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DLW Ch. 56


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Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixi were in a cold war. So, for a long time, Mu Yiqi’s attitude towards Mu Yixi was neither salty nor light. At the beginning, Mu Yixi tried to talk and explain, but Mu Yiqi couldn’t get past it, so he just put on an air and didn’t respond with a stern face.

Mu Yixi seemed to be hit hard. After all, this was the first time that Mu Yiqi has resisted him so much.

Just when Mu Yiqi felt a little guilty and regretted and wanted to soften up, Feng Weiming couldn’t bear to see it first, and said coldly: “Let him make trouble, don’t be good to him in the future, he is self-inflicted by liking to be coaxed and deceived.” Then he pulled up Mu Yixi and left.

Mu Yixi was very sad and lost as he was dragged away, and him looking back made Mu Yiqi feel that he had done a big mistake.

Mu Yiqi wanted to cry without tears. The more he thought about it, the more clearly he realized that he had been making trouble unreasonably. If he hadn’t cared about him and feared that he wouldn’t believe his one-sided words, Mu Yixi would definitely not have tried so hard to make him face Xia Weiwei’s “true face” (…).

But he glared at his brother, who had helped him with everything from childhood to adulthood and roared! /(tot)/~~

Mu Yiqi ran to find Yan Yu and took him as a tree hole[1] to talk to. He didn’t know when this habit started. Yan Yu was always calm and patient to him. When he looked at people softly, the people being watched would unknowingly say a lot of things that would usually have remained unspoken.    

Till Mu Yiqi reached fifteen years old, his life had been smooth sailing. His family was harmonious, he had his parent’s love, his brothers and sister were close and friendly, and he was popular in the school. In addition to the blessings of his family, he was also outstanding, and he was very proud of this capital. The only thing that could be called a setback to him was his injury while playing football, and the lack of a career path in his life – this was not really counted, since Mu Yiqi has long known that with his identity, it was impossible for him to really devote himself to football as a career, let alone the international stage, he could not even think about the national level. Because he knew this, he worked so hard in the inter-school competitions so as not to leave regrets. So, although he injured his leg later, Mu Yiqi didn’t regret it.    

There was really nothing to complain about in life so far, and no one had done anything to deserve his wrath. But Mu Yiqi just screwed up inexplicably. He didn’t want to live an obedient life anymore. He learned bad things and went to have a puppy love. He didn’t expect his girlfriend to be a person who would step on two boats[2] and play him like a monkey. Finally, it was his dearest brother who had to reveal the truth…

Mu Yiqi felt really embarrassed.

He still didn’t accept his brother’s kindness, and he hurt himself as well as hurt his brother.

But a boy’s self-esteem was such a strange thing. Mu Yiqi could express his guilt and repentance in front of Yan Yu, but he couldn’t bow his head and admit his fault in front of Mu Yixi.

At this time, Yan Yu told him a story.

The protagonist in the story was an unwanted child. Because of the indifference of his biological father and the snobbishness of his biological mother, he had to endure many unimaginable sufferings. Later, his biological father found him, regretted his past actions, and sacrificed a lot to make it up to him. But he couldn’t forgive him, and he wanted him to fall into the mud, while he took pleasure in watching his biological father’s pain. Later, he had an accident, and his half-brother saved him. Although he was rescued, the younger brother’s legs were crippled. This younger brother had hated him all his life, because he was also innocent in this issue, and his sudden appearance as his older brother made his family break down. Further, due to the influence of this, his personality changed greatly, becoming violent and rebellious, and he paid a very painful price to turn it around.

So, the younger brother said to his elder brother, “Don’t think that you have it the worst in the world. If you really can’t live, die far away, and don’t make my dad sad.”

But by then it was too late. His younger brother was disabled, and his younger brother’s biological mother couldn’t wait to eat him, and his biological father had given up on him…

His life had become meaningless again, a mistake that should not exist. There were a lot of ups and downs, some people tried to love him, but that was also destroyed by his own hands.

