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RNMG Ch. 50.1


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The average young boy would have been a little nervous if he was attacked by so many girls.

Si Huang had experienced this situation many times, in fact she had even encountered more outrageous demands than this. She also knew that these girls who were chasing after her weren’t really wicked and wanted to see her take off her clothes. Therefore if she backed down, they would chase after the victory, but if she fought back, they would be easier to accommodate – because they really just wanted to get a piece of attention and extra benefits, whether this benefit was big or small, it didn’t matter, as long as it was from the person they loved, they would be satisfied.

The so-called counterattack was not to blame them… Si Huang pursed his lips and smiled, but did not answer them, instead she bent over and folded her trousers, revealing her fair ankles, then she stood up and kicked her feet, all the while exuding a youthful vitality, she raised her head and shouted to the girls: “Have I convinced you all, can you tell me?”

The young man smiled brightly, shouted loudly, and stared at them with bright eyes that seemed to be burning with sparks, asking them if they were convinced … At this moment, the group of young girls felt like their hearts were about to jump out of their chests.    

This scene was really enough to satisfy the fantasy that every young girl had ever had: a handsome big boy glowing on the basketball court, watching him play as his girlfriend, and whenever he scored a goal or ran handsomely, he glanced at her, or smiled at her, while she said: See how handsome my boyfriend is, I’ll buy you food if you win! Shout out to me obediently!    

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Good! Very good! Very good! Absolutely good!”    

The atmosphere in the playground was completely fired up, and Yang Bixian made a gesture to the director and the staff to let them capture this scene on camera – the real reaction of this group of students was obviously more touching than a planned script acted out by actors.    

“What do you guys think?” Yang Bixian first looked at the nine boys before.

“What do you think!? Are we afraid of him?” The blue team’s forward shouted.

The masculinity of the other boys was also stimulated, “Yes, just play!”

“Tsk! Basketball is a team sport. He likes to be in the limelight so much, so I don’t want to play with him.” It turned out to be the central defender of the red team, deliberately making things difficult.

“That’s right! Since you don’t cooperate with your teammates, you might as well fight alone!”

Yang Bixian couldn’t see the minds of these young people and was about to change them out if they didn’t want to play. But before he could say anything, a pleasant voice sounded: “Then I’ll fight alone.”


Yang Bixian looked at Si Huang in surprise, “Si Huang, what do you mean?”

Si Huang smiled and said, “I will play alone against the nine of them.”

Yang Bixian laughed, “Nonsense!”

Si Huang: “If I botch it, I will reimburse the cost of this episode, just re-shoot it.”

“That’s not what I meant…”

“It doesn’t matter if you mean that, I want to say that I would torture them completely.”

Yang Bixian was dumbfounded, looking at the handsome boy, and then at the nine boys who were already so angry that they were about to explode, then he surprised even himself when he blurted out, “That’s it, what questions do you have?”

“What, what, question, question, all of us say yes!” The only blue team forward who was still a little sensible said slowly.

This move was simply too big! – This was the thought that popped up in everyone’s head.

Yu Xi’s head was dizzy, and he muttered: “Lingling, is this the Si Huang we know?”

“Yes!” Yu Ling nodded heavily, without doubt.

Yu Xi looked down at her, “When has he ever looked like this?”

Yu Ling: “He’s always been this dazzling! So handsome!”

Yu Xi: “…”

“Your Majesty!” Yu Ling suddenly shouted and ran to the playground.

Under the fiery gazes of the group of girls, Yu Ling ran to Si Huang and handed her the black leather tie in her hand, “The hair will not fall in the eyes, and the tied shape would also look more suitable.”

Si Huang squatted down, her hands languidly hanging, then she raised her head and smiled at Yu Ling: “Thank you.”

Yu Ling was stunned for a second, then blushed as she almost burst out into screams. She moved her lips without saying anything and stood still.

Si Huang said softly, “Didn’t you say you want to be my makeup stylist?”

