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In a hot summer, on an unnamed street in City A.

The popsicle seller stopped her slowly swinging cattail fan and, like other residents on the street, stared intently at the boy who came out of the alley.

The streets were dirty and messy, and everyone was sweating with their sleeves rolled up, making that clean and refreshing young man look very out of place.

However, this was not the main reason why everyone’s gaze was attracted to him.

The boy was wearing pure white short sleeves and shorts, his exposed arms and legs were dazzlingly white, his light colored eyes were clear and vivid, there were a few drops of crystal sweat on his smooth forehead, and his face was flamboyant and beautiful.

His appearance brought a bit of life to the entire dull and hot street, like a ray of breeze passing through the streets and alleys.

Not noticing the strange atmosphere around him, Yan Yan was frowning slightly, carefully stepping over the puddle of water on the ground to keep his white shoes from getting dirty.

He looked around, his eyes a little confused.

Where was this?

Just yesterday, he transmigrated to the world in this book and became a cannon fodder in the book. The name and appearance of the cannon fodder were the same as his. He didn’t know if this was the reason for his transmigration.

Although he had started reading the book, he didn’t read any further after seeing that it was a slapstick novel, so he didn’t have much impression of the plot of the book.

It wasn’t until yesterday when Mrs. Yan mentioned his engagement to Ji Juechuan, Ji family’s eldest son, that he remembered the plot about him as cannon fodder in the book.

The role of cannon fodder was not too much, it was just used to disgust the protagonist Gong and protagonist Shou and promote their emotional development.

Although the cannon fodder in the book came from a wealthy family, he was accidentally lost when he was a child and was adopted by a couple from an ordinary family. He was not found by the Yan family until he was an adult and brought back.

Because the cannon fodder kept causing troubles after returning to the Yan family, which made the Yan family lose face, it didn’t take long for the Yan family to arrange a marriage for him, and the arranged marriage partner was the protagonist Gong in the book.

After the marriage, the cannon fodder fell in love with the protagonist Gong’s money and status, and thought he was a bit pretty, so he pestered the protagonist Gong and acted like a baby all day long, and soon disgusted the protagonist Gong completely.

On the contrary, the protagonist Shou in the book was elegant and talented, he let the protagonist Gong take a look at him, and soon, the protagonist Gong filed for divorce from the Cannon Fodder.

Fortunately, the final outcome of the cannon fodder wasn’t too bad, so Yan Yan didn’t panic too much after he came here, and he was still thinking about going out to buy things.

It’s just that he lost his way while wandering around and came to this dirty street.

Mrs. Yan also asked him to have dinner with the protagonist Gong tonight. Now that the appointed time was approaching, the driver still hadn’t found the location he sent, which made him a little anxious.

“Isn’t this the son of the old Zhou’s family?”

A duck voice suddenly rang out in the street that had been quiet because of the boy’s appearance, breaking the silence abruptly.

Everyone took a closer look and gasped.

Wasn’t this the prodigal son of the Zhou family? Why didn’t they recognize him for a long time, thinking that some rich young master had come to the wrong place.

It was no wonder they didn’t recognize him. The son of the Zhou family used to like to show off, and he always left behind the scent of lingering perfume everywhere he went. He also liked to powder his face like a girl, and the accessories on his ears and neck were never less.

If it wasn’t for his handsome appearance, he would have been regarded as a lunatic wherever he went.

But the young man in front of them was very clean, with red lips and white teeth. He was prettier than the stars on the screen, and they couldn’t think of his previous appearance at all.

The residents on the street all knew that the old Zhou family had had bad luck. The son that everyone avoided in the family was actually the biological flesh and blood of the Yan family who had been separated from them for many years. The old Zhou family got a lot of money, and the son also returned to the Yan family.

This matter became the talk of the residents after dinner. They were so jealous that they mocked the son of Zhou family who couldn’t get on the stage every day.

However, they didn’t expect that this person would reappear with the appearance of a young master of a wealthy family in front of him, and they almost couldn’t recognize him.

Yan Yan hadn’t noticed the strange eyes of the residents yet, he was still looking around, blinking his wet eyes lightly, with a confused and helpless expression.

Suddenly, a basketball almost slammed into his face, it fell splashing the accumulated water on the ground, which almost splashed on his snow-white calf.

“Zhou Yan, what are you doing back here? Are you here to show off to us?”

Yan Yan was frightened by the sudden basketball and took a few steps back. He looked blankly at the direction the basketball came from, and then glanced at the basketball that rolled to his feet.

Seeing the dirty water on the basketball, the young master hesitated for a moment, but still didn’t pick up the basketball.

The one who threw the basketball at Yan Yan was the male duck voice who recognized him, seeing that he was silent, the male duck voice became even more excited: “Why, living in Yan’s house is so comfortable that you can’t even speak anymore?”

After finishing speaking, Gong Ya looked at the partners around him, only to find that those who used to mock Zhou Yan the most vigorously had lowered their heads at this moment, and kept quickly glancing at Zhou Yan’s face from time to time.

Some people even looked at Duck Voice reproachfully, as if they didn’t agree with what he had done.

Gong Ya cursed a few words in his mouth, jumped down from the stone steps, and wanted to teach Zhou Yan a lesson by himself.

He had heard that after Zhou Yan was picked up by Yan’s family, he didn’t restrain himself. He still went out to fool around all day long, and even took a large sum of money from Yan’s family to start a business. He was not even ashamed.

Zhou Yan appeared here now, it was most likely because he was driven back by the Yan family.