This story seemed to have nothing to do with Mu Yiqi’s troubles. But through Yan Yu’s description, Mu Yiqi was fascinated unconsciously. He grew up in a loving environment and was thus unable to imagine the life of the protagonist of the story. If his parents were replaced by the protagonist’s biological parents, and his brother was replaced by the younger brother in the story… Mu Yiqi couldn’t help shivering.

“What about later?” Mu Yiqi asked. It was okay not to get it, but to get it and destroy it with one’s own hands, he was afraid the days after that would have been difficult.

“Later?” Yan Yu took a sip of tea and said leisurely, “Afterwards, he ignored everything and sat here telling a story to a young man who wanted to die because he got too much.”

Mu Yiqi: “…” So the story was made up to give him chicken soup for the soul? It was so moving, as if he had experienced it personally – of course it was impossible at Yan Yu’s age, although the background of the story and Yan Yu’s situation were somewhat similar.

Unable to lose his temper in Yan Yu’s face, Mu Yiqi tried to calm down by drinking tea.

He wasn’t untouched either. To put it bluntly, it was to cherish these words.

Whether family, love, or friendship, many times it could not withstand consumption. If you could rely on people’s deep feelings for you, you would have nothing to fear.

He dared to yell at Mu Jiurong and Mu Yixi, didn’t he just think that they would tolerate him and always love him?

Mu Jiurong was his father, so he would not give up on him, but Mu Yixi was just his eldest brother, if one day he wasn’t able to stand it, the relationship between the two brothers would be over.

Mu Yiqi was ashamed to find that he had been enjoying his brother’s efforts over the years, and had gradually started taking it for granted, and never thought of returning back.

Thinking of this, why would Mu Yiqi continue to be so tough? He had to go back and find his brother obediently!

When he returned to the dormitory and saw Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming, he hadn’t figured out how to talk to him. Mu Yixi smiled when he saw that he had taken the initiative to come over and reached out to wrap his arms around his shoulders without any hesitation, but he suddenly moved. His arm which was about to go around his shoulders turned into pats—Was this him having scruples after his indifferent attitude before?

Mu Yiqi felt guilty and moved, and said in a loud voice, “Brother, before… I’m sorry…”

Mu Yixi glanced at Feng Weiming. Just now, when he was habitually trying to hug Mu Yiqi’s shoulder, the other party’s eyes shifted. And when he looked over, the look in his eyes was extremely cold, so Mu Yixi reflexively switched to patting, thinking sweetly in his heart: vinegar jar!

So, when he heard Mu Yiqi’s apology, he couldn’t react for a while, and said casually, “It’s okay.” With an impeccable perfect smile.

My brother has always been so kind to me…

Mu Yiqi felt that the care was too good to be repaid.

Mu Yixi asked, “Are you free this weekend?”

Mu Yiqi immediately said, “I’m free.” There must be time, and if there was no time, he would make time for his brother!

Mu Yixi said, “Qin He asked us to go to the hot spring.”

“Okay.” Mu Yiqi agreed first, and then asked strangely, “Why did he suddenly invite us to the hot spring?”

Mu Yixi smiled, and this was the first time Mu Yiqi saw such a fake smile on his brother’s face. Mu Yixi said, “You don’t know yet, right? Xiaoxuan promised to be Qin He’s girlfriend…” His tone was exaggeratedly happy.

“Ah?” Mu Yiqi thought he had heard it wrong.

“Xiao Xuan and Qin He have become a couple.” Mu Yixi repeated it again, and said, “He invited us to go to the hot spring, in order to celebrate the good news together.”

“Good news?” His tone was a little dark: “Qin, He!” These two words sounded as if he was eager to eat the other’s flesh.

Mu Yixi sighed and said, “What good news…”

Qin He, who was walking by the woods while holding his newly-baked girlfriend’s hands, suddenly sneezed fiercely!

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[1] Somebody who only listens to you and to whom you can say anything and share all your secrets.

[2] Dating two people at the same time.

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