5BKCM Ch. 59

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When the stills of “The Legend of Xuanji” were revealed, the enthusiasm of the netizens was instantly ignited. Some people put the two photos together like a chicken blood, comparing various details from various angles, and even professionals commented, indicating that this was really like the same person.

Of course, some people even posted photos of the actress who played the heroine in “The Legend of Xuanji” on the Internet. The comparison between the photos back then and the current photos were all enhanced and the comparison pictures were posted online for analysis.

After analysis, someone came to a conclusion: “Hu Yuejing used to be a really beautiful woman. Although she is still good now, time is not forgiving. After all, the goddess with ageless appearance is actually different from when she was young. Her figure has changed.”

Under this kind of gossip, everyone was naturally more curious about who this mysterious heroine of “The Legend of Xuanji” was. All kinds of speculations had arisen. Some people even dug out all the popular female stars in recent years and compared them one by one, but they couldn’t find anyone similar.

Curiosity had been aroused to the extreme, and everyone was waiting for the crew of “The Legend of Xuanji” to release high-definition photos of the heroine from the front, so that everyone could feast their eyes on it.

Naturally, Hu Yuejing saw everything on the Internet clearly.

She used her mobile phone to open the two back photos that were put together. Looking at the familiar photos, her long and beautiful French nails almost dug into her palms.

She bit her lip and looked at the fallen leaves outside the luxurious floor-to-ceiling curtains. Among the fallen leaves, she seemed to see herself who held her head high and walked into the crew to replace Gu Yuan twenty-five years ago.

“Just use it, no one will know who the figure is.”

“Even she herself won’t know. She won’t be able to leave the hospital for the rest of her life.”

These sounds reached her ears in a trance through twenty-five years, dreamy and confusing.

She closed her eyes.

Now that it had passed, it should be completely buried in the dust of history.

The insiders at that time were either no longer there or had already settled abroad.

This matter should remain a secret forever.

At the Capital Film Academy, the enthusiasm of the acting students was also completely ignited. Everyone was eagerly waiting to see what kind of person could win the favour of Ning Sanyue and be qualified to star with Luo Juntian.

At this time, someone also pointed out: “Didn’t they say that Gu Yuan was selected before? I think that figure from the back looks a bit like Gu Yuan!”

Someone immediately said: “How is it possible, that figure from behind and she don’t want to get along at all?”

Someone else said: “Yes, yes, it can’t be her. She has said it for a long time. How could she pretend it’s not happening? And you see how busy other people are when they join the crew, but she still has time to come to class every day. Does she look like she is going to join a film set?”

After such an analysis, everyone thought that was right. Obviously, that person could not be Gu Yuan. It seemed that Gu Yuan was bragging before.

Just as they were talking, Huo Sijia came over: “You actually thought it was her? How is that possible? It is said that Xingying Entertainment pays the most attention to both virtue and skill when selecting people. Considering what she did, do you think Xingying Entertainment will choose her?”

When she said this, everyone immediately became interested: “What on earth is going on? You always say that she is being kept and has a godfather. There is no evidence for this!”

Some of the classmates also tried to settle the matter and said with disapproval: “Don’t talk about things without evidence. It’s not good for your reputation to slander others.”

Chen Yuting had long been dissatisfied with her, and directly said sarcastically: “You can spread rumours with your mouth, and then we can break your legs if you refute them. Is there anybody like you who can say bad things about others so casually?”

When Huo Sijia saw Chen Yuting coming over, she was naturally jealous of her enemies, and laughed: “Why is there no evidence? She doesn’t shy away from the things she did, but you have the nerve to say there is no evidence?”

Chen Yuting: “Okay, pretend I don’t know you. You hate Gu Yuan to the core. Who can’t speak with a red mouth and white teeth?”

Huo Sijia said disdainfully: “As for what Gu Yuan usually wears, all of them are famous brands. Does she seem to be such a rich person? And what kind of opal did she give you? Do you think ordinary people would squander it like that? Isn’t that right? Isn’t it just the money she dug from her godfather and spent it carelessly?”

Wang Yuehan couldn’t help but want to laugh when she heard this: “That was a gift from a relative. Do you have to doubt it?”

Huo Sijia; “A gift from a relative? They are all thousand-year-old foxes. What kind of charade are they playing? Who has such a rich relative? Please tell me and open my eyes!”

Wang Yuehan: “You don’t have rich relatives, so you think others don’t have them either? You think you don’t have any, so you spread rumours about others?”

Huo Sijia suddenly smiled meaningfully: “I don’t know if she has any rich relatives, but she has hooked up with a rich man. I really know this.”

When she said this, someone naturally asked Huo Sijia: “Don’t you know? Someone has already posted a photo on our school forum. Near our school, an old man came to pick up Gu Yuan, and Gu Yuan went straight to the old man’s car!”

Old man?

This gossip was interesting enough, and a group of people quickly turned on their mobile phones to search out of curiosity.

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan’s expressions changed, and they both opened it and took a look.

Sure enough, there were several pictures on the school forum, which showed the silhouette of Gu Yuan carrying a bag and getting into the car. There was a man wearing a suit and vest next to her. He had a crew cut and looked like a gentleman, but he was slightly bloated and tall. Not tall, but he was still fifty years old!

Judging from several photos, the location was in the neighbourhood near the school, and Gu Yuan was obviously very familiar with the old man. She smiled at the old man, and the old man even opened the car door for her personally.

As soon as this photo came out, the film school forum went crazy!

You must know that although Gu Yuan has only entered school not long ago, she has already earned enough limelight and is considered to be somewhat famous.

Firstly, she is really good-looking. Even in the film school where there are so many beauties, she is still considered a beauty. Secondly, she actually competed with Huo Sijia and seemed to have the upper hand. Thirdly, she seems to be very rich. I heard that she is always dressed in famous brands, but no one knows where her money comes from.

