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GLR Ch. 14


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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Su Yemu rolled out a part of the dough first, and he started to make buns. Then he spread the dough on the palm of his hand, used a spoon to dig out a small ball of meat filling and spread it on the center of the dough, then he placed a cleaned fresh shrimp on top of the meat filling, and pressed it to hold the shrimp and meat stuffing, pinched the edge of the dough with the thumb and forefinger of his right hand, lifted and pinched it with a slight tilt, and kept turning the dough with the cooperation of his left and right hand. After a while, a small and exquisite bun appeared, with a shrimp tail in the middle of the folds.

The holographic audience couldn’t help stretching out their hands to pinch the tail of the shrimp, lifted it up, and doing so they lifted up the whole bun.

It’s so cute, I can’t bear to eat it.

Like a chrysanthemum, crumpled.

No, I want to eat, I can swallow one in one bite, hiss, wipe the saliva first.

Su Yemu made the buns very fast, and within 20 minutes, half of them were wrapped; then rolled out the rest of the dough, now the barrage was no longer molesting him, just one after another ‘hehe…hehe…hehe…’ laughing message flew over which made Su Yemu helpless.

Su Yemu bought three steamers and prepared to steam them in two batches. The first batch steamed one hundred and sixty in one go, then he put a pot of cold water on high heat and boiled it, then turned to low heat and steamed them in it for 12 minutes.

During the period, Su Yemu put the cold cooking wine into the bottle and chatted with the audience: “You should pay special attention when making fresh shrimp buns. Eating the internal organs of shrimp is not good for people’s health, so clean them up.”

My child is only three years old, is there any food that is simple and suitable for him?

Su Yemu put the bottle of cooking wine aside, heard this sentence from the terminal, thought for a while, and said: “Then I will make a simple egg custard!”

Su Yemu took out a large bowl and knocked three eggs into a bowl and broke them up, then he added an appropriate amount of warm water, the ratio of water to eggs was 1:15, after which he added salt, stirred it well and removed the foam on the surface of the eggs with a spoon.

If it was a banquet or a takeaway egg custard, the egg liquid was usually passed through a fine gauze net, so that the egg custard would be smooth and bright, but it was to be eaten by oneself, so there was no need to be too careful.

After making it, he sealed the mouth of the bowl with plastic wrap, made a few small holes in it, and then steamed it in a pot under cold water for ten minutes.

At this time, the steamer overflowed with the aroma of steamed buns, and there was a delicious aroma hidden in the faint noodle-like fragrance. When Su Yemu opened the steamer, the delicious aroma unique to seafood became stronger.

The thin steamed bun skin was white and transparent, and you could faintly see the steamed fresh shrimp inside, and the tail on the folds of the bun had turned red, making the whole bun look more delicious.

It’s so beautiful, anchor, don’t you really study art?

So soft, so fragrant, so delicious.

Ah, it’s hot, the soup inside is so hot, but it’s delicious.

The steamed stuffed bun was not out of the pot yet, but someone had already stretched out their hands, enduring the steam blowing towards their face, they braved the pain of being unable to open their eyes and went to eat the first bite.

“Be careful when it’s hot, take a small bite first, let the heat inside the steamed bun evaporate before taking a second bite.” Su Yemu said, then he quickly clamped the steamed stuffed bun to the plate, so that the heat could be dissipated quickly, and then he put the buns on the pot.

[The nutritional value of food is 92%, and the green pigment reaches 85%.] 033’s mouth opened and closed, and the intermittent words were covered by the mask, making them indistinct. If someone heard the phrase ‘green pigment reached 85 percent’ and spread it, it would definitely shock the empire.

But at this time, everyone’s attention was on the buns, and no one noticed.

It is much better to eat according to the method the anchor said. Everyone try to drink the soup, it was really delicious, and the whole body felt comfortable and wonderful after drinking.

+1 the front, the thin skin is bitten open and the soup spurts out, the taste is so delicious, most delicious in the world, I want the anchor to open a shop every day.

The tender and juicy shrimp buns were everyone’s favourite, and they couldn’t stop eating them. The egg custard was also ready here. Su Yemu carefully brought it out of the pan, and put two drops of soy sauce on top of the tender yellow custard. The sweetness of the soy sauce mixed with the aroma of the egg entered the nostrils, which whetted the appetite.

Smooth and delicious, I am a baby too!

Tender, delicious and smooth, I can eat several big bowls.

Buns, egg custard, steamed stuffed bun, egg custard, they are all delicious, I want to cry, it is worth it to get to know the anchor in my lifetime.

Evil host! You just follow me! I will buy you a house, a dog, and will just ask for a daily meal.

System: ‘Carnivore’ gave a ‘Captain’, everyone, come to [Gourmet Live Room] to pick up fighters!

‘Bai Yitu’ gave two ‘Captain’, come to [Gourmet Live Room] to pick up fighters!

The live broadcast room exploded, and the fighter planes dropped one after another, attracting another wave of people; Su Yemu found that many people had entered the pit, they came to pick up the fighter planes beforehand, and then stayed permanently.

Su Yemu waited until everyone had finished eating, and the second batch of buns came out. He turned and looked at the terminal, facing the audience in front of the hologram.

Everyone held their breath, waiting for the host to laugh, and then they said: The host’s smile is really scary.

But they waited and waited, and waited for a sentence: “The egg custard is made temporarily, and the quantity is not much, so there will be no lottery draw. Fifty sets of fresh shrimp buns are prepared, five for each, good luck to everyone.”