Yu Ling’s eyes widened, she stared at Si Huang with excitement and a little disbelief but seeing his bright smiling eyes and the look of encouragement, her heart twitched. It seemed to be touched by something silent, sour and warm. The weight of responsibility fell on her shoulders, reducing the nervous delusion in the girl’s heart, “Yeah.” In response, Yu Ling bent down and stretched her hands gently towards Si Huang’s hair.

The soft hair felt very comfortable on the fingertips, which made Yu Ling’s movements more cautious. It didn’t seem like she was touching a boy, but like she was touching a perfect piece of art. It was as if something went wrong, she won’t forgive herself.

She grabbed the loose hair in front of Si Huang’s forehead so that it wouldn’t be too messy and tied the bunch of hair into a small bun behind her head with the black leather tie.

“Okay?” Si Huang shook her head lightly, and there were no more hair falling in front of her eyes.

“Yeah.” Yu Ling took a step back and looked at Si Huang’s face, her forehead was revealed with her hair tied back, her expression seemed to be more flamboyant than usual, and her facial features looked even more perfect and awe-inspiring, making it difficult to look directly at her, especially her eyes, which were full of a youthful feeling. People could not understand the sharpness concealed within and thought that he was a calf not afraid of the willful dominance of tigers. His looks were so bright that people were in a trance and couldn’t look away from him.

“Come on!” Yu Ling said unconsciously, clenching her fists in a cheering gesture, “You look handsome!”

Si Huang raised his hand to make a fist, and gently touched her fist, “Okay.” With a hearty smile.

Yu Ling walked out of the playground in a trance and returned to Yu Xi’s side, while receiving countless wolf-like stares.

“Mr. Yang, the effect is quite good.” The photographer in charge of taking pictures couldn’t help but sigh.

Yang Bixian nodded first, without having to look at the photos the other party had captured, he knew it must be good. Because when he saw this scene in person, he already thought it was very good-a proud, unruly, cool and handsome boy playing basketball and a girl who tied his hair for him with red cheeks all the while cheering him on.

Such a scene was used more than once or twice in school dramas, but the classic things were used countless times precisely because these things could touch people the most. This was a dream of everyone’s youth, or a good memory that they had experienced. However, it was quite difficult to show the wonderful things that had been used countless times and still leave an impression on people.    

Si Huang did it, thanks to his unique face, and more importantly, his acting skills, from subtle eye cues to body language, as well as personality, he had shown the most attractive appearance at this age.    

Yang Bixian thought of a word – into the play.    

Only a powerful actor could control their expression freely, bring himself into the role completely, confusing himself before confusing the audience, and even make himself think that the role was him.    

This had become the home court for Si Huang, the surrounding girls were her support team, and the nine boys who were so angry with her, were all brought into the play by her without them knowing it. It was originally a promotional video for her alone, but she had turned it into a controlled performance of everyone present, filled with real enthusiasm! Brilliant!    

“Can we start?” Yang Bixian’s face did not reveal the slightest feelings that were bubbling in his heart.    

“Okay.” Si Huang stood up.    

“Okay.” Saying this, the nine boys entered the court.    

Yang Bixian caught the basketball handed over by the staff, “Since it’s Si Huang vs. 9, is it okay to give the ball to Si Huang first, right?”

All the boys said no problem.    

The basketball was thrown in the direction of Si Huang by Yang Bixian.    

Who knew, before Si Huang had waited for the basketball to arrive in front of her, he suddenly kicked his left foot, and ran out to catch the ball.

“Damn it! Don’t let him run away!” The nine people woke up and immediately chased after Si Huang, while some specially guarded against her under the basketball hoop.

The boy in the white sports suit dribbled the ball flexibly, sometimes it was high, low or fast. A series of superb skills were displayed by Si Huang, not textbook perfect, but it still looked very dashing and sharp, and every time he broke a defense, a wave of screams from girls would erupt, just while watching her reach the three point-line.

The six people who had come back had now formed a copper wall.

Si Huang raised her hand to shoot…

The six jumped nervously.

Huh? Where’s the ball?

Boom – the sound of a basketball hitting the hoop.

The male students who had just jumped and landed, watched the basketball fall from their sight to the basket at this moment.

Plop – everything was quiet.

‘Dong dong dong’ the basketball bounced freely on the ground, and the boys on the court were panting unwillingly.


