FESM Extra 12.1: Benjamin × Li Xin

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From that day on, Li Xin lived in the military station on Ryan Planet as a “family member”. Every day when eating, Benjamin would hold his hand when going to the dining hall, and the news that the general had found a beta man quickly spread throughout the Hydra Corps, and all the officers were very polite when they saw Li Xin, but Li Xin became more and more embarrassed, always feeling like that it was too strange for him to be living in the military area…

He could only be regarded as Benjamin’s boyfriend now, but he was pretending to be a family member and living with him directly. If they broke up in the future, it would have a bad influence on both of them. However, this alpha was too gentle to him, so Li Xin was reluctant to part with the general.

After living in the military area for a week with conflicting moods, Li Xin finally made up his mind to leave.

Benjamin actually guessed what Li Xin was thinking.

Although Li Xin had verbally agreed to be with him, he still had no confidence.

After falling asleep last night, Li Xin was still talking in his sleep: “I promised to be with him just because I like him. It’s all money to be able to spend a day with the person I like. I never thought of occupying him all the time. Don’t blame me …” Benjamin speculated that Li Xin might have dreamed that someone was going to break them up, and he was very disturbed in the dream.

His Beta talking in his sleep like this made Benjamin feel a little distressed.

The difference in family background between the two parties was too great, so Li Xin was worried that the two of them would not last long. This kind of worry was also normal. After all, there were indeed many couples who broke up because of their families.

But Benjamin won’t.

Long before chasing Li Xin, he had already done his Dad’s ideological counselling, and his Dad had no objection to him marrying a beta. His father would mutter a few words at most, but he would definitely listen to his Dad[1] in the end. As long as Li Xin’s parents agreed to the marriage, there would be no obstacles between the two.

Thinking of this, Benjamin stretched out his hand and gently hugged the Beta and whispered softly in his ear: “I know what you are thinking, since it’s awkward for you to stay here, I won’t force you to stay, you go and do your own business first.”

Li Xin didn’t expect the general to be so easy to talk to, and was stunned: “You, you know what I’m thinking?”

Benjamin smiled and rubbed his head: “Yes. Go, every day, just remember to miss me.”

Li Xin looked away awkwardly.

Benjamin added: “I want to kiss you even in my dreams.”

Li Xin’s face turned red immediately, and he reached out to hit him, but Benjamin grabbed his hand and lowered his head to kiss him.

The two exchanged a sweet kiss, and then Benjamin sent someone to send Li Xin to the space station.

Brigadier General Bruno of the Guard Battalion knew about this, and ran over suspiciously and asked, “Why did you send him away? How about keeping him with you?”

Benjamin said calmly: “This is the front line after all. He came to see me. A few days is enough. I let him come to confirm the relationship. Next, let him think about it. There is no need to force him to stay here urgently.”

Bruno scratched his head in confusion: “I don’t understand.”

Benjamin said bluntly: “It means you are still single, and I have already left singlehood behind.”

Brigadier General Bruno, who was too stimulated, ran to do some alpha wrestling training, while Benjamin returned to the dormitory in a happy mood, and sent a message to his Dad: “Dad, I have established a relationship with Li Xin. I plan to officially visit Li Xin’s parents during the next round of vacation.”

Aidean replied quickly: “Well, since you are sure, I will work on your father.”

Benjamin smiled: “Thank you, Dad.”

Li Xin didn’t know what Benjamin was busy with, and immediately after going back to the capital star, he threw himself into work.

Qin Yize had retired, and the entire studio was handed over to Li Xin. Li Xin was also very responsible. He negotiated the remuneration for the next drama of Zhou Jinyun, the artist currently being promoted by the studio, and had signed several good endorsements and magazine interviews on his behalf. There were also variety shows. Everyone in the studio said that it was Xiao Zhou’s good fortune to meet Brother Li. With such a manager with him, would he still have to worry about not being popular?

Xiao Zhou graduated early in May, and Li Xin took him to the crew to film the next movie.

Li Xin was always very busy during the day, but every night during the video chat, when he saw the alpha man in military uniform through the screen, and met the alpha’s gentle eyes with a smile, Li Xin felt his whole body warm up, and it was as if the fatigue of the whole day was completely let go at this moment.

