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MTaFB Ch. 41.1


Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031 

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Seeing Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu coming back, Zhuang Yu busily pulled Lu Chengyu to his side with a mysterious expression and pointed to his mobile phone screen: “Xiao Lu, you were posted about on Weibo.”

He handed the phone to Lu Chengyu. In front of him, he saw a photo of Lu Chengyu eating yellow pea soup by the river. In the corner of the photo, Yan Mu was also showing half of his arm.

Lu Chengyu took a closer look. It turned out that this was a Weibo posted by a netizen who recognized him. Now the amount of reposting of this Weibo has reached nearly a thousand, and he didn’t know how Zhuang Yu found this Weibo.

“You look good with me,” Lu Chengyu had already put the things Yan Mu bought for him into the car. At this time, with his hands empty, he took out his mobile phone and took a landscape photo of the river. With a smiling face, he posted it on Weibo.

“Do you have more than seven million fans?” Zhuang Yu glanced at Lu Chengyu’s phone, with a look of suspicion, “Aren’t you paying for fans?”

 Lu Chengyu nodded and said with a serious face: “Yes, 10.50 yuan, do you want to buy?”

“Cut it out,” Zhuang Yu gave Lu Chengyu a blank look, knowing that the other party was joking with him, so he didn’t take it seriously.

Yan Mu looked at the phone in Lu Chengyu’s hand and asked in a flat tone: “Is Weibo fun?” If it weren’t for his interrogative sentence, people would think that he was saying Weibo was not fun at all.

After hearing this, Lu Chengyu put down his phone and said to Yan Mu: “It’s not fun, but sometimes I get bored or happy. You can find someone to share and pass the time.” Weibo is a place for people with loneliness to vent their emotions.

Yan Mu nodded, then silently began to fiddle with his mobile phone.

After a while, Lu Chengyu found out that under the Weibo that he had just posted, they were all asking who’s the person with half of his arm in that photo. They all looked like they had been injected with chicken blood, just by seeing that half of the arm. The owner was like his companion.

Lu Chengyu was a little surprised. Today, these netizens seem to be extraordinarily enthusiastic, and what’s wrong with showing half of their arms instead of showing half of their bodies.

“Is this your Weibo name?” Yan Mu suddenly handed over the phone, and the Weibo search page was displayed on it. The first account was “Year More Than” with a golden V next to it. It was him.

“Huh?” Lu Chengyu nodded and then froze for a while, “Boss, are you ready to use Weibo too?”

“I’ll, check it out.” After Yan Mu followed Lu Chengyu, he followed Zhuang Yu casually and started watching some popular topics on Weibo.

Only then did Lu Chengyu react. Among the many newly added fans, he found a Weibo named Yan Mu and clicked the follow button. Finally, when he chose the category, he classified Yan Mu as a close friend.

Yan Mu saw that Lu Chengyu was paying attention to him, so he coughed dryly, he then put the phone in his pocket, and said seriously, “Isn’t it about time to eat fish?”

“Huh?” Qi Jingfeng and the others were taken aback and then nodded: “Yes, we are going to the boat to eat fish.” He glanced around, “If someone recognizes Xiao Lu, it will be troublesome.” It would be disappointing if a bunch of people gathered around to take pictures and want to sign or something.

Yan Mu stood up, “Okay.”

Lu Chengyu followed and stood up. When he got on the boat, he remembered that he seemed to have followed Yan Mu in this way. He didn’t even know if anyone else followed.

Turning his head and looking behind him, he saw that Zhang Zeyun and the others were there, so he continued to follow Yan Mu.

Zhuang Yu said that, “Xiao Lu appeared in only one scene in the movie, how can he be more famous than those actors who acted in a lot of movies?”

After the group sat down in the box, Qi Jingfeng opened the window and looked at the scenery on the river. He could be recognized in a place with so many people. These people were amazing.

“It depends on luck if it is red or not,” Zhuang Yu, who ran the movie city, knows the entertainment industry better than Qi Jingfeng, “It looks like Xiao Lu has a high degree of education, and he is a rich, handsome and a good actor as well. In addition to the recent incident, Xiao Lu is the most talked about person recently. It would be strand if he was not popular.”

“I really can’t see it,” Qi Jingfeng glanced at Lu Chengyu who was talking to Yan Mu. “Those people in the entertainment industry must be envious of him.”

“It’s all fate,” Zhuang Yu chose from the menu for the same dish he likes, he handed the menu to Qi Jingfeng, “We care about so many things. Anyway, Xiao Lu doesn’t mix in the entertainment industry. Besides, this kind of redness will not be cared for after a while.”

“From the current conditions, it’s a shame for him not to be an entertainer.” Qi Jingfeng was not interested in eating fish, so he handed the menu to Lu Chengyu.

Lu Chengyu didn’t mind Qi Jingfeng’s words. He smiled and took the menu and put it between him and Yan Mu, “Boss, which one do you like?”

“I don’t have a particular choice, you can choose.” Yan Mu looked down at Lu Chengyu. Looking at the menu, with a smile on the corners of his eyes, he raised his head and said, “Being an entertainer involves eating less meals, and now he is very good.”

Zhang Zeyun looked at the atmosphere between the two, wondering if it was his illusion. It seems that since they ate yellow pea soup just now, something seems to be different between the two.

After ordering the food, it was necessary to kill live fish to ensure the taste of the fish, before the meal. So the few people tucked into the dried fruits provided for free before the meal, chatting about some interesting things that happened in Beijing recently to pass the time. Later they started to talk about Song Junyan who suddenly appeared recently.

