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“Qin Yize is married, do you know?” “Are you kidding me! With Qin Yize’s paralyzed face, how can someone who has never been in love get married?” “Go and see his Weibo, he’s already posted his wedding certificate.” “…………”

 “I heard that Qin Yize is married?” “Don’t be funny, this is the funniest joke I’ve heard this year!” “You go look at his Weibo, he publicly stated that he loves his lover very much and promised to protect his Omega.” “…”

Qin Yize’s Weibo went on the hot search withing ten minutes of being posted.

Today was a working day, and people had just woken up at 7:30 in the morning, and while going to work or class, countless people were habitually scrolling through Weibo to pass the time when they were on the road. As a result, Qin Yize’s this “Declaration of Love” suddenly became popular on the homepage, and all the people who swiped to this Weibo instantly lost their drowsiness. Qin Yize’s words definitely had the effect of “refreshing the mind”.

——Qin Yize? Is that the aloof and serious ascetic actor? Every time a reporter interviewed him about his relationship prospects, he said, “I’m not thinking about dating for the time being, I just want to act well” That serious Alpha? Qin Yize, who was voted “No. 1 single Alpha based on strength” by the Empire Gossip Forum?

He actually publicly announced that he was married, and even posted a photo of his marriage certificate??

The onlookers wondered whether his Weibo account had been hacked.

In the comments on Weibo, some questioned the authenticity, some gossiped about who the Omega in question was, and some felt tired and didn’t like it so they vowed to stop being his fans. For a while, the Weibo comment area was turned upside down, and hundreds of thousands of comments were posted in an instant.

Various entertainment magazines said: This material is too hot, and they joined the reposting army without hesitation.

In the dormitory, Qin Yize calmly turned off Weibo, adjusted his posture and gently hugged Luo Ning who was still asleep in his arms.

The reason why he suddenly posted this Weibo was because…he was awakened by a nightmare early in the morning.

The dream last night was very strange. He first dreamed that His Majesty Caesar smiled at him and said, “Yize, I heard that you are very close to that newcomer named Zhou Jinyun?”

Then he dreamed that Empress Ling Yuan was practicing fighting in the gym. His fist and foot skills were exceptionally sharp, and every punch accurately hit the sandbag. The father of Omega, whose strength was over the top, said while punching the sandbag: “I am used to using force to solve problems. If you beat someone who is disobedient, then hit them again. Like this Luo Fei was beaten up by me since childhood, Yize, do you want to try it?”

Then, Uncle Ling An in military uniform asked him with a smile: “Yize, I haven’t seen you post in the Alpha forum for a long time, did you have a good time after you married Luo Ning?”

In the end, it was Marshal Rosen and General Ling Yu who looked majestic, and they were chatting while playing chess in the living room, while Qin Yize in the dream watched this scene from the perspective of a God.

General Ling Yu said: “Have you seen the recent scandals? I heard that Qin Yize had unspoken rules with a newcomer.” The marshal said indifferently: “I see, the newcomer seems to be Zhou Jinyun.” Then he lifted a chess piece, thoughtful: “When Qin Yize and Luo Ning agreed to get married, they each decided to live their own lives. Since Qin Yize is fooling around with the newcomer and making such a big fuss, there is no need to continue this marriage.” The marshal nodded and said calmly: “I reminded him at the beginning that I hope he still keeps that marriage certificate, which will be used when they divorce.”

Qin Yize: “………”

The last sentence was like a heavy hammer, and when the hammer hit on the forehead, Qin Yize woke up instantly.

It was five o’clock in the morning, even before dawn, Qin Yize looked at Luo Ning who was sleeping in his arms, took a few deep breaths, his heartbeat was still so intense that he couldn’t control it – the scene in the dream was so real, everyone’s face was so clear that they seemed to be right in front of his eyes. Qin Yize also remembered very clearly what everyone said.

This gossip had been on the hot searches all day long, not only did it give the onlookers something to chat about after dinner, but also His Majesty, the Marshal, and the others, as long as they went online yesterday or today, they would definitely be caught by various gossips about “Qin Yize and Zhou Jinyun’s ambiguous relationship” and “Qin Yize has unspoken rules with a newcomer” flooding the screen.

What would they think?

This question made Qin Yize’s back suddenly tremble!

Now that he and Luo Ning were of the same mind, they had also decided to turn the “marriage by agreement” into a formal marriage, but Your Majesty and the others didn’t know it yet!

At this moment, in the minds of His Majesty and the Empress, Qin Yize was just a scumbag who “my son likes him so much that he tried every means to marry him, but he is actually having an affair with other celebrities…”. The Marshal uncle and his grandparents had always thought that he and Luo Ning were just acting. At this moment, their thoughts were probably “Leave if you can’t continue the acting. Let’s see when you get divorced.”

Qin Yize: “…”

After rubbing his temples with a headache, Qin Yize realized that he had made a huge mistake.

During this period of time, he and Luo Ning were sweet and sticky, and he thought that he could stay with Luo Ning forever from now on. Even if there were any messy scandals, as long as Luo Ning believed in him, he would not be afraid at all.

However, he forgot the key point – Luo Ning had his family!

Of course Luo Ning believed him about this scandal, but it was impossible for Luo Ning’s family to trust him 100%. In addition, there was a precedent for the two of them deliberately acting before their marriage, even if Luo Ning said “I believe in Yize”, His Majesty Marshal and the others might only think that Luo Ning was acting.

It would be bad if they misunderstood.

Qin Yize broke out in a layer of cold sweat, and immediately calmed down and thought of a way.

To convince His Majesty and the others that he was innocent in this scandal, the first thing he had to do was to separate himself from Zhou Jinyun, so that all the onlookers believed that he had nothing to do with Zhou Jinyun. So he could make a public statement for his family- I really like your family’s Luo Ning, and I really did not let him down, Your Majesty, please don’t misunderstand me!

Because Luo Ning didn’t want to disclose his identity, Qin Yize put Luo Ning’s photo and name in a mosaic when posting the marriage certificate, and then made a solemn promise in front of billions of netizens: I am married, and I am deeply in love with my Omega. I will definitely not let him down.

In this way, not only would the crowd know that he had nothing to do with Xiao Zhou, but His Majesty’s impression of him should also improve.

After thinking about the pros and cons, Qin Yize posted this Weibo at 7:30 in the morning, which caused a sensation in the entertainment industry.

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