Did he really like Benjamin? Of course, otherwise, he wouldn’t look forward to seeing that man every day.

Even just seeing each other in the video call was enough for Li Xin to be happy for a long time.

That night, the two had a video chat as usual, and Benjamin suggested softly: “I think you should get an assistant to help you with some chores, don’t do everything yourself, seeing how busy you are, I feel distressed, you know?”

“…” Li Xin explained with red ears: “You don’t have to worry. If I find a suitable assistant, I will hand over some of the work in my hand.”

“That’s good.” Benjamin paused and asked, “This weekend, do you have time?”

“I’m going on set to accompany Xiao Zhou in filming.”

“Can you ask for leave?”

“What to do?”

“I’m coming back to Capital Star on the weekend, and I really want to meet you. Would you like to ask for three days off for me? Do you want to come home?”

“…” Li Xin blushed slightly, if it was for this reason, of course he would, because he also missed the general very much.

This month he had been running around with Xiao Zhou, and when he got busy, the time flew very quickly. After careful calculation, it had been a month and a half since the two separated. Li Xin still dreamt of Benjamin every now and then and dreamt of the alpha hugging and kissing him. To him, those ambiguous dreams made him feel both embarrassed and sweet. Now that the general was coming back, he naturally couldn’t wait to fly to the other party’s side.

Li Xin was in a very happy mood, and immediately said: “Xiao Zhou has already adapted to the environment of the film crew. It doesn’t matter if I go away. I will come back to see you this weekend.” He was a little embarrassed when he said this and felt that he seemed to be too impatient.

Fortunately, the general didn’t say much, just looked at him with a smile and said, “Then see you on the weekend.”

After hanging up the video call, Li Xin quickly packed his luggage and went next door to tell Xiao Zhou the precautions during filming. Seeing Brother Li’s face full of joy, Zhou Jinyun couldn’t help wondering: “Brother Li, where are you going? Is there a happy event?”

Li Xin glared at him: “I have something at home, you don’t have to worry about it. Take care of yourself.”

Xiao Zhou nodded obediently: “Brother Li, don’t worry, I’ll be good while filming, and I will never cause you any trouble.”

Li Xin was still very relieved by Zhou Jinyun, so after he settled everything, he bought a ship ticket for the weekend and hastily went home.

He wanted to cook a good meal for the general before he came back, but as a result, Li Xin had just put down his luggage and planned to go shopping, when Benjamin came back early. When Li Xin heard the sound of the door opening, he immediately walked out of the bedroom, but before he could speak, he was hugged strongly by the alpha who entered the door.

With his cheek pressed against the general’s strong chest, Li Xin’s heart was pounding, and he asked in a low voice, “Why did you arrive early?”

Benjamin smiled and rubbed his soft hair with his chin, and said, “I missed you so much, so, I drove the mecha by myself, jumped through the space directly, and came back as fast as possible.”

Li Xin felt warm in his heart and stretched out his arms to hug him.

The two hugged each other in the living room for a while, then Benjamin lifted the Beta’s chin very rudely and kissed him.

Li Xin’s eyelashes trembled slightly as he was caught by the general’s hot lips. But instead of resisting, he stretched out his hand and hugged the general’s shoulder tremblingly.

The general’s kiss was still as hot as in his memory.

The passionate kiss lasted for a long time, until Li Xin’s breathing was unsteady, and his cheeks were flushed, then Benjamin let him go and asked in a low voice, “Did you miss me?”

Li Xin refused to speak with his ears turning red.

Benjamin didn’t force him either and straightened his slightly messy hair with a chuckle.

“You go take a shower first, I’ll cook for you.” Li Xin turned around and wanted to go to the kitchen, but Benjamin gently grabbed his wrist: “No need to do it, I booked a restaurant outside, and I’ll treat you to dinner today. Wait for me, I’ll go change my clothes.”

“…” Li Xin was stunned, and immediately followed him, “I’ll just make it at home, what do you want to eat?”

“You’ve worked hard these days, so don’t go to cook tonight, just come with me to eat delicious food outside.”

Since he said so, Li Xin naturally couldn’t object.

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[1] For clarity, Dad here is Aidean while Father would be Carlos.

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