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EVLM Ch. 15.1


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The last time the two were this close was on the swing. At that time, his tone of speech was the same as it was now, with a bit of mockery amongst feigned seriousness.

Fortunately, Jiang Zheng’s face was completely covered now, so she didn’t have to struggle to control her expression.

Ji Muye’s smile deepened.

Jiang Zheng bit her lower lip and said in a hoarse voice, “Sir, you have got the wrong person.”

Ji Muye instantly felt that his IQ had been underestimated by someone.

“Please let me go immediately. Otherwise, I will report you for harassment.” She pretended to be arrogant, trying to make Ji Muye back off.

Ji Muye chuckled twice, released her, and then reached out and took off the sunglasses on her face in the next second.

Jiang Zheng: “…”

“Such beautiful eyes, there is only one such pair in the world, Teacher Jiang.” Ji Muye smiled sincerely. Today was really a good day, not to mention that there was another accidental “capture”.

Zheng: “…” Ooooooooooooooooo. Han Yi, where are you? Hold me fast!

But no one came to rescue her.

At this moment, a group of fans ran over from not far away, holding the mobile phone camera high in their hands, looking around anxiously… It seemed that they were looking for Ji Muye.

The security tried to surround them and send them away, but they lost to the fans’ strong running ability and were left far behind. Jing Meini followed closely with a rather unhappy expression on her face.

Ji Muye glanced back, and immediately put his hand around Jiang Zheng’s waist and dragged her to the stairwell next to her.

By the time that Jiang Zheng reacted, she found that her back was leaning against the wall, her hands were resting on Ji Muye’s chest, and her breath was full of the faint fragrance emanating from him. She could finally understand what it was like to experience a momentary blankness in her mind.

It was pitch black all around, only a little light came in from the crack of the door. The cramped environment sensitized all of Jiang Zheng’s senses. She could even hear Ji Muye’s heartbeat. Oh, it seemed faster than normal.

Was she afraid of being seen with him? Definitely yes. The two had just clarified their scandal in public. If they were caught, wouldn’t they be slapped in the face. Still the kind with a loud noise.

Outside the fans’ group ran quickly, and Jiang Zheng seemed to hear Su Yue’s fragmented voice, “Brother has gone to the underground parking lot.”

Jiang Zheng wrinkled her face, feeling sorry for her sister.

Then came the breathless shouts of the security guard.

Next came the sharp and rapid sound of Jing Meini’s high-heeled shoes.

After a while, the outside finally returned to quiet.

It was only then that Ji Muye realized that his hand had been on Jiang Zheng’s waist, the temperature reached his palm, and the waistline that appeared and loomed flashed in his mind.

He let go immediately and apologized in a low voice.

Jiang Zheng lowered her eyes and simply took off her mask. She raised her eyes and said with a smile which did not look like a smile: “Why? Teacher Ji, you didn’t write at the door of the premiere, ‘Your peers can’t come in, and be indecent with your face’. Your peers can’t come to study acting?”

Her voice was clear and distant, and the big devil Jiang, who had been pushing people thousands of miles away, seemed to be back.

Ji Muye snorted, “It turns out that Teacher Jiang thinks my acting skills are still good? Who said my acting skills didn’t work?”

Jiang Zheng choked and said that she had already apologized for that remark.

The corners of Ji Muye’s mouth twitched, “Forgive my clumsiness, when did you apologize to me?”

Jiang Zheng could see that this guy was in a very happy mood. She turned her face away and said coldly, “Just before you fell into the water last time.”

Ji Muye: “…” So she smiled at him, just to apologize?? His fingers couldn’t help but clench.

Jiang Zheng looked out from the crack of the door, there was no one around, so she thought that now was a good time to slip away.

Ji Muye took a deep breath and suppressed his indescribable depression, “So my acting skills are high enough for Teacher Jiang to come…?”

Jiang Zheng couldn’t argue with a hundred words, and she couldn’t say that she really came to cheer him on. He would think it was a big joke.

She straightened her back and said with a light smile: “The results are only temporary. Teacher Ji must guard against arrogance and rashness and strive for better works. Don’t let down the fans’ expectations for you.”

Ji Muye frowned, Jiang Zheng had said the same thing to him a second time. The tone last time was like his mother, but this time it sounded like those career fans who looked forward to his filming every day on his Weibo.

He changed the subject, “Where did you get your tickets?” There were only two hundred people who came to the premiere today. Except for the guests from the industry that he personally invited, there were only the media and fans. Did she come in pretending to be a reporter?

Jiang Zheng couldn’t answer this question. Anyway, she kept on insisting that she came to steal tricks, oh bah, to learn.

She reached for the doorknob, but suddenly the phone in her pocket started ringing. She took it out and avoided Ji Muye as she glanced at it, it was Su Yue. The little girl was really enthusiastic.

She refused the call, and just as he was about to leave, Han Yi called her, she also rejected his call.

“I’ll take you back.”

Jiang Zheng: “…I can drive myself.”

Ji Muye’s tone softened, with a pitiful look in his eyes, “The main reason is that there must be all the media and fans outside. I’m like this… I can’t go out.”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

“Why don’t you take me home.” He smiled openly, without a trace of embarrassment.

Jiang Zheng: “…”

However, he smiled really nicely, brightening Jiang Zheng’s sky.

She was particularly spineless, “For the sake of you calling me Teacher Jiang, I will only take you to the front intersection.”

Ji Muye chuckled, “Then please take me home, and I can call you a few more times. Teacher Jiang?”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

Sure enough, when they went out, there were still many media and fans blocking the gate of the ancient town and the entrance and exit of the parking lot. Jiang Zheng was dressed in all black, and even if they looked over, they could only see a black shadow on the driver’s seat. Ji Muye sat in the co-pilot seat, bent over on his stomach, he was willing to aggrieve himself in a rarely seen manner.

The car drove out smoothly and turned to a remote intersection. Just as Jiang Zheng was about to stop, Ji Muye called out weakly, “Teacher Jiang.”

Jiang Zheng paused, then stepped on the accelerator and continued to drive forward.

Ji Muye’s mood after a long time finally became happy.

At this time, Han Yi’s call came again. According to Jiang Zheng’s understanding of him, if she didn’t answer two calls in a row, Han Yi would go straight to her house to find her.

She gave Ji Muye a “threatening” hiss. Ji Muye cooperated very well, reaching out and making a zip sign to indicate that he would keep his mouth shut.

Pressing the Bluetooth button, Han Yi’s voice suddenly sounded. He asked a question as usual.

Jiang Zheng yawned very naturally, “Han Yi, I’m sleepy. I’m going to sleep.”

Ji Muye: “…” Did you still need to steal a teacher after having such good acting skills?

When Han Yi heard this, he quickly said, “The last thing. I know you wanted to watch your brother’s movie, and I’m looking for a relationship to get you resources…”

Who would have thought that he would mention this at this juncture?

Jiang Zheng’s face changed suddenly with fright. If Han Yi knew that she had watched “Wangshan” and the hero of the movie was still sitting beside her, he would commit suicide on the spot to show her. And if Ji Muye got to know that she was his fan, he would be scared to death on the spot.

“Oh, I’m really sleepy. I’ll talk about this later. Bye.” After that, she hung up the phone immediately.

Han Yi didn’t even have a chance to open his mouth.

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