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“Why are you stopping me? He wants to kill you, I will kill him today!” Lin Xin asked Shen Lou with sharp eyes, expecting him to say, “I see that your spiritual power is weak, and I’m afraid you’ll get hurt” and other soft words, so that he could pretend to be moved and pounce on him.

However, Shen Lou was not a person who liked to take credit, so he just chuckled helplessly, “It’s not appropriate at this time.”

“What’s inappropriate? Even if I spend some energy…” Before he could finish his words, he was suddenly touched by two thin lips. Lin Xin’s eyes lit up after he blocked his mouth.

He opened his mouth to let Shen Lou in, but heard the man rub his lips and whisper softly: “I can’t hold it anymore…” After saying that, he rubbed his cheek and slid down, falling onto Lin Xin’s shoulder.

Lin Xin was startled and wrapped his hands around Shen Lou’s body to prevent him from sliding down. He glanced at the Zhong family people looking at them from the corner of his eye, and staggered back, as if he wanted to refuse but still wanted to welcome him: “Oh, that’s not good, someone is watching.”

From Zhong Wumo’s point of view, it was Shen Lou who was half dragging and half hugging Lin Xin into the dense bushes, and soon there were some shameful sounds.

“Well, don’t do it here, ah…”

“Easy, it hurts.”

“Huh… um…”

The ups and downs of breathing made Zhong Wumo blush, and he looked down at the gurgling water and remained silent. Zhong Lu was not affected at all. He took a branch and accurately inserted it into a fish in the shallow water for the young master to eat.

Lin Xin took out Xiaoyao Pill and stuffed it into Shen Lou’s mouth while shouting “ummm”. Climbing down the cliff took a lot of energy. Shen Lou was not injured too seriously, but an old injury in his soul had broken out and he fainted from the pain. It was just that this man was so tolerant that if he didn’t say anything, others won’t be able to tell what he was enduring.

He hugged the person into his arms distressedly, took out a piece of Luli to absorb the spiritual energy, placed one hand on his back, and slowly transferred spiritual energy into his body.

When Shen Lou woke up, he heard a bone-crushing moan of ecstasy.

“Well…I don’t want it anymore…please spare me…ah…”

Suspecting that he was still dreaming, Shen Lou opened his eyes and saw Lin Xin hugging him with his legs bent, while playing with his fingers expressionlessly, while calling out um um ah ah ah.

Shen Lou: “…”

Lin Xin saw that the hand in his palm was moving. He looked down and found that Shen Lou was looking over with a speechless look, and his shouts suddenly stopped. Feeling a little embarrassed, he covered Shen Lou’s eyes with one hand to prevent him from looking, lowered his head and kissed him.

The two of them came out from the bushes. Zhong Wumo no longer dared to look at them directly and looked into the distance. “Zhong Lu, let him apologize.”

Shen Lou straightened his clothes that were torn apart by Lin Xin.

With a righteous look on his face, he said, “Let’s get out first.”

Zhong Lu showed no intention of apologizing at all. He picked up the second young master who had broken his leg and left.

This Mogui Valley was very wide. It was not an ordinary valley, but a criss-crossing ravine with many forked roads leading to the ground in all directions.

“Jian Yan, do you still have Luli? We don’t have much left on us.” Lin Xin pinched his empty pockets and reached for Shen Lou’s. Shen Lou’s was also empty.

Zhong Wumo shook his head. He had exhausted all the Luli in his previous fight with Wen Shilan. Zhong Lu didn’t speak, thinking about it, he didn’t have much left either.

Looking up at the cliffs on all sides, Lin Xin sighed. Without Luli, it was basically impossible to climb up. He really had to rely on Zhong Lu, who knew the way, to get out.

Temporarily putting aside the thought of killing each other, the two sides walked slowly in the valley while guarding against each other.

The journey was very long. Lin Xin felt that he had walked hundreds of miles and he had not yet reached the end. Shen Lou grilled a fish and brought it to him to eat. Seeing that his head was wilting, he tore off the fish meat to comfort him.

“Tired? I’ll carry you on my back in a moment.” Shen Lou handed the browned grilled fish to Lin Xin’s lips.

“Well, no need, you are injured.” Lin Xin opened his mouth, bit away the fish meat and took the opportunity to lick the slightly cold fingertips. Seeing Shen Lou shrinking his hands as if he had been burned, he moved towards him with a smile. It was very cold in the mountains, especially at night.

“You are here, then what happened at the Zhong family?” Shen Lou did not refuse his approach. Instead, he took him into his arms and chatted with him in a low voice.

“Zhong Suifeng knows witchcraft, sold Luli to Wen Shilan, and wanted to kill me.” Lin Xin glanced at the two Zhong family members sitting three feet away.

Shen Lou frowned. No wonder the Zhong family declined so badly. Their Luli was used to make deals with barbarians. Naturally, he couldn’t afford to provide it to the soldiers. “This didn’t happen in my previous life. Zhong Suifeng had always been indifferent.”

“Zhong Youyu succeeded Zhong Youyu when Zhong Changye died. How could he be in power?” Lin Xin felt a little uneasy. The great witch at the banquet, the presence of Xue Ji in the cave, and the man in white who chased him back then always made him feel like he had forgotten about something.

“The disaster in Dizhou was just to kill me.” The bonfire reflected Shen Lou’s dark eyes and was clearly extinguished. Wen Shilan competed with the Lord of the Four Domains with the purpose of weakening Dayong’s power. Shen Lou behaved too abruptly in this life, which made Heruo believe that even if Shen Qirui died, the Shen family would still be like wolves and tigers, so Shen Lou must be killed as well.

