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SN Ch. 18


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Huo Yunshen had bought this ring which was placed on Yan Qing’s hand three years ago.

Qingqing was 19 years old that year. She was a college student. She was smart since she was a child and had good grades. When she was in middle school, she always ranked first in the whole year. She was successfully admitted to the university with a high score. Compared with the people she met before, the boys she met here were better and more talkative, she had entered the same small circle that symbolized excellence.

And he was restricted by the Huo family, causing his grades to fall, letting him drop out of school, further in order to prevent him from jumping out of the cage, they maliciously held him back before the college entrance examination, not allowing him to take the exam.

She was in the beautiful clouds, and he was in the filthy soil.

Even if he had the ability to make money, in the eyes of others, he was just a scumbag who couldn’t even finish high school, domineering, vicious, ignorant, and with hidden violent tendencies. There were even rumours that he once murdered someone by setting them on fire.

He didn’t care, but he was afraid that he was not worthy of Qingqing. One day she would slip through his fingers, would no longer love him, and treat him as a stranger. He couldn’t sleep at night even though he was hugging her fast asleep form, he still woke up countless times because of these nightmares, so he waited until that day, then he ridiculously rode a heavy motorcycle that was eye-catching, and went to school to wait for her with a gloomy expression.

Many people were watching and whispering. He just stubbornly wanted to stand there, in front of everyone, waiting for his clean and white girl to come to him.

He was expectant in his heart, but he was even more frightened. The bones of his hands were tightly clenched, and he didn’t know how he would bear if Qingqing saw him and showed hesitation or resentment.

She could make him go to hell with just one evasive look.

Standing out from the crowd, he finally saw Qingqing’s figure from a distance.

She was shining bright, full of light in the night, surrounded by men and women talking and laughing. He looked down at himself, suddenly upset and wondering whether he was dressed well enough. But leaving all these thoughts aside, he gritted his teeth viciously, and honked the car horn.

He looked over after a while, and raised his eyes, staring at her stubbornly and fragilely, his lips pale with tension.

Qingqing also turned her head, smiled in surprise under the street lamp, and ran straight to him. The hem of her skirt was like rippling water in the wind, and her long hair was flying behind her. She plunged into his arms like a swallow, and asked in a sweet voice: “Yunshen, you are here to pick me up.”

The humble and painful knot in his heart loosened and he was filled with great happiness at this moment.

Qingqing was not afraid of being seen with him, and Qingqing loved him.

On the way home, he bought cotton candy for Qingqing. She stood on tiptoe and stroked his eyebrows, making him laugh: “You are not allowed to frown in the future, you see, there is cloud in both are names, I am this cloud-like cotton candy. What about you, dark clouds—”

He lowered his head and kissed her face: “Dark clouds are also good, and dark clouds love cotton candy the most.”

“Dark clouds will not shame cotton candy, they will make a lot of money, buy a big house for cotton candy. There will be rooms full of dresses and jewellery, and a special recording room will also be set up so that cotton candy can save all the songs that she likes to sing.”

“We won’t live in a rental room all the time. Whatever the Yun family can give, the dark cloud can also give it.”

He worked hard outside, saved a lot of money, secretly bought Qingqing a ring, in fact he picked the most expensive one in the shop.

He didn’t worry about putting it in the box or pressing it under the pillow. He just held it in the palm of his hand and fell asleep after working for a long time, thinking that the next morning, he would put the ring on Qingqing.

In the early morning, she woke up and hugged him, and said softly: “You are exhausted, sleep for a while, I’ll go buy milk.”

He refused, hugged the person and said vaguely: “It’s cold outside, wait for me to go and buy it.” The girl’s lips kissed him softly.

When he woke up again, the house was empty, with a beautifully handwritten note on the bedside table, saying that she went out to get breakfast for him and will be back soon.

He held the ring and waited, when he couldn’t wait anymore, he went out to look for her everywhere.

But his Qingqing never came back.

If it weren’t for him falling asleep, Qingqing would not leave or disappear from him. From that day on, he could not fall asleep. He kept his eyes open all night and stared at the door, dreaming of hearing her footsteps coming home.

