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Then Tang Bai was shocked to find that the boss handed him an olive branch: “Hello, I am your fan. Are you interested in building a reader group?”

Tang Bai: “… “

Tang Bai replied tremblingly: “Don’t call me so politely…”

Bai Zhi: [Okay [smile.jpg]]

It was obviously an elder’s special kind smile, but Tang Bai made it up in his head to when the big brother talked and laughed, and the arrogance of the scull was wiped out, and he almost knelt down on the spot. For a while, he couldn’t tell whether the emoji was mocking or not.

Bai Zhi: [Let me introduce myself, I am Bai Zhi, an omega member of the Parliament. I recently investigated the forced prostitution of omegas in the red light district and learned that many omega have had their glands removed…I I hope that public opinion can pay attention to this issue. I happened to be chasing your article and saw that you wrote the plot of Jun Tongchen removing his glands in your work, so I had an idea, and I hope to use your work to lead the social discussion…]

Tang Bai: “…”

Tang Bai: “You don’t need to use ‘you’[1]…”

Bai Zhi: [Okay [smile.jpg]]

Tang Bai covered his mouth, watching the big brother continue to speak with tears in his eyes. The general idea of the big brother was, I think we are like-minded, I appreciate you very much, but you are too young to just write novels, so why not let’s do big things together.

At this moment, Tang Bai’s mood could only be summed up with an emoji, that was a husky mixed with wolves, awkwardly but politely peeking at the serious wolf beside him, with the words “I can’t pretend anymore”.

Bai Zhi: [What do you think?]

Tang Bai: [Very honored!]

Tang Bai: Woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Bai Zhi: [Okay [smile.jpg]]

Bai Zhi was going to help Tang Bai with the reader group. His request to Tang Bai was very simple, don’t work hard on anything, just work hard to type.

Tang Bai, who was originally being lazy on the third day: “…” Wuwuwu, I will be sorry for the hard work of the boss if I don’t write 10,000 words every day!!!

Tang Bai cried and was about to start coding. He just typed a few words and found that his Starnet Live account had been privately messaged by a special user. He opened it and took a look—

Bai Zhi: [Hello, I’m Bai Zhi, do you have any questions? Are you interested in making imitations of characters in a novel? The parts of the imitation makeup are more sensitive and involve glands…]

Tang Bai almost burst into tears with a wow!

Should he tell the big brother that the three vests he privately messaged were all the same person, big brother!!!


As usual, Xie Ruheng opened “This Omega Is a Master Mecha Maker”, and saw Tang Bai’s latest chapter along with a reader group which made readers happy.

To enter the group, you need to show your reader number, which will be reviewed by the administrator, and you can only enter the reader group if you pass the review.

Xie Ruheng saw it and immediately applied to join the group. After he passed the review and joined the group, he found out that he was currently the only alpha in this group.

Xie Ruheng: “…Hello, everyone.”

The omegas in the group were chatting enthusiastically about skin care and beauty products: “Wow, welcome newcomer.”

Xie Ruheng peeped at the screen for a while and found that he couldn’t get in a word. After talking about cosmetics, the omegas started talking about medical beauty, and also talked about glandular membranes and butt membranes that Xie Ruheng had never heard of.

Xie Ruheng: “???”

Xie Ruheng, who felt that he was incompatible with this world, opened the list of group members in a lonely place, and saw Tang Bai’s author number.

The name of the author who did not fall in love and wanted to engage in career reminded him of the agreement between Tang Bai and him and reminded him of Tang Bai’s previous refinement of some of his comments.

Without knowing his true identity, Tang Bai would still resonate with his thoughts…

Xie Ruheng’s heart moved, he did not reveal his real identity, but directly sent a friend request to Tang Bai’s author account.

In fact, he didn’t have much confidence that Tang Bai would pass his friend application, but he didn’t expect Tang Bai to pass it all at once.

Xie Ruheng said: “Hello.”

Tang Bai said: “Hi! I remember you! You are ‘X’~”

Sure enough, we fell in love with each other’s souls, and the one who fell in love first was Tang Bai’s flesh/body. That’s what Xie Ruheng thought.

As he thought about it, the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously, and his eyes were so tender that he didn’t even realize it.

Xie Ruheng: “I didn’t expect you to still remember me.”

Tang Bai: “Because you are the first alpha who made me feel that our three views are compatible! The memory is still fresh!”

Xie Ruheng’s smile froze, and for a moment he thought Tang Bai had seen through his vest.

But Tang Bai really didn’t want to reveal his vest, so Xie Ruheng asked tentatively: “Three views fit? My idol is Xie Ruheng, is he your idol too?”

Tang Bai: “What a coincidence~ My idol is also Xie Ruheng! As long as you like Xie Ruheng, we are friends!”

Although Xie Ruheng was confessed to from the distance, he was not very happy: “…”

He even suspected that he was crazy in appreciating the smell of the familiar tea fragrance.

Xie Ruheng: “Then don’t you think that Xie Ruheng should also be an alpha that fits with your three views?”

Xie Ruheng hinted frantically.

Tang Bai: “Hahahaha that’s different~”

Xie Ruheng: “……”


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[1] BZ had been using a respectful form of address.

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