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AROEDM Ch. 37.2


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The two of them were conspiring, while Fu Yuanzhou went up to the second floor. Xie Lin was on the open balcony, talking on the phone. He was wearing a white shirt with his back to Fu Yuanzhou, he could see that he had broad shoulders and long legs, a very good figure, and his black hair looked a little faded in the sunlight.

Xie Lin was talking about school. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t intend to eavesdrop, and it didn’t even sound interesting. Seeing this, he wanted to leave. But Xie Lin had already heard the movement of his coming, so he turned around and pulled Fu Yuanzhou in, then he touched his head.

“What’s the matter?”

Xie Lin asked after putting away the phone.

Facing his gaze, Fu Yuanzhou’s palms sweated slightly, and he didn’t know how to ask: “It’s that game… Are you serious?”

“Have you thought of a good candidate?” Xie Lin asked back.

Seeing that he really intended to play, Fu Yuanzhou’s tone was dry, as he asked: “Do you have any requirements?”

“No.” Xie Lin said, “It’s up to you.”

“Anyone will do?” Fu Yuanzhou asked.

Xie Lin was speechless.

The beautiful girl Yu Fei mentioned before was a friend of Fu Yuanzhou. He had a photo with the girl on his phone, but he didn’t want to take it out now, so he didn’t ask.

“Why don’t I point you to Xiaofei?” Fu Yuanzhou changed his words temporarily, “Anyway, you are cousins, so you won’t take it seriously, just have fun…”

“Is it funny?” Xie Lin said, “I am very serious, I will do what you want me to do.”

Fu Yuanzhou stayed dumb for a while, then asked, “How serious are you going to be?”    

Xie Lin said, “Greeting good morning and good night, going out on dates, getting to know their personality and preferences, and preparing gifts.”

What Xie Lin said was nothing more than what couples often did, but Fu Yuanzhou felt awkward no matter how he heard it. He thought that this was just a game. Was there a need to be so comprehensive?

He admitted that when the time came, he found himself feeling a little uncomfortable. From his last life to now, he had never seen a second person beside Xie Lin. He was the one who had the closest relationship with Xie Lin. Besides, Xie Lin didn’t even have any other close friends.

Was this the desire to monopolize a friend? For a while, Fu Yuanzhou was a little dazed. He remembered that Xie Lin didn’t like him to associate with Yu Fei before. He couldn’t understand it at the time, but now he could finally understand it.

If he put himself in his shoes, if your best friend and your sister are in a relationship, but you are still single, and sometimes your best friend is busy going on a date, leaving you alone… Damn, it sounded so depressing!

“I can’t choose anyone.” Fu Yuanzhou was so irritated that he left, “What’s the point of this game, don’t play it!”

“Even if it doesn’t happen this time, there will be a future.”

Xie Lin faintly said behind him.

“Once I start a family with other people, I will put family first.”

“When you need me, I won’t be there for you, and you would no longer be the most important person to me.”

“Can you bear that, Fu Yuanzhou? I won’t leave you, but I may have to make a choice in the future, can you accept it?”

Fu Yuanzhou’s footsteps suddenly stopped, his face was sweating, but his heart was cold.

The words Xie Lin said to him reminded him of his previous life. At that time, between Shen Xigou and Xie Lin, he chose Shen Xigou and left Xie Lin, so Xie Lin also chose to break up with him, which must have extremely hurt him.

He regretted it very much. If the same thing happened to him again, it would only be his own fault, but protecting himself was human instinct. He was really scared. Xie Lin simply asked him and let him accept it. No, if something like this really happened in the future…

His body trembled slightly, all the voices seemed to be blocked in his throat, but Xie Lin suddenly hugged him from behind.

“But if you’re with me,” Xie Lin said in a low voice in his ear, “I don’t have to choose between the two.”

“What’s the difference between what we have now and a relationship?”

“I know your character and preferences, I will accompany you to play, give you gifts, say good morning and good night, and even—”

He turned Fu Yuanzhou’s body around and kissed his face, even his lips, while looking straight into his eyes.

“We have kissed, more than once, and you accepted.”

“If that’s the case, why can’t we date?”

“For these three days, we can get along with different identities, and it will end when the time is up. Let’s see if you will fall in love with me. Do it with me, Yuanzhou.”

Perhaps his embrace was too warm, or the familiar breath was too relaxing, or his voice was too gentle, but Fu Yuanzhou closed his eyes, as if being seduced, then he replied softly.


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