After three years of fantasy, he thought he could not wait anymore, and took the ring to the bridge. The story he had read with Qingqing said that if you jumped down exactly at midnight, you could see your lost lover.

The story really didn’t lie to him.

Huo Yunshen’s tears dripped into Yan Qing’s hair, and he called out again: “Wife.”

Yan Qing’s ears were about to become pregnant.

She was first amazed by Mr. Huo’s voice, and now being so close to him as he called her wife, it was a bit too much stimulation.

Yan Qing flopped in his arms like a little chicken, and her red ears strongly protested: “Huo, you calm down, we’re newly married, but we both know what is going on in this marriage. Don’t be too overwhelmed. Come be obedient, relax, take your hands away.” She knew what the man liked to listen, so she said to him softly, “We need to live in peace and maintain a friendly distance in order to make our relationship harmonious and stable, right?”

The arms around her waist tightened slightly.

Yan Qing continued her efforts: “This is the right way. No matter what happens, we can communicate in another way, right?”

He put a little more pressure.

Yan Qing looked down, waiting for the chance to escape, and continued to appease him: “When you calm down, we can have a good conversation. I don’t know much about you. Shouldn’t you scare me less and talk to me more?”

Huo Yunshen was deeply greedy. Against the side of her neck, he asked in a low voice: “Are you going to wait for me to let go, so that you can run into the bedroom and lock me out?”

Yan Qing’s scalp numbed, Huo Yunshen had become a spirit and couldn’t be deceived.

She was worried about how to deal with him. Huo Yunshen had already opened the confinement as she wished. She instinctively rushed forward into the bedroom and closed the door with her backhand, blocking the dangerous elements with a “bang”.

Behind the thick door panel, Yan Qing finally felt safe.

Huo Yunshen smiled outside the door: “The wife in the family is the boss, so I listen to you and will do whatever you want.”

Yan Qing immediately said: “You are not allowed to come in without authorization! There are so many rooms, you choose one to sleep, it is best to stay away from me. You are not allowed to use loopholes in my words. When you want to be intimate, ask me in advance, and I have to agree.”


“I have signed a contract with the program, and normally can’t leave the team at will. I can’t always come here with you, at most once a week.”

“From now on I will pick you up every week.”

He was so cooperative that Yan Qing couldn’t say anything much, and murmured softly: “That’s it first, then remember what you said and go to bed early …”

Huo Yunshen stopped talking but did not leave.

Yan Qing put her ear against the door and listened carefully, suddenly his voice came in, as if he was close at hand: “Wife.” She pursed her lips and didn’t answer.

This title made her too numb.

He insisted, calling out again, and the most intimate names between men and women whirled in her head.

Yan Qing couldn’t bear it: “What are you doing.”

Huo Yunshen leaned against the door and demanded: “You answer me once, and I will let you go.” The night wind blew softly, shaking the curtains and hanging lights, as it rolled into the room from the balcony window. Mixed in it was a faint fragrance, that drilled into the corridor from the gap in the door, and tantalized Huo Yunshen’s nose.

He was wrapped in the smell of Qingqing, so the corners of his lips slightly curved upwards, and then he asked from the door: “Wife, are you there?”

Her nasal voice was glutinous: “…I am here.”

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes.

The dark cloud regained his cotton candy tonight.

No matter how much pain he had felt, it was wiped out.

Yan Qing lay in the soft big bed, looking at the small string of lights flashing in the window, and let out a long sigh of relief.

Apart from other issues, she had indeed become a wealthy family’s daughter-in-law. At present, it seemed that there would be no family disputes between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The husband she married was Huo Yunshen, who was the dream man for a large number of women. For the next three years, she could roll the bed at will, step on the carpet, and use the recording studio downstairs!

Yan Qing was worried about the professional equipment inside. Huo Yunshen was there at the time, and she was too embarrassed to look at it. She decided to wake up early tomorrow, slip over to the recording studio and have some fun while he slept.