How could people not pay attention to such a mysterious figure?

Well, now, big news has come out. This slightly famous classmate Gu Yuan actually fell in love with such an old man.

The evidence is conclusive and solid!

Many people were excited. Although they had no grudge against Gu Yuan, who didn’t like to read this kind of gossip?

“Who is this? Can anyone find out?”

“It looks like a very expensive car. It must be someone with a name. Please tell me, who did she pick up?”

“Wow, she can also eat a fifty-year-old man with a big belly. Isn’t she afraid of not seeing her diaphragm at night?”

“It doesn’t matter. What are you afraid of? As long as you have money.”

All kinds of ridicule and sarcasm came out, and all kinds of speculations came out.

When this news finally reached Gu Yuan’s ears, Gu Yuan was doing leg press in the physical fitness classroom. When she heard this, she was also puzzled: “A fifty-year-old man?”

Chen Yuting frowned: “Yes, they took photos and compiled rumours about you.”

Wang Yuehan; “Gu Yuan, look at what to do now. Do you want to refute the rumour quickly? Otherwise, everyone will spread it. If it spreads outside, it will be detrimental to your future development! Especially now that you are about to act in “The Legend of Xuanji”, what if Xingying finds out and something happens?”

But Gu Yuan was so confused. Her two sons were both young and handsome. How could they be regarded as fifty-year-old men? Where did this rumour come from and where did the photos come from.

She curiously downloaded the school forum and checked it out anonymously, only to find that her post had been marked in red and had become a hot post. After opening it, the high-definition photos loaded slowly, and she finally saw her legendary godfather.

When she saw this, she almost laughed out loud.

It turned out to be Butler Zhuge!

She couldn’t remember exactly which time it was. Butler Zhuge happened to be passing by the school on business, so he told Nie Yu that he would come to pick her up, but for some reason he was photographed!

When Chen Yuting saw Gu Yuan actually laughing, she felt relieved. This meant that it was no big deal, at least Gu Yuan was confident.

Gu Yuan wiped the tears that almost burst out of laughter and sighed: “This is the housekeeper of my relatives. He stopped by to pick me up that day. Unexpectedly, he became my godfather in their mouths, hahaha.”

Butler Zhuge was cautious and careful in doing things. If he knew that he had become her godfather, he would be frightened to death.

When Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan heard this, they burst out laughing: “Then how do we refute the rumours now? We can’t let the situation escalate, otherwise there will be trouble.”

Gu Yuan thought for a while: “I will discuss this with my relatives.”

After thinking for a moment, she called Nie Yu directly.

“Son, who will pick me up after school?”


“No, just ask Butler Zhuge and the driver to pick me up.”


Nie Yu felt abandoned. Could Butler Zhuge be better than him?

“Just leave it and let Butler Zhuge come over.”


A few hours later, when school was over, Gu Yuan, accompanied by Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan, arrived at the school gate. At the school gate, according to her arrangement, Butler Zhuge had parked the luxury car beside the school gate, and was standing respectfully and waiting for her.

She saw it, smiled and waved to Butler Zhuge.

Butler Zhuge was uneasy.

Could he not feel uneasy?

He was negotiating to hire a top makeup artist today when the young master suddenly called him over and asked him various questions about his relationship with Miss Gu. He seemed to be guarding against him like a thief.

Butler Zhuge felt so wronged. He was over fifty, how could he covet Miss Gu? The mother of her young master?

What kind of imagination did the young master have!

The aggrieved Butler Zhuge stood there tremblingly, waving to his young master’s mother and nodding respectfully.

Gu Yuan smiled and ran towards Butler Zhuge and the luxury car.

The surrounding students were surprised when they saw it, and some opened their cameras to take pictures.

It’s true, I saw with my own eyes that Gu Yuan, a sophomore in the acting department, fell into the arms of a rich 50-year-old man with a big belly and a bald head!

She’s only a sophomore, doesn’t she know how to cherish your wings? With such dirty information being spread, does he still want to make a debut in the future?

The world’s morals are declining. Is the current atmosphere of film schools so bad?

Huo Sijia looked on from the side, her eyes brightening.

Hahaha…, she had never seen such an idiot before. She secretly asked someone to post those photos on the forum. She originally wanted to blackmail her, but she didn’t expect that this idiot actually killed herself in broad daylight, and jumped into the arms of a bald old man!

Hahaha… From now on, this Gu Yuan will never be able to hold her head up in front of the real evidence!

Her stardom was over!

The students around her were also excited and watched with wide eyes.

Watching Gu Yuan run towards the bald old man in full view of everyone, watching Gu Yuan get involved——

No, Gu Yuan stopped and did not fall into the old man’s arms.

Hey, the old man actually saluted Gu Yuan respectfully, then bent slightly, opened the car door for Gu Yuan, and asked Gu Yuan to get in the car.

This, what did this mean?

Such a respectful and humble godfather?

Gu Yuan raised her eyes, glanced at the people watching the excitement openly and covertly, and introduced with a smile to his classmate Chen Yuting, who was walking over: “This is the housekeeper of my relative’s house. He occasionally comes to pick me up.”

Butler Zhuge was used to being a silent backdrop. He was a little confused when he was suddenly introduced like this, but he still nodded politely to Chen Yuting: “Hello, hello.”

Today, in the eyes of others, she seemed to be very different from usual.

All the people who were watching and preparing to watch the fun, or even secretly planning to take pictures, froze after hearing Gu Yuan’s words, unable to take pictures with the camera button in their hands.


This was, butler?

Just a butler?

Damn it, was the old man who promised to me as the sponsor the real deal?

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