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After the manager Li Zhuo ran far away, he suddenly felt his stomach was bloated and uncomfortable, as well as a little dull pain. He thought it was the stomach pain caused by too much running all at once, so he didn’t care about it.

Si Huaixi casually took a look at the direction Li Zhuo was escaping in, and the look in his eyes was deep as he slowly retracted his gaze. When he turned his head, he saw that the eyes of the reporter brother and the photographer brother were moist and red, and they were very sincerely pitiful towards him.

Si Huaixi touched his nose in a subtle mood.

… In fact, I am really not that pitiful.

It seemed that the crash course of the original owner for a few weeks was quite useful, and they were unexpectedly moved to believe it, and Si Huaixi felt a little complicated and moved in his heart.

Sure enough, there were still more good people than bad in the peaceful era, but unfortunately the original owner had a rough life, and he was still a cannon fodder in the book. He couldn’t wait for the ending he should have and left with regret.

A trace of sadness and coldness towards Li Zhuo flashed across Si Huaixi’s eyes.

Before leaving, the reporter brother forced a business card for him, saying that if Jinhui Entertainment still did some shameful things, he must ask him for help, and not stand alone.

Si Huaixi accepted the business card and returned a sincere smile.

Reporter Qiu Cai clutched his beating heart, blushed and thought with emotion: If it weren’t for his primary and secondary sexual characteristics, and that he was a straight Beta male who completely loved females, he would have been almost bent by that smile!

What a disaster!

Si Huaixi didn’t know that his live video just now made him a hot search again. His Weibo fans rose from hundreds to hundreds of thousands in an instant. The power was great!

At the beginning, a single photo of him could go viral all over the Internet, stealing the limelight from the main character Bai Huaiyu joining the hottest variety show, not to mention a full two-minute interview video now!

Beauty crit!

Almost everyone who saw it was fascinated by his pair of moving eyes. The clear and pure sea blue eyes changed from bewitching and bright blue to a touch of dark blue with the ups and downs of his mood. Finally, the lovely and pitiful clear eyes were even more cruel to people’s hearts.

I can’t wait to become King Zhou of Shang and make Daji smile[1].

The well-known Lalang[2] matching video website had sprung up many CP clips of Si Huaixi and many celebrities.

It didn’t matter if it was three or seven, it was all CP anyway!

The famous top Yan Han x Si Huaixi made a persona of a heartbroken man and a poor little beauty. They were obviously two people who had nothing to do with each other. Anyway, as soon as Yan Han turned around and left the editing screen, Si Huaixi’s delicate face was full of lust. But he still didn’t shed tears, as he silently watched the man leave mercilessly.

He looked like a scumbag!

Netizens who were just watching Lalang’s soundtrack were so indignant by the pitiful look in his eyes that they rolled up their sleeves and posted barrage on the video to scold the scumbag!

All of a sudden, there were millions of views, and more netizens joined in the fun to criticize the scumbag!

Yan Han’s manager suddenly found out that there was an extra #Huaihan Scumbag#, and he was so frightened that he almost fucked up, thinking that his artist’s relationship was exposed, and was now being accused of being a scumbag, almost thinking that there was going to be a big public relations event!

Finally, after watching the CP clip, Yan Han’s manager followed the netizens and scolded the scumbag with tears in his eyes.

Yan Han, his own artist at the side, rolled his eyes to the sky, feeling that he couldn’t bear such a big blame, so he clicked on the videos of his rivals in the entertainment circle and Si Huaixi’s Lalang on Weibo one by one.

Yan Han, who was hailed as cold high male god by his fans, smiled vividly as he watched other competitors in the circle being scolded as scumbags with him.

——I can’t be the only one being scolded.

Even Qiao Handong, a veteran film star who had always been recognized as gentle, was pulled to form a CP. The gentle and tolerant son Qiao Handong x a distant cousin Si Huaixi who lived in his house and was born lonely. A sad and beautiful ancient sadomasochism love story unfolded like that and the ending was of course BE.

The wife and daughter of the old movie star Qiao Handong’s family happily ate melons and praised him, while the movie star Qiao Handong sat at home looking up helplessly.

And as Yan Han’s biggest enemy leader, Fu Zizhuo, a top singer from a band, was almost so angry that he angrily called out the bitch Yan who liked his video.

As a result, Yan Han had expected it a long time ago, and he pulled black to watch the show all the time, making Fu Zizhuo so angry that he stared and jumped at home.

Because Fu Zizhuo just debuted as the lead singer of the band, he had an arrogant and hot temper, and he looked like a school bully, and all the CP edits made for him were along the character design of a grumpy little wolf dog. Moreover, in his early years, he had also filmed a dark TV series, the title of which was “The Lover of the Grumpy School Grass”. In the drama, he was either roaring on the playground or in the classroom. So, he had the persona of a scumbag.

Zhou Wenjia, the owner of Star Entertainment, who was at the forefront of eating melons, was enjoying watching the CP editing, and at the same time weeping for Si Huaixi, the poor little artist.

Zhou Wenjia also specially called Pei Zhaozhou, and those messy CP edited videos were placed in front of the screen, and he pretended to cry: “Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

He also immediately investigated Si Huaixi’s background, seeing that Si Huaixi, who was once thin and hard-working according to the information, had run into these low-quality entertainment companies with corrupt morals accidentally. No wonder Si Huaixi was drugged into his room back then, what if it wasn’t him but other people with ulterior motives that day?

Pei Zhaozhou didn’t dare to think about it, or his heart felt heavy and uncomfortable.

Rather than letting Si Huaixi continue to live in this kind of company and suffer outside, it was better to be taken under his wing and have him personally escort him in the entertainment circle.

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[1] Daji was the favourite consort of King Zhou of Shang, the last king of the Shang dynasty in ancient China. In legends and fictions, it is believed that King Zhou could do anything for her smile which caused the downfall of his reign.

[2] A video uploading website such as Youtube.

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