She was tired from the ups and downs of the day, so she turned around and fell asleep, unaware of the noise outside the door. Her alarm clock vibrated at 5 o’clock in the morning. She turned over and climbed out of bed dizzily. She was full of thoughts of the recording studio, so rubbing her eyes, she walked outside.

As soon as she opened the door, she was taken aback, and she covered her mouth so as to not make any sound.

It was still dark at five o’clock and the lights in the corridor were on. She didn’t know when a chair appeared beside her door, the man sat on it with his clothes slightly skewed, and had fallen asleep quietly, with the light from the roof shining on him. This light dispersed and appeared in large, mottled areas like scars.

Yan Qing suddenly woke up, and her heart seemed to be soaked in the deep sea, salty and astringent.

How uneasy he was, how afraid of the people in the house leaving.

She turned around and took a blanket, cautiously leaned over, and gently covered him with her hands. When she moved her fingers, she accidentally scratched his lips and felt itchy by the soft touch.

Mr. Huo had a weird temper, but his mouth was cool and soft, very cute.

Yan Qing couldn’t help but remember the feeling of being kissed by him, and slapped herself. It turned out that no matter how cold he was, he would become soft when kissing her, and when he came to attack, he would be hot and hard.

He was fierce.

Yan Qing didn’t dare to look at him more, got up and wanted to go, but she had only taken a short half step, when her hand was grasped.

She panicked and turned to face the man’s clear and deep eyes.

He raised his eyebrow and his voice was low: “Leaving after covering me with a quilt? Won’t you give a good morning kiss?”

Yan Qing was about to cry.

Just now, she actually thought this man was cute! She was really crazy.

Yan Qing saved her face and went to the recording studio. Mr. Huo personally cooked and prepared breakfast. When she sat on the opposite side of Mr. Huo, drinking milk, news came from the program team, telling her that they would film some of the location scenes tomorrow morning. Two big-name guests would be coming to the scene to help out, and everyone was required to make preparations.

It was wrong for her not to go to the dorm at night, but now she had a new task, she did not want to delay, and rushed back to the program group after dinner.

When she reached the destination, Yan Qing immediately opened the door and got out of the car. Someone who had come to see her off gave a faint cough. She stiffened, twisted her body back reluctantly, and hooked her finger at him.

Mr. Huo was not at all polite and leaned closer.

The handsome and angular facial features were infinitely magnified in front of Yan Qing’s eyes.

Yan Qing was forced by their business arrangement, so she pinched his chin, gave him a perfunctory kiss, and rushed into the dormitory like a burning tail. A WeChat message arrived at the same time.

Yunshen: “Sweet.”

Sweet, sweet! Sweet big headed ghost!

Yan Qing stuffed her phone in the corner and went to train with everyone. She returned early and lived in a single room. No one noticed her abnormality last night.

In the practice room, Xiao Curly saw her at a glance, and jumped over excitedly: “Yanyan, why did you leave without watching the show last night.”

Yan Qing touched her head: “I felt uncomfortable. I went back to rest. How about the premiere?”

Her mind was full of thoughts on how to deal with Huo Yunshen, and she forgot to look at it. Only now did she start to feel anxious.

Xiao Curly patted her hands and started to praise her crazily with rainbow farts that could absolutely not be true. Yan Qing wanted to laugh at her words. Ouyang reached out and hooked her: “Don’t think of my words as rainbow farts. I am not boasting.”

Everyone had turned in their mobile phones, but they could use them freely one day a week. Last time when Song Xueran lied to her to go out, she also took advantage of this day. Normally they couldn’t access the Internet and naturally they didn’t see public feedback and could only be anxious.

Yan Qing could access it, but thinking of the shameful topics before, she decided not to look at it.

Continuing to talk, Yan Qing learned that tomorrow’s location recording would be a group task. From the second level of the elimination round, the players would be divided into nine groups to perform. Each person from group A would lead a group, and she was one of the team captains. .

The program team didn’t want to be too serious about the grouping, so they chose to shoot it on location.

“The two flying guests, one is Tong Yan and the other is Yun Ling, both of them are very popular!”

Yan Qing sensitively caught the uncommon surname: “… Yun Ling?”

