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EVLM Ch. 36.2


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#Wowou! Who said Jiang Zheng is just a vase?

#do it! Fight!

#This kind of suspenseful horror variety show can only be played by guests who can keep their IQ online.

Jiang Zheng gave Ji Muye a look.

Ji Muye hurried to the gate.

The third lady couldn’t believe it, “Do you want to let zombies in?”

Jiang Zheng shrugged, “Open the door and let the dog go, it’s not a good idea.”

She turned to the eldest lady and said, “Miss Tan, take your father and the townspeople with you and escape from the secret passage.”

“She can’t live. The grass can only let her live for half an hour.” The third lady said proudly. Her ancestors were good at using magic medicine. The calming heart grass and confused heart grass were two kinds of strange grasses recorded in **. At the risk of being expelled from her clan, she successfully cultivated these two strange herbs and used them on her enemies.

She used them to create zombies and condone zombies hurting people, and then used the calming grass to rescue the city people, establish authority, and planned to become the female city lord. The plan was originally perfect, but it was destroyed by a few outsiders. Really annoying!

Tan Wu wiped her tears, “The secret passage is right below the throne of the city lord in the main hall. If you want to escape, run there.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Xiao Cheng and Ke Cancan ran out from the side hall. The two were disgraced and in good spirits.

They told the guards that if the zombies entered the mansion, no one would survive, so they might as well escape as soon as possible. The guards were so frightened that they ran away, and the two quickly ran out, and then they saw Tan Wu, who had a bloody hole in her body but could speak normally, and the zombies who were pressed under the table, chair and bench.

Really creepy.

After listening to Tan Wu’s words, the guests hurried into the hall.

Jiang Zheng asked Xiao Cheng and Ke Cancan to push the City Lord to flee out of the city.

Among the fleeing crowds, only Tan Wu stared at Ji Lang in black motionlessly. This person was her obsession, whether she was awake or a demon.

“This bitch turned my mother into a zombie and put her in an iron cage for others to watch. I secretly hid my mother in Ping’an Square, but she informed my father. My mother was burned to ashes, and they didn’t even let me erect a tombstone. Since she married my father, she has planned to usurp the throne, step by step, she is very cruel and vicious.”

Tan Wu clutched the bloody hole in her chest and cried.

“Ji Lang. It’s so hard to deceive me when you are on the scene.”

“You said you wanted my heart, and I gave it to you. Who knew that you really took my heart away.”

Ji Lang in black held the child silently, completely motionless.

Jiang Zheng frowned and couldn’t bear to listen anymore.

Suddenly, Tan Wu picked up a sword from the ground and rushed towards him, stabbing it into Ji Lang’s chest in a flash of lightning.

#Aigoo. It’s too realistic.

#This one will have to drink 100 million tons of Mengpo soup to forget it.

#The person who plays the eldest lady is very good at acting.

Ji Lang suffered the sword wound and did not hide at all.

The third lady’s face turned pale, and she shouted: “You are actually attracted to this bitch.”

Ji Lang vomited blood, and his legs suddenly knelt on the ground, as he grinned miserably: “I have paid you back. I don’t owe you anymore. Don’t hate me!”

Tan Wu giggled, her eyes filled with endless sadness…

At this moment, the mountain wind roared and roared, Ji Muye opened the door and quickly rushed towards the throne in the hall.

Jiang Zheng was waiting for him at the entrance of the cave, waving at him anxiously, “Hurry up brother.”

The zombies were no longer under the control of the zombie king, and subconsciously felt that there was fresh food in the door, but the calming heart grass prevented them from approaching. However, there were too many zombies, one layer after another, and a mountain of zombies was stacked up. The latecomers climbed directly over, and the forerunners had already rushed through the shackles of the gates and walls.

In the back were desperate zombies, in front was Jiang Zheng’s anxious face and her little hand waving desperately.

Ji Muye’s heart was so soft, he ran over a few steps, held her hand tightly, rushed into the secret passage together, and closed the cave door.

Director: ?? Is this the end? The several wonderful endings I imagined were actually destroyed by the simple and crude method of closing the door and releasing the zombies??

Outside the mountain temple. The red prayer ribbon still swayed in the wind.

Suddenly a head poked out from under the base of the statue, a person crawled out, then several, dozens…

The third lady dug a tunnel for stealing and love. What a werewolf.

#Congratulations on the success of going out of town.

#This show still needs to be improved. From nine in the morning to four in the afternoon, the guests did not eat.

#How do you know they haven’t eaten? As soon as the camera stops, they can be fed.

#By the way, where are Liang Xiaoduan and He Xiao?

Just when the other four guests were about to rest, Liang Xiaoduan and He Xiao walked over from the city gate out of breath.

The zombies rushed into the City Lord’s mansion, and the two of them immediately turned around and rushed out of the city when they saw that the situation was not good. Who knew that the other four would have come out earlier than the two of them.

Hearing that there was a secret passage in the ground, they were immediately stunned.

They had known that they should have entered the third lady’s room from the mountain temple.

Too bad there was no medicine for regret.

The director came out, bowed to everyone, and thanked the netizens for their strong support.

He announced that Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye both won the title of the best wise men in this issue.

#Awards are awarded wrongly. Probably should be the best couple.

#Liang Xiao Duan: I can cry for an entire episode.

#HEXiao: I was hugged by a crying bag for an entire episode.

#xiaocheng: I lay down for a whole episode.

#kecancan: I’m here to cheat the appearance fee.

#Mingren don’t speak secretly, I’m here to eat candy.

At the end of the live broadcast, everyone bowed to the staff.

Liang Xiaoduan held back for a whole day, and finally waited for the opportunity to take a beautiful book from the agent.

She first asked Jiang Zheng to write her an autograph, then she happily drew a red heart beside her name, and asked Ji Muye to sign.

Ji Muye looked at this careful heart, hesitated, pointed at the heart and asked, “Who drew it?”

Liang Xiaoduan was stunned, “Teacher Ji, is there any difference?”

Ji Muye calmly signed his name next to Jiang Zheng’s in the little red heart, picked up the book, turned around and left.

Liang Xiaoduo held his hand, “…Teacher Ji, my notebook.”

Ji Muye turned back and smiled, “Can I return your copy back?”

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