“I always said that the woman surnamed Song is shameless,” Qi Jingfeng said harshly. “It’s okay to be cheap, and raise her son to be like her. Isn’t it a disgusting person’s intentions?”

Zhang Zeyun thinks that Qi Jingfeng abusing Mu-ge’s home things is not very good, but he looked up to see Yan Mu looking calm, only lightly saying: “Do you care about what these people do, Muge looks down on him, why are you jumping around?”

“Isn’t this too hard to see?” Qi Jingfeng drank a sip of tea and frowned, “If it wasn’t for that mother and son duo making things like that, Brother Mu wouldn’t have spent so many years abroad alone. How old was Brother Mu back then? How much bitterness did he suffer?!”

As Yan Mu’s friend, he felt angry when he thought of those things that happened back then. Had it not been for the high status of Mu Ge’s grandfather, Mu Ge would have endured hardships for nothing. Maybe before Uncle Yan passed away, Song Junyan would have taken over the position.

Lu Chengyu didn’t understand these things, so he didn’t speak from beginning to end. At the end of hearing this, he couldn’t help turning his head to look at Yan Mu, who knew that Yan Mu just turned his head to look at him.

With their eyes facing each other, Lu Chengyu was stunned. For some reason, he could see the firmness in these eyes, as if none of these things could affect him. He opened his mouth, but he couldn’t say any comforting words.

At this time, the door was gently pushed, and several waitresses in Hanfu brought dishes to the table. The fishes were packed in exquisite retro-style ceramic fish bowls, which looked delicious and beautiful.

“Everyone, please take your time, do you need to keep someone for serving?” The foreman asked with a smile. After all, some of the guests here liked the waiter to serve, and some people didn’t like someone watching them eating. So, it is a rule to always ask the customer what they want, and then decide whether to keep someone here to serve.

“No need,” Zhang Zeyun smiled politely, “Thank you.”

After the waiters had all stepped back, Zhang Zeyun said: “It’s useless for you to get angry now. What we have to do now is to stare at the people so that they won’t disturb Brother Mu.”

“He lives upstairs in the same building as mine.” Lu Chengyu opened the chopstick’s packaging and calmly clipped a piece of steamed sea bass, after dipping it in the sauce bowl, “I meet him every day.”

” Do you stay upstairs? ” Zhang Zeyun frowned: “What kind of trick does he want to play?”

He glanced at Lu Chengyu. Did Song Junyan want to start from Lu Chengyu and add blockage to Brother Mu?

“We don’t pay any attention to what he does.” Lu Chengyu felt that the fish tasted good, and couldn’t help but pick even more. “Sometimes it’s interesting to watch this kind of person act in front of us.”

Zhang Zeyun looked at Lu Chengyu with a complicated expression, and it took a long time to say: “Xiao Lu is a sensible person.” He then thought, Lu Chengyu knew who Song Junyan was, and Song Junyan was still acting in front of Lu Chengyu. This… he suddenly felt that Song Junyan is quite stupid.

“Xiao Lu, you are the real master,” Zhuang Yu stretched out his thumb to Lu Chengyu, and then said to Yan Mu, “Brother Mu, you have to hold on to Xiao Lu, don’t let him be snatched away. “

Yan Mu nodded: “Well, I won’t be robbed of him.”

Lu Chengyu glanced at the two silently. Is this kind of dialogue okay? It seems…something is wrong.

After eating, several people strolled around the river, and then drove back.

Zhang Zeyun didn’t drive by himself, so when he went back, he got into Yan Mu’s car and sat down. After the car started, Zhang Zeyun said, “Brother Mu, Xiao Lu is very smart. Smart people tend to have a lot of thoughts.”

Yan Mu looked straight ahead without speaking but frowned slightly.

Zhang Zeyun noticed the slight change in his expression and suddenly smiled: “I know if I say that, you will be like this.” He sighed, “To be honest, Xiao Lu is very good. Smart, knowing the current affairs, political manoeuvring, and interesting.”

“These are his advantages,” Yan Mu said solemnly, “I know what you want to say.”

“I don’t mean anything else, but I don’t want your feelings to be hurt. “Zhang Zeyun looked out the window, “A person like Xiao Lu is not easy to be moved. He is even less like a person who puts love first.”

Being a friend, with someone like Lu Chengyu is very good, but if you are a lover, Zhang Zeyun worried that Yan Mu would be injured on this emotional road.

People are selfish. He admires Lu Chengyu very much, but in his heart, it is natural that Yan Mu, a long-time friend, is more important.

“I understand.” Yan Mu stopped the car when he met the traffic light. “If he becomes what you want, maybe I won’t like him.”

Zhang Zeyun was silent, and it took a long time to show a wry smile. Mu Ge was right. If Lu Chengyu became what he thought was suitable for Mu Ge, maybe Mu Ge would look down on him again.

Human feelings are so strange, knowing that it is not necessarily suitable, but they cannot be controlled.

“I understand,” Zhang Zeyun rubbed his forehead, “I think too much.”

“My mother told me that if a relationship hasn’t started, but you first think about how to end it, then the relationship isn’t necessary to be started.” Yan Mu squeezed his hands tightly on the steering wheel. “Although she chose a wrong relationship to start, it doesn’t mean I will follow her old path.”

Zhang Zeyun thought about the grievances between the Yan family and the Mu family and couldn’t speak anymore. Lu Chengyu was not Uncle Yan, and Brother Mu was not Aunt Mu. Maybe these two people will finally be able to walk together and live happily.

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