldn’t imagine what Si Huang was doing, and guessed who the old man celebrating the New Year with her was. Do you have to be so envious!?

Fans immediately went to collect photos, followed by various comments showing cuteness, stupidity, IQ, and morality. There were many sunspots among them saying his filial piety was all pretended.

These sunspots were one of the aftereffects of Fenghua Entertainment’s downfall, but they couldn’t compare with her fans in terms of numbers, and they couldn’t be considered a threat at all.

As long as you don’t pay attention to their words and affect your mood, it won’t cause any damage.

Two hours later, Yu Xie updated his Weibo again, bringing the trio to the fans.

[Yu Xi V: Three limited edition T-shirts autographed by Si Huang, please look for the official V\ logo of Fenghuang Entertainment, and three lucky fans will be drawn from the following fans as gifts. [Photo][Photo]]

Everyone could see that the black T-shirt in the photo was exactly the same as the one Si Huang was wearing before. The most important thing was the second photo, which had beautiful fonts written in white highlighter, it not only had Si Huang’s signature, and a clear date, but the most important thing was that the person who signed it maliciously sold cuteness, and drew a small wing, a cat’s palm print, a small crown and so on it… People didn’t care… No wonder——! It’s so cute, blah blah! Thinking that His Majesty painted it with his own hands, maybe he painted it with a gentle smile on his face, their noses were about to bleed, okay!?

The female fans all had green eyes. Rob! Must grab! Definitely grab it! Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Sanqing, the Virgin Mary, gods and Buddhas, please help me win the lottery!

The power of the fans was terrifying. This Weibo had just been released, and the fan attention of Fenghuang Entertainment’s official V was surging like a tide, rolling in.

This made the group of people who were secretly watching dumbfounded. In the past, celebrities relied on official recommendations to gain fans and attention, but Fenghuang Entertainment did the opposite.

The official logo of Fenghuang Entertainment was a one-stroke crown, which was the same as one of the three limited-edition signed T-shirts, which made fans even more jealous.

In the villa.

Grandma Yu put down the poker cards in her hand, and Si Huang immediately stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

“Wait.” Grandma Yu’s smiling voice came out, “Where is Xiao Huang going?”

Si Huang: “Going to wash my face.”

Grandma Yu said solemnly: “No! You were willing to bet, this painting can’t be washed until you go to bed at night.”

Once the empress dowager spoke, Si Huang could only stop helplessly and look at her resentfully.

If she didn’t want grandma to have fun, how could she lose so badly?

Grandma Yu actually understood what she was thinking, so she didn’t say it on purpose, and she was happy to see Si Huang’s childish performance and said with a smile again: “It’s so beautiful, so beautiful, Grandma’s Xiao Huang is the best!”

“You treat me like a three year old child being coaxed.” Si Huang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

At this moment of rest, Si Huang and Grandma Yu saw the situation of Weibo.

Grandma Yu said: “Aren’t you playing gift-giving in Weibo again? Let me tell you, Fenghuang’s Weibo is the liveliest place. But you can’t stay on the Internet all the time. When the company has established itself in the capital, you will have to develop it in reality.”

Si Huang smiled and said nothing.

People nowadays didn’t know how wide the market on the Internet was, and they all focused on the development in reality, because in most people’s opinion, Internet users on the Internet didn’t like to buy genuine copies, whether it was songs or movies, they would rather find pirated downloads, so it didn’t make much sense to develop on the Internet, as there was no way to attract money there. The only advantage was that it had a high degree of publicity, and it was better to advertise there.

However, Si Huang, who had experienced ten years more than them in the previous life, knew that a group of people changed all this, and made people realize how valuable the Internet was, and started the real development of the entire Internet.

Piracy could not be prevented in country Z, because the country’s atmosphere was like this. Netizens were also used to this kind of ethos. If you don’t need to spend money, they won’t spend money. Everyone is like this. Why can’t I? Anyway, there was not much difference between pirated version and genuine version. The idea of change had made the trend of downloading and piracy on the Internet remain high, and it had become a matter of course.

It was just that the group of entrepreneurs seem to have forgotten that in reality, people who could buy genuine copies also went online, and those who often download pirated copies online were also human beings. They included students with poor financial means, and social people who could already not afford their own lives, and even more. A group of successful people who had become winners in life.

It was a habit for such a group of people to download pirated versions, since there was no one to encourage them to buy genuine ones.

When they really loved someone, their purchasing power was no worse than anyone else, and their enthusiasm was no lower than anyone else. Even in the previous life, Si Huang remembered that many fans were willing to buy ten or even hundreds of copies at a time. There was no need to buy so many genuine copies, but they were willing to pay for her and to support her.

Once she got a picture from her fan where the original disc on the bed was placed there, while the girl smiled and faced the camera to freeze the photo, which was still clear in Si Huang’s mind, and she still remembered the cute facial expressions left by the fan, knowing that there were thousands of fans like her, who knew that she would definitely not get a reply from the male god, but she was still full of joy while expressing her deep love.

Many times, fans also needed to wake up. At this stage, most celebrities didn’t like to interact with fans. They felt that maintaining aloofness and keeping ordinary people out of reach could make people more obsessed with chasing them. People who only watch pirated versions on the Internet were unwilling to make contact, so even though they said they liked it, but they were not even willing to spend money on the most basic movie ticket or buy a full-length album. This was not true love at all.

In fact, not all netizens understood the meaning of the original version, and the stars at this stage had not thought of reminding them, which had caused an endless loop.

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