Xiao Curly said and introduced: “She became popular for a while last year; I don’t know why she chose to retire. Many shows invited her. This time she was willing to come out and give face.”

Ouyang frowned: “Speaking of which, Yun Ling looks a bit like you. But it’s definitely a beautiful, low-quality imitation.” The girls snickered, but Yan Qing was a little concerned. When she returned to the dormitory after the training, she brought out her mobile phone and searched the Internet for Yun Ling’s photos. The woman’s face had traces of her faintly, she was ninety percent sure, most of it had something to do with her goddess Yun Qing.

She curiously searched Yun Ling’s background. Most of them were official announcements. Only one old post mentioned that Yun Ling seemed to be an offshoot of the Yun family of Haicheng. Unfortunately, the Yun family, had been suppressed by the Huo family. After Yun Qing died unexpectedly in an air crash, he was quickly defeated.

There were too many words, and Yan Qing’s eyes hurt. The phone happened to vibrate at this time. It was a voice call. Yan Qing answered with a shake of her head.

The devil’s voice was rarely joyous: “Today is very good.”

Yan Qing calmly said: “I’m sorry, sir, you called the wrong number.”

Then she hung up courageously, turned off the phone, and went to bed refreshed.

In her dream, Huo Yunshen’s dark bloody eyes, stared at her, as he hoarsely asked: “Qingqing, do you have to leave me again?”

She woke up because of fear and groaned with a headache in the night. After a few minutes, the pain weakened, and was like an illusion, as if it had never hurt.

It was estimated that Mr. Huo was taking revenge on her.

Yan Qing took out the phone again and turned it on, and weakly sent him a voice message: “You didn’t make the wrong call, I said it wrong, so behave, go to bed early, don’t curse me.”

In the morning, everyone assembled and took a bus to the location.

The location was a large playground on the outskirts of the city. Since the program group got the title of Huo Corporation, the investment was too big, and they had reserved the entire venue for the whole day. The excitement of the girls skyrocketed to the highest when they saw the huge number of support groups at the entrance of the playground.

“Apply for help?!”

“We already have fans on the show?!”

“No, it must be for the instructor.”

“But we say it’s kapok, with its own traffic! Look at that banner-Qing Bao doesn’t cry, Su Yanmei makes Song Gou jealous!”

The whole car yelled, Yan Qing’s sleepiness was completely gone, and she followed to watch the excitement. The banner was huge, with a screenshot of her big head printed on the show, which was a little wildflower without makeup when reporting.

When everyone got off the car one by one, the security guard separated the passage, and Yan Qing saw two small fans with posters in their hands while they shouted strangely on both sides.

The picture on the left poster was when she squatted in the toilet and asked Ouyang for cosmetics. Only her face had been cut out, her eyes were pitiful, and cute characters had been written on it: “Give me some love.” The one on the right showed the scene when she sang on stage. She had raised her chin, her makeup was delicate and her eyes were sharp: “Give you a chance to love this fairy.”

The girls waved banners enthusiastically, and the cameras clicked: “Qing bao, you are super beautiful! Don’t be influenced by the bad guys! We’ll accompany you to make your debut!”

Yan Qing somehow turned around and raised her eyes towards her fans. She raised her head, curled her lips and smiled, and her eyes were bright.

In a car parked not far away, the woman wearing sunglasses was almost completely stuck to the window, staring at Yan Qing’s fading figure in disbelief.

How could it be…how could a person who had been dead for three years appear here alive!

“Sister Lingling, the company has prepared all the drafts,” the assistant whispered, “Although you are a big name, this kind of speech is new and popular, and the popularity must continue to rise. Let’s use her and spread the hype that she looks like you. ‘Xiao Yun Ling’, this is good for you to come back.”

Yun Ling’s face had paled, and she didn’t have the energy to respond to her.

She must know whether this Yun Qing was a human or a ghost.

Before the official recording of the show, there was a preparation period of about half an hour. The venue was large and crowded, and there were some COSPLAY cartoon characters among the hot scene.

Yan Qing was dazzled, she vaguely saw the figure of a slender and tall man, wearing a pure black tuxedo suit and a half mask, her heart beat fiercely, and she rushed to find him anxiously.

