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TBVSR Ch. 34.2


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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The New Year’s Day party in the auditorium was still going on. After all the performances were over, there was going to be a grand awards ceremony, where the first, second, and third prizes would be awarded to the winning students.

The host’s high-pitched and emotional voice accompanied the passionate melody, as he read the host’s draft, “Dear leaders and students, on this unforgettable night, we have ushered in a new year. Yuxi Middle School has always adhered to the teaching and education of people’s fine traditions, fraternity, and love, teachers and students practice what they preach, and classmates get along well and help each other. Whether it is the learning atmosphere or the living atmosphere, it is very harmonious.”

“The theme for today was harmonious campus and inspirational sunshine. Because the school has never had a fight over the years, it can be said to be a model for many middle schools in Beicheng.”

Indeed, the theme of this party was a harmonious campus. A classmate’s performance revolved around such a theme: positive, sunny, healthy and upward movement.

Jiang Yu’s dance just now was so abrupt, so incompatible and disharmonious… Soon among the host’s enthusiastic praise, and the final chorus of Ode to Joy, it disappeared into nothingness.

It was as if… nothing had happened.

The first, second and third prizes were awarded, and finally the special prize of this New Year’s Day party was to be awarded.

The special prize was not awarded to programs, but only to individuals. If you win the special prize, you would be awarded 40,000 yuan in student aid sponsored by Yuefang Technology Group.

Teacher Qin Fei stepped onto the stage, opened the envelope given by the judges in her hand, and looked at Tao Anxin under the stage.

Tao Anxin was eager to take the stage.

She and Teacher Qin Fei and her had reached a tacit understanding for many years, and every time the special prize was awarded to her.

And she was always in the top ten in the grade, so as a poor and inspirational student, no one was more qualified to receive this award than her!

Teacher Qin Fei opened the envelope and read out the name “Tao Anxin” amidst the passionate award melody.

The scene was stunned for a moment, and then there was sparse applause.

The students originally thought that this award belonged to Jiang Yu.

After all, her last dance was really shocking, giving people a strong visual and emotional impact.

Tao Anxin held her head high and strode onto the stage amid the sparse applause.

“Thank you for the trust of the teachers and the love of the students. I am very happy to receive the special award. Our school is a big warm family, and everyone in the school is like sisters and brothers. It is such an excellent atmosphere and that is why we can study hard, get good grades in the test, and give back to our alma mater.”

Teacher Qin Fei looked at her with satisfaction and said, “Next, I will ask Mr. Xie Yuan, the chairman of Yuefang Technology Group, to take the stage and present the special prize.”

However, ten seconds passed, twenty seconds passed… Xie Yuan was still sitting in the middle of the guest seat, unmoved.

Teacher Qin Fei looked at Xie Yuan awkwardly: “Mr. Xie…Please…”

Then he slowly raised his head, glanced at Tao Anxin on the stage lightly, and only said three words: “I refuse.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone present was stunned, including Tao Anxin, who had turned pale.

Xie Yuan actually said: Refuse?

This was a direct hit on Tao Anxin and the school’s face.

Teacher Qin Fei smiled embarrassedly, and asked with a low eyebrow, “Mr. Xie, can I know the reason for your rejection?”

“Her show didn’t satisfy me, I can’t imagine in a campus full of violence, you are still trying hard to decorate the peace, have you thought behind your Ode to Joy, how many classmates are overwhelmed by sobbing and crying.”

As soon as the voice fell, the originally cheerful dance music came to an abrupt end, and then an audio sounded, and there was the sound of water in the audio, there were curses, there were cries, and there was laughter, “Bitch! You bastard! You want to stand on the stage and dance, okay, let me help you, go dance!”

“If you are such a person, can you go on stage, can you?”

“Take off her makeup!”

“Just take off her clothes and let her go on stage like that to show those rich people, don’t you want to have a sugar daddy? Hahaha, let her go.”

Then there was the sound of things rolling down, accompanied by Jiang Yu’s hoarse voice, “Go away!”

She seemed to be resisting, things kept rolling down, and the scene was chaotic…

“That’s it, she won’t be able to go on stage anyway.”

“There’s someone outside, hurry up!”

This audio ended amidst the silent auditorium.

No one spoke, even breathing… had become cautious, for fear of disturbing the restless souls in the dark.

Hearing such a recording, everyone’s heart trembled.

Jiang Yu walked out of the side door of the auditorium slowly, her hair was still wet and her hands were shaking uncontrollably because of the cold and anger…

She went straight to He Zilu and the others, grabbed He Zilu’s collar, and pulled her hard onto the stage.

In an instant, a dazzling strong spotlight hit He Zilu’s face, illuminating her pale and distorted face clearly.

As if the ants in the gutter were suddenly exposed in front of everyone, she was stunned, her legs were weak, she squatted on the ground, and began to cry in fear – “It’s not me! I didn’t do anything!”

“My father is He Xiang. The chairman of the Hexiang Real Estate, he is here, I have not done anything!”

“You have no evidence, it is not me in the audio! It is not me!”

“Jiang Yu, you wait for me! You wait! My dad won’t let go of you!”

He Zilu had already started to babble nonsense: “She framed me! It’s a conspiracy, I didn’t do anything, I’m a good student and an excellent cadre, I won’t do such a thing, don’t be deceived by this poor bastard, she’s jealous of me! Dad, I really didn’t do it.”

He Zilu looked at her father in the audience for help, hoping to get his protection.

He Zilu’s father, He Xiang, the chairman of Hexiang Real Estate, stood up and rebuked angrily: “What can you prove with just a short audio clip! You’re slandering my daughter, I will sue you for libel!”

However, before he had finished speaking, someone in the audience slowly stood up.

That person was Jiang Yu’s friend, Chen Wei. She pointed to He Zilu and said slowly, “She forced me to write her homework. If I didn’t, she would slap me on the face. She also said that if I told the teacher, she would slap me every day.”

Like a heavy hammer, it hit everyone’s heart.

Immediately afterwards, another girl stood up, pointed at He Zilu and said, “She took my picture and threatened to post it on the Internet.”

“She read my diary out in public!”

“She said I seduced her boyfriend and cut my hair.”

One girl after another stood up, and each hand pointed at her, like sharp knives, focusing their firepower on the culprit on the stage.

He Xiang fell into the chair and was shocked. He didn’t expect that the well-behaved daughter in front of him would have such a bad character in reality.

He Zilu looked at the girls who she had bullied in the past, and who had all stood up at this moment to accuse her of the crimes she had committed.

She couldn’t utter a word, and fell weakly to the ground.

She didn’t even dare to look directly at the faces of these girls…

At this moment, the sound of a police car siren came from outside the auditorium.

Xie Yuan had called the police, and after the police arrived, they took He Zilu and the elder sisters around her out of the auditorium.

They were handcuffed by the police, their heads were lowered, and their usual arrogance could no longer be seen.

Jiang Yu looked at them blankly. At this moment, she suddenly felt that all her courage had returned.

It turned out that these guys who always bullied people and seemed to be vicious, were also afraid, and they were also so… vulnerable.

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