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EVLM Ch. 24.2


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Jiang Zheng moved a stool and sat aside. Every time Ji Muye played a solo scene, she always found various excuses to watch it. Everyone in the crew said that Big Brother Jiang was very studious. Only Han Yi knew that this guy was really a star-chasing girl down to her bones. How could such a good star-chasing scene be spared.

This was painful for Ji Muye, as he had to control his expression and play his emotions well, and he had to ignore Jiang Zheng’s serious “learning” face.

After a short rest, Jiang Zheng changed into a long pink and white dress. It was her girliest outfit in the entire show. On other occasions, she was either wearing a blue-black robe or a white forged court dress, always unsmiling, like an iceberg.

Her Majesty the Queen came back from the Mordor Mountain after comforting the ancestors. With the blessing of the ancestors, she felt very happy. After returning to the palace, she changed her clothes and came to see Cui Ling. There was a rare softness that could not be hidden on her cool face.

Cen Baoqian held back her laughter, this long pink and white dress made His Majesty look so good-looking. Her Majesty was no different from those little girls who dressed up for their sweethearts among the common people.

The closer Tang Qinlan got to the watchtower where Cui Ling was staying, the quicker her footsteps became, but when she approached the gate, her footsteps slowed down. She turned her face away, as if laughing at how impatient she was, and a blush flashed across her face.

When she stepped in, the person from the clothing bureau happened to be measuring Cui Ling.

Seeing the sudden arrival of Her Majesty, the people in the house were so frightened that they hurriedly knelt down and opened their mouths to shout long live. Cen Baoqian quickly told them to shut up and get up.

Cui Ling had his back to the crowd and had stretched his arms so they could measure the length of his sleeves.

Seeing that he was obedient, Tang Qinlan couldn’t help raising the corners of her lips.

Seeing Her Majesty’s arrival, the people from the Bureau of Clothing were waved out by Cen Baoqian without them opening their mouths or bending their knees.

Tang Qinlan picked up a long rope of gold and silver embroidered silk from the table as she walked slowly behind Cui Ling.

Cen Baoqian smiled, saluted and quietly backed out.

The palace was quiet and silent, Cui Ling quietly looked in front of him, not knowing what he was thinking, he did not even know that the person behind him had changed.

He sighed inaudibly, and suddenly smelled a familiar fragrance in his nostrils. Before he could even think about it, a pair of slender hands went around his waistline, holding both ends of the long rope, forming an arc in front of him… The touch on his back made him tremble.

Cui Ling’s heart suddenly trembled, and a chuckle came from behind him, “Cui Lang’s waist is too thin, it is enough to make people envious.”

Cui Ling suddenly stiffened.

Tang Qinlan stood on tiptoe, her chin resting lightly on his shoulder, “Don’t move.”

She laughed again, and it was like a caressing breeze, tickling Cui Ling’s heart.

The long rope was retracted from his waist, Tang Qinlan came around, and stood in front of him.

They hadn’t seen each other for half a month, but Cui Ling had gained some weight, while Tang Qinlan had become even more slender.

Cui Ling lowered his eyes, not daring to look at her directly, his knees had softened, and he was about to kneel down to greet him, but he was held up by the person in front of him.

“Cui Ling, you don’t need to be so polite.”

Cui Ling whispered: “This commoner dare not overstep.”

Tang Qinlan didn’t seem to hear, she held the long rope against his shoulder, and followed the long rope with her other hand a little bit, while sliding her head to the right.

Cui Ling’s eyelashes trembled rapidly, and Tang Qinlan felt that if she got any closer, she was afraid that he would fall directly to the ground.

For some reason, her wicked heart suddenly arose, she raised her eyebrows, thrust her chin forward, and almost touched Cui Ling’s cheek.

Sure enough, Cui Ling stepped back in shock, but Tang Qinlan put her arms around his waist before he even took a step back.

Looking at each other, he couldn’t tell whether it was his own heartbeat or the other party’s.

Tang Qinlan chuckled, “I know you don’t dare to approach me, so I have to take the initiative. Don’t you think so, Cui Lang?”

Jiang Zheng’s brows and eyes were filled with a sweet smile, and her voice became clearer and softer, with a hint of coquettishness. Ji Muye’s face finally… finally turned red, even his earlobes and neck had turned red.

This scene was just right, the lingering sweet atmosphere was exactly the same as that written in the script, Xing Weimin nodded to Teacher Yu Juan, and then called cut.

Everyone got up and walked over.

Xing Weimin: “Oh, Mr. Ji, I admire you so much. How can you even control your ears to turn red?”

Yu Juan: “Yes. Your neck is so red that I feel pity.”

Jiang Zheng’s pair of bright eyes looked at Ji Muye, yes, yes, she also wanted to know this skill! She could control her tears, she could control her laughter, but she really couldn’t control the redness of her earlobes and neck.

Ji Muye’s face was sullen: Is this my instinctive reaction like when riding the horse? Thanks!

He took two steps back, left Jiang Zheng’s personal space, and said lightly, “Secret!”

Everyone: “…”

This was the final scene for today. Many people heard the sound and crowded around.

Xing Weimin shouted start.

With the ambiguous atmosphere just now, the two looked at each other and couldn’t get any closer.

Tang Qinlan rarely gave up her position and laughed at Cui Ling. Seeing his blushing ears and neck, she became even more and more teasing.

She stretched out her index finger, stuck it out, and gently stroked Cui Ling’s lips…

She didn’t know that a man’s lips could be so rosy, as warm as the red sun in winter.

Cui Ling pursed his lower lip, and subconsciously stretched out his hand to hold the slippery wrist in front of him, “Your Majesty… Your Majesty, I heard that Xianyundu has a pleasant scenery, can we…”

Tang Qinlan’s eyes sank, and he said, “I”, “we”?!

When Cui Ling was defenseless, Tang Qinlan leaned over and touched the corner of his lips lightly, again and again.

The set was quiet. All stared ahead with bated breath.

Han Yi: Ah ah ah zhengzheng kissed her idol! What a fairy tale.

Jing Meini: Hehehehehe Ji Muye got what he wanted. I wish him happiness!

Jiang Zheng was almost touching Ji Muye’s lips and said with a smile: “The rules set by the ancestors. The queen needs to kiss the husband three times a day. This is the first time… So, Your Royal Highness, you still owe me two times today.”

Ji Muye: “!!!!!!” Damn, it cost my life once! Two more times?!

Xing Weimin shouted cut, “This one is over. This was the kiss scene.”

Teacher Yu Juan nodded, “There are too many kiss scenes, and the audience will get tired of watching it!”

Ji Muye: “……………… “I’m actually fine.

The author has something to say: ah ah ah ah I am dead! I was smitten by the two of them! Hold me steady, I can still drink!

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