So what if he was their own flesh and blood, who would like such a waste?

Gong Ya jumped down from the steps and approached him step by step under the surprised eyes of the young man.

He had never been so close to Zhou Yan before, and when he got closer, he realized that this man’s facial features were really impeccable, without the cover of makeup, the whole person was dewy, and those beautiful eyes looked at him with fear and something indescribable…

Before Gong Ya could think of a suitable adjective, the sound of a car horn sounded behind him.

Yan Yan’s eyes lit up, he bypassed him and ran towards the luxury car at the end of the street, and deftly jumped over several puddles on the ground, looking from a distance like a snow-white rabbit bouncing back to its lair.

Until the luxury car disappeared from everyone’s sight, the residents still hadn’t recovered.

Over there, Yan Yan trotted to the car door, opened the door of the passenger seat, and sat in with the big and small bags in his hands.

He fastened his seat belt, put a few bags on his lap, hugged them tightly, and muttered in a low voice, “I was scared to death.”

He didn’t know who those people were just now, if the driver hadn’t arrived in time, he still didn’t know how he would have been bullied.

Because he had just transmigrated into this world yesterday, he hadn’t inherited many memories of the original owner, only some vague impressions, so he didn’t remember who those people were just now.

Looking at the darkening sky outside the car window, Yan Yan became more and more anxious: “Uncle, can you drive faster? I’m going to be late.”

He still remembered that the protagonist Gong in the book had a bad temper. He might have been waiting at the restaurant for a long time, he was afraid that he would suffer later.

The “driver” didn’t respond for a long time, Yan Yan felt something was wrong, and turned to look at the driver’s seat.

The person in the driver’s seat was not the driver who sent him out at all, but a handsome man with sword eyebrows and starry eyes. He looked ahead, pursed his thin lips displeasedly, and had no intention of answering him at all.

Yan Yan was stunned, and the words “protagonist Gong” popped up in his mind.

The man ignored him, holding the steering wheel with his bony hands, and the car drove onto a wide road.

“Mrs. Yan asked me to pick you up. When we get back, just say we’ve already had dinner.”

The man said suddenly, with no expression on his face, and he didn’t ask for his opinion.

Yan Yan touched his stomach quietly, he didn’t want to stay with the protagonist Gong either, but he was out shopping all afternoon, so he was still hungry.

He thought for a while, and asked cautiously, “Aren’t you going to eat? The restaurant has already been booked.”

“No.” The man replied coldly without looking at him.

“Oh…” Yan Yan licked his lower lip, and said softly, “Then can you send me to the restaurant, I will eat by myself.”

He had been hungry for a long time, if the protagonist Gong didn’t want to go, he could go by himself. It was not good not to eat.

The man’s face froze for a moment, and his tone gradually became impatient: “Then Mrs. Yan would know that we haven’t eaten together.”

“Is that so…” Yan Yan retracted into his seat, took a small deep breath, trying to endure his hunger, waiting to go back to eat.

However, in the next second, his stomach let out a growl, which was extremely loud in the quiet car.

Yan Yan bit his lip in embarrassment, saw the man frowning when he looked at him, then turn back without any expression.

Yan Yan, who had never been ignored before, curled his lips, pressed his stomach, moved to the side, looked out the window, and began to think of other things to distract his attention.

He thought that although the cannon fodder in the book divorced the protagonist Gong in the end, he had spent a lot of time with the protagonist Gong under the same roof. But he didn’t like this cold protagonist Gong, and he was not willing to marry this man.

He didn’t know if there was a way to change the plot?

Maybe if he worked hard, the protagonist Gong could skip the plot of marrying him and be with the protagonist Shou directly.

Thinking of this, Yan Yan took out his phone, clicked on the forum, and sent an anonymous post.

[What should I do if I don’t like my marriage partner?]

After the post was sent out, before he could even glance at the reply, a call came in.

Yan Yan was taken aback, and when he saw the note on the caller ID, he quickly picked it up.


Ji Juechuan paused holding the steering wheel and frowned a little irritably.

His company still had matters to deal with, originally he wanted to send Yan Yan back to Yan’s house, but now that Mrs. Yan had called, Yan Yan would definitely not miss this opportunity to complain to Mrs. Yan, so he would have to take him to dinner.

What a hassle.

Yan Yan next to him didn’t know what he was thinking. He leaned against the car door, stared down at his legs, and listened carefully to the voice on the phone.

“Yeah, I saw him, we’ve already had dinner, and we’re getting ready to come back now.”

His tone was relaxed, and his thin white hands were covering his stomach, as if he was afraid of his stomach making another sound.

Ji Juechuan pursed his lips, still looking at the road ahead, feeling strange in his heart.

“He, he’s driving, okay, I’ll ask him.”

Feeling the young master next to him looking over, Ji Juechuan pretended not to notice, and after a while, he heard the young master calling him cautiously:

“Mr. Ji, my mother said she wanted to say a few words to you, is it convenient?”

Ji Juechuan stopped the car on the side of the road without saying a word, and turned his head: “Give it to me.”

Yan Yan quickly handed him the phone.

He saw the man take the phone, with one hand still on the steering wheel, while answering the questions on the other side of the phone calmly.

The phone call ended quickly, and Ji Juechuan moved the phone away from his ear, while the call interface had automatically closed and returned to the original page.

An anonymous post appeared on the screen in front of him with a very conspicuous title: [What should I do if I don’t like my marriage partner?]

Ji Juechuan stared at the words “My Post” in the upper left corner, and then slowly shifted his gaze to the person next to him.

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