On the terminal, after receiving Su Yemu’s order to start a lottery draw, names popped up one by one.

Everyone: “!”

Bobo, where’s your scary smile?

Bobo’s smile is gone, which goblin stole it, hand it over.

God of the universe bless you, the empire bless you, you must draw me! For this reason, I originally borrowed from the sky for another five hundred years.

Anchor, please make me lucky! Bless me.

Master, I am Erha! Master, I’m here…

As the terminal system read out the list of winners, some were elated, some were crying, and some were still wondering why the host didn’t smile at the end. He had obsessive-compulsive disorder, the anchor didn’t smile, thinking this he would be so troubled that he won’t be able to sleep tonight.

The winners include Carnivore, Mini Xiaolongbao, I Love the anchor, Bai Yitu, etc. After the list of fifty lucky draws, Su Yemu bid farewell to the audience, because there were too many bullet screens, the messages were buried below, and Su Yemu didn’t see it at all.

After the terminal was turned off, Su Xiaonan ran into the kitchen and stuffed a steamed stuffed bun into her mouth before starting to help her brother pack the buns together.

Fifty sets, the courier quickly came to pick them up, Su Yemu counted, there were thirty-five left, Su Yemu left twenty, put fifteen in the food box and was about to go out, Su Xiaonan stuffed another bun in her mouth before she went after her brother.

Walking on the wasteland in front of the door, the blood of the businessmen deep in his soul faintly flared up: “Xiaonan, is there anyone here to open up wasteland?”

With the food cooked by her brother, she found that her sea of consciousness, which had been somewhat cloudy, had become clear, and her mental tentacles had become stronger.

“I want to plant a field in front of the door, um, by the way, raise some chickens, ducks, plant some fruit trees, dig a pond, and plant a piece of lotus root…”

“Stop, stop, bro, do you want to farm?” Although there were many varieties of food in the empire, but there were not many people who could cook, and they wanted to farm and sell it for money.

“I want to open a farm here, Xiao Nan, what do you think!”

“Brother, you will make a lot of money.”

Su Xiaonan took her brother’s hand and smiled, but said: “Brother, you will work very hard.”

“Don’t worry, your brother can accept apprentices.” Su Yemu was going to take the high-end route, and the TV studio was his best advertising platform.

The two came to the abandoned spaceship, Su Xiaonan rolled her eyes, grabbed her brother’s food box, ran close to the spaceship, squatted down at the entrance, and saw A Sha lowering his head to assemble a mech, Su Xiaonan’s eyes widened instantly, pointing at A Sha she stammered: “Brother, brother, brother, he can build mechas.”

Su Yemu stretched out his head to take a look: “I saw it a few days ago.”

“Brother, you didn’t say anything.”

Su Xiaonan jumped up and grabbed Su Yemu’s sleeve: “Brother, do you know? In our entire Xie star, only Boss Hei has a mecha master, just one.”

Su Xiaonan blushed with excitement, her eyes gleamed, she bit her lip and jumped, then ran to the entrance of the spaceship and squatted down: “A Sha, can you show me?”

Su Xiaonan’s face was full of excitement. The wind didn’t move; Su Xiaonan thought for a while, and took out a steamed bun from the food box: “Here, A Sha, eat the steamed stuffed bun. After you finish eating the steamed stuffed bun, let me take a look, okay?”

A Sha turned his head around, glanced at Su Xiaonan, sniffed, and turned away again.

Su Xiaonan pouted and turned her head, looking at Su Yemu pitifully.

When Su Yemu first came to this world, Su Xiaonan was thin and small. After these seven or eight days of recuperation, she looked much brighter, her face had become paler and fleshier; she looked very cute. Seeing this, Su Yemu’s heart softened instantly.

“A Sha, can you just show Xiaonan?” Su Yemu also squatted in front of the spaceship, but A Sha still didn’t respond. Su Yemu thought about it, took the food box from Xiaonan and handed it to A Sha: “A Sha, eat buns.”

A Sha stopped what he was doing, took the food box, and pushed the mecha towards Su Yemu, all the while buried in eating buns.

Su Xiaonan: “Brother, he is the same as 033, he has accepted his master.”

“What are you talking about! He let you have a look!” Su Yemu was also surprised by A Sha’s attitude, presumably because he robbed him a lot, he must think that he got to know him well!

A Sha ate the buns very quickly. All the fifteen buns were eaten, less than five minutes after eating them, Su Xiaonan had just started touching it when the mecha she was looking at was dragged away.

Su Xiaonan exploded: “Damn it, I won’t give you the buns.”

A Sha: “Wow!”

Su Xiaonan: “Wow!”

On the way back, Su Xiaonan was still aggrieved, and yelled that she would not bring food to A Sha, he was too much.

Regarding the matter of land reclamation, according to Xiaoman, he still had to say hello to Boss Hei, not because he had to get his affirmation before he could do land reclamation, but because no one would dare to cause trouble after the greeting.

“Brother, don’t worry. I know Boss Hei well, so just trust me.” Su Xiaonan patted her chest, saying with confidence.

“Xiaonan, I’ll go with you to meet Boss Hei!” Su Yemu had this plan before, as now Xiaonan would go to Boss Hei occasionally, Su Yemu always felt that he needed to see him to be at ease.

Su Xiaonan was a little confused. Her brother had met Boss Hei before, and he was so frightened that his nose and tears flowed together, and he hid in the corner and refused to come out; now, will her brother still be afraid?

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