“Ah—!” There were also boys on the basketball court roaring.

Si Huang picked up the basketball and asked them, “Have you accepted it?”

“I don’t accept it!” “I don’t accept it!” “Who will this convince!” “I just don’t accept it!” was all roared in a mess.

Si Huang threw the basketball to the one in the front, and sneered: “Okay, I’ll hit your faces completely today! It’s your turn to tee off.”

The boy who received the ball didn’t care whether it was fair or not and hummed: “It’s your own self who said it, don’t blame others when the situation becomes ugly.”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

“Brothers, drag him to death!” the boy shouted.

The eight people ran quickly.

Seeing that everyone else was standing, the boy dribbled the ball.

His eyes were fixed on Si Huang, and when he saw Si Huang running towards him, he showed a wicked smile and passed the ball to a person not far away.

The person who caught the ball also dribbled for a few seconds before passing it to others before Si Huang approached.

The nine people passed the ball to each other, and they were not in a hurry to approach the basketball hoop, clearly intending to make fun of Si Huang.

Si Huang ran back and forth a few times, without any anxiety on his face, he seemed to be thinking about something seriously, and sweat gradually appeared on his forehead.

This was supposed to be a boring scene, but looking at Si Huang’s serious face, the girls were quiet, and they all stared at her seriously and nervously.

Suddenly, Si Huang smiled. Everyone’s heart was captured by her confident smile, and then they saw his body twist and his long arms stretch out.


Everyone was stunned.

The ball was stopped by her.

“How did he do that?!”

“No application of mind, even the regularity of passing the ball remains the same.” Si Huang, who had intercepted the ball, laughed, watching them return to defense with annoyed faces, he squinted and smiled, showing a slightly mischievous and evil look. Then she jumped for a shot.

“This is impossible!” The central defender, who was still running back and forth, saw this, stopped, and shouted again, “Pick up the rebound!”

Si Huang’s eyes were fixed on the opposite ball frame, his eyes were sharp, and he used all his strength to throw the basketball out.


The basketball slammed into the back of the basketball frame so hard that the entire frame shuddered.

Ding-dong- the basketball hit the iron frame of the hoop, and then, with everyone watching, fell into the basket.

“Are you satisfied?” Si Huang asked.

The nine boys glanced at each other, no one was convinced, and no one was willing to admit that they were convinced, and their faces were tense with gnashing teeth.

“Throw the ball to me.” Si Huang turned around and said to the staff who picked up the basketball. The other party threw the ball to her without hesitation.

Si Huang weighed it and looked to the outside field, “Aim the camera on me.”

The director and the filming staff, who had just woken up from a dream, immediately concentrated on doing what Si Huang said.

Si Huang took a deep breath and suddenly threw the basketball out.

The basketball flew out very fast, but instead of scoring a basket, it hit the iron frame of the basket.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Amidst the explosion of noise, everyone’s eyes widened as the boy sprinted to a certain range as if he had predicted that the basketball would hit the frame. Seeing that the basketball had rebounded, he bent his calves, arched his waist, and took off. This jump affected the muscle strength of the whole body, exploded the potential of bouncing, as he reached out to catch the basketball in the air, and then…dunk!

Bang – the basketball was smashed into the basket hoop.

Si Huang also fell to the ground, his legs half-squatted to relieve the effect of gravity because of falling back down.

Her face was a little red, and there was a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. She gasped, stood up and smiled at everyone.

Proud, satisfied, free, unbridled: her sharp-edged smile had become the focus of everyone’s sight.

“Damn! He has taken you! Take it now!” The forward man among the nine roared, lifted up his coat and wiped his face randomly, he had wiped off the sweat on his head, but it was still red. With a flushed face, he shouted to Si Huang: “Si Huang, I really thought you could pretend before!” But then he gave a thumbs up: “Today I’m convinced, I won’t slander you in the future!”

One person had made a statement, so the other eight did not wait anymore.

“Si Huang, you really stayed hidden, I’m convinced!”

“Was this a slam dunk? Really no props? How on earth did you do it? It’s not so simple!”

“I will serve you! Si Huang, serve you!”

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