But Shen Lou was a junior, not as good as a champion, and Wen Shilan couldn’t challenge him, so he set up such a killing trap to make him die unexpectedly on the battlefield.

He lowered his head and wanted to tell Lin Xin about the situation in Beimo but found that the guy was looking at him without blinking, his eyes full of smiles. “Have I ever said that there are stars in your eyes.”

Shen Lou’s Adam’s apple twitched slightly, “No.”

“Yeah, I didn’t say that.” Lin Xin lowered his head, took out the Xinghu Stone Deer, then he touched and picked at the antlers and the tail. Maybe he talked too much in his heart, mistakenly thinking that he would know.

Zhong Wumo frowned as he looked at the atmosphere between them where there was no room for a third person to stand. But he was not a talkative person and he didn’t know how to ask, so he could only keep silent.

After walking for a day and a night, through the forest and across the river, they finally found the exit. It was not strange that Zhong Lu said that Shen Lou was a burden, since the exit was not only far away, but also difficult to walk.

It was a deep pool connected to the other side of the cliff through an underground river. Shen Lou carried the Xue Ji sword on Lin Xin’s back on his body and connected the two of them with a waist rope.

“You guys go first.” Lin Xin stopped Shen Lou who was about to enter the water and raised his chin at Zhong Wumo.

Zhong Wumo had no objection and tied himself to Zhong Lu. He couldn’t use up one of his legs and had to be held by Zhong Lu.

The pond water in winter was bitingly cold. As soon as he entered the water, Lin Xin’s limbs went numb from the cold, so he could only feel better by using his spiritual power. He moved his hands and feet desperately, just hoping to get ashore quickly.

There was a cave under the water that only allowed one person to pass through. Zhong Lu and the others seemed to be in trouble. They struggled for a while before they got out.

Lin Xin was pushed by Shen Lou first. As they passed through the cave, there was a suction pulling him, as if the big mouth of a deep sea beast was trying to pull people into its belly. After finally breaking free, the belt around his waist suddenly tightened.

Shen Lou’s back was firmly sucked to the stone wall, making him unable to move.

Over there, Zhong Lu and the other two had already emerged from the water, making no sound. Lin Xin immediately turned around to pull him, but he couldn’t pull him back. He was about to run out of breath.

Shen Lou drew his sword and cut the belt between the two of them and pushed Lin Xin out.

Lin Xin was so angry that he punched Shen Lou in the water. In an instant, the Yanggu in his hand and Yu Yuan in Shen Lou’s hand all flew to the stone wall. Lin Xin understood, quickly untied the cloth wrapped around Xue Ji on Shen Lou’s back and pulled him up to the ground without looking back.

“Cough cough cough…” Lin Xin had drunk several gulps of water and lay on the ground choking and coughing. He turned to look at Zhong Wumo and Zhong Lu, both of them also seemed to have lost their spiritual swords.

This should be the Northland. The soaked clothes condensed into ice as soon as they came into contact with the air, freezing the person directly on the stone beach.

“Wow!” A clear child’s voice emerged from the grass. A child in his junior year ran over and kicked the immobile Zhong Lu. “Come on, four fat sheep!”

The child’s tone was very familiar, it was obviously not his first time robbing someone here, it was clear as he boldly rummaged through Zhong Lu’s body for valuables.

Several men wearing sheepskin coats followed, all holding spiritual swords in their hands. There were some loose immortals who were engaged in robbing houses. These people were obviously dedicated to robbing the unlucky immortals who had their spiritual swords sucked into the stone wall.

“Who are you?” A lot of ice water was consumed by him, so Lin Xin used his remaining spiritual power to melt the ice on his body bit by bit.

“The person who will take your life.” An ugly-looking man put his hand into Lin Xin’s clothes and groped around, grabbing out the deer, “Xinghu Stone! This is a valuable thing!”

“Boom!” Before he could finish his words, Shen Lou kicked him over.

Lin Xin steadily caught the flying deer and threw the Mojian to Shen Lou. Shen Lou took it and cut the man’s throat with the knife.

“Tsk, tsk, why have you been so cruel these days?” Lin Xin and Shen Lou were now back-to-back.

Shen Lou pursed his lips and said nothing.

Over there, Zhong Lu had already risen, grabbed the child, snatched his short knife, while his body turned into an afterimage as he passed by, with blood mist spraying out.

“Ahhhh!” These people did not expect to encounter such a powerful killing god. They threw away their helmets and armor, stepped on their spiritual swords and ran away, disappearing in an instant. Only the child, who couldn’t yet wield a sword, was still held in Zhong Lu’s hand.

The kid was so frightened that he peed his pants but refused to admit defeat, “Kill me or I will face you again in eighteen years!”

Zhong Lu looked at the kid quietly for a while with his white eyes, then threw him aside and turned around, looking for his sword underwater. The child who escaped with his life opened his legs and disappeared deep into the woods.

With a few crisp “bang-dang-dang” sounds, Yu Yuan, Yanggu, and Xue Ji were all thrown to the feet of Shen Lou.

Lin Xin picked up the sword and said, “Zhong Lu, I didn’t expect you to be so merciful.”

Zhong Lu put the dagger back on his waist, “This Lu doesn’t kill children.”

“Hey, then why did you chase me back then?” Lin Xin sneered and was suddenly startled. Zhong Lu had been chasing him for so long. Since he could seriously injure Zhao Jian, there was no way he wouldn’t have the chance to kill a three-year-old child.

Zhong Lu glanced at him: “Master’s order.”

The master asked him to chase, so he chased. But he did not kill Lin Xin, nor did he tell the master where the child had gone.

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