When passing by the entrance of the merry-go-round, her arm was suddenly pulled by someone, and she was dragged into the hidden passage covered by the umbrella canopy, and taken to the back of the game equipment.

Yan Qing shook her hand subconsciously: “Who are you– ” She was startled, the face that appeared in front of her was both strange and familiar.

It was the “Yun Ling” whom she searched last night.

Sure enough…

Yan Qing rubbed her arms, straightened her back, and looked straight at her with clear eyes: “Is something wrong with you?”

Yun Ling looked at her up close, and was even more frightened and puzzled. Hearing her question, she couldn’t hold up her celebrity image, and shouted angrily: “Yun Qing, why are you pretending! You suddenly appeared after three years of death, and you ask me is there something wrong with me?”

Yan Qing looked at her.

The comparison had come out, the situation was the same, seeing a dead person, but look at the attitude of Mr. Huo, and then look at you.

Did you want to express your hatred so clearly?

The enemy of Goddess Yun Qing was also her enemy.

Yan Qing smiled: “Who is Yun Qing? Did you recognize the wrong person, or do you have a bad memory? Since you are our guest, you should know my last name.”

“Are you still pretending!” Yun Ling couldn’t help raising her volume. “Huo Yunshen defends you that way! Do you dare to say that you are not Yun Qing! What kind of wealthy family friend, what appreciation, these are all lues? I know exactly what kind of person Huo Yunshen is! If you were not Yun Qing, even if you look alike, he wouldn’t have glanced at you. I don’t know how you did it!” The woman with a somewhat similar face said something like this and Yan Qing understood everything. It seemed that Miss Yun Ling had tried it herself.

It was a pity that she was an imitation of Yun Qing, and as for Yun Ling, she was just a rough copy with a low profile, and it was normal for Huo Yunshen to look down on it.

Yan Qing didn’t want to be pestered by her, and turned to leave.

Yun Ling gritted her teeth: “Yun Qing, are you a member of the Yun family! The entire Yun family’s property was destroyed by Huo Yunshen himself, and the family is about to be destroyed by him, some have committed suicide, while others are serving a sentence, are you still following him?!”

When the voice fell, Yan Qing stopped.

The space behind the game equipment was not spacious, and there were passages on the left and right.

At this moment, the tall man in a swallowtail suit stood silently in the shadows, his eyes drooping slightly, his hands slowly tightening, the fierceness in his bones was about to emerge.

On the other side, He Huangjin was holding a cup of hot drink that was meant to be given to Yan Qing, when he was accidentally heard this sentence and set it around the corner.

Yan Qing thought, wow, there was such a thing.

Mr. Huo is great.

Yan Qing knew that ignoring her was the best policy, but she couldn’t. Maybe it was because the woman was extremely uncomfortable, or she wanted to defend Mr. Huo.

She turned her head calmly, showing a side profile with superior lines: “I repeat, I am not Yun Qing, but based on my understanding of Huo Yunshen, if he wants to kill someone, it must be the other party who deserves to die.”

Yun Ling was stunned, this was definitely not Yun Qing’s tone and attitude. No matter how she hated the Yun family, she would never be like this.

Was it really not her?

But they were so alike.

How could Huo Yunshen find such a similar face!

Yun Ling endured her anger and sneered condescendingly: “If you are not Yun Qing, then you are even more sad. Did you know that your face is exactly the same as the person Huo Yunshen loves, you are just the least valuable substitute, if one day Yun Qing appears, you would be as good as the trash, he’ll throw you away!”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes became cold behind the mask, and his deep hatred for the Yun surname swept over him. With his footsteps, he wanted to pull Yan Qing behind him to protect her.

But the next moment, Yan Qing suddenly smiled.

The morning sun hit her, reflecting a delicate and pretty smile.

She walked slowly back in front of Yun Ling, her delicate eyebrows and her red lips curved in a perfect arc, and she said sweetly–

“I am a standing by Huo Yunshen’s side. I am proud, I am happy, and I am especially glorious. But you,” she raised her chin and asked with a smile, “Can you do it?”

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