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Skinny, with fleshy lips, he looked like a good boy and had a very pleasing appearance.

As picky as he could be, Ying Qiao couldn’t help but be a little more patient when facing this face.

The waiter brought up the appetizers and main dishes one after another. Ying Qiao was not talkative, and Jiang Li didn’t know what to say on a blind date, so they ate in silence.

The dishes in this western restaurant tasted very good. Jiang Li ate very seriously, and while Ying Qiao was not paying attention, he fed small pieces of steak to Suan Ni in his pocket. Suan Ni was the eighth in the family, except for Jiao Tu, who was his youngest brother. Since he was found, he had been unable to transform into a human form, and he had regressed back to the weak cub period, needing to be taken care of. He used to like to cling to Jiang Li the most. When Jiang Li left the Dragon Palace, he made a ruckus and followed him. When Jiang Li took him to the Demon Control Bureau to register his information, he deliberately used the same surname as Jiang Li, and named himself Jiang Bi.

The steak was tender and juicy, Jiang Li ate a mouthful by himself, then fed Suan Ni a mouthful. He thought that Ying Qiao hadn’t noticed, and even the corners of his mouth curled up in a happy arc.

Ying Qiao saw all this in his eyes and glanced into his pocket with dark eyes. It was a fist-sized lion cub with yellowish-brown fur, semi-circular ears, and almond-shaped golden pupils that were very round. And its eating expression was roughly the same as that of Jiang Li who was secretly feeding him. He gave a “tsk” in his heart and couldn’t help re-evaluating Jiang Li.

He originally thought that the blind date arranged by Hu Can for him should not be too bad. But now it seemed that he took it too much for granted, Jiang Li was clearly just an ordinary and even a bit downcast little lion demon. He didn’t forget to bring his younger brother to eat and drink during the blind date, so the economy should be very difficult. Looking at the crumpled luxury clothes on his body, Ying Qiao rarely laughed at himself that even he somehow misread it, it was probably really a counterfeit product. That was to say, Jiang Li was so good-looking that he wore counterfeit goods with the air of a big name.

Unexpectedly, the life of the ordinary demons was so difficult, and even the heart of iron and stone belonging to Ying Qiao responded, and he couldn’t help feeling a little bit of sympathy. He pretended not to notice, and waited until they finished sharing a whole piece of steak and the waiter brought dessert before clearing his throat and talking about the business. His original plan was to reveal his identity and tell the other party to retreat in spite of difficulties. But now looking at the downcast brothers, it was rare to feel a little soft-hearted, and he couldn’t bear to hurt the little demon’s self-esteem, so he changed to a set of euphemistic rhetoric to persuade him to quit.

“After eating, let’s talk about each other’s situation first.” He stretched his limbs, sat up straight with dignity, crossed his long legs, leaned slightly and stared at Jiang Li, and said: “I am an orphan of the snake clan. Working in a private company, without a house or a car, with a salary of 3,000 yuan a month, five insurances and one mortgage which are too expensive to pay. What about you?”

Ying Qiao looked at Jiang Li’s stunned expression and felt slightly satisfied. Saying this way would not stimulate the self-esteem of this little demon, and it would also make him give up the blind date voluntarily. He could also deal with the noisy Hu Can this way. He could kill three birds with one stone.

Jiang Li looked at Ying Qiao with eyes full of shock, but what he thought in his heart was that Ying Qiao was so poor and he still dared to come to such an expensive restaurant to eat, he must be a prodigal man, they couldn’t do it!

It was already very hard for him to support himself. Ying Qiao’s salary was so low and his consumption was so extravagant. Even a 20,000 stipend couldn’t bridge the gap between them. Jiang Li’s thoughts changed sharply, and he quickly had an answer. He was not good at lying, so he lowered his eyes and followed Ying Qiao’s words half-truthfully: “I work in Hanyang Street, and I’m a temporary worker. The daily salary is eighty, and there are eight brothers in the family who rely on me to support them.”

Ying Qiao looked at Jiang Li with a complicated expression. Jiang Li was probably the poorest demon he had ever come into contact with. A daily salary of 80, was it enough for the two brothers to eat? It was no wonder that he secretly fed his younger brother on a blind date.

If it hadn’t been for his earlier words, he would have asked Jiang Li to work in his company, even as an ordinary clerk, he would earn more than a temporary worker. But after what he said before, he couldn’t slap himself in the face again, so he frowned and looked embarrassed: “I want to find someone with a stable job, you… I’m afraid we’re not appropriate.”

Jiang Li didn’t expect that a social animal with a monthly salary of 3,000 would dare to despise him as a temporary worker, but this was also considered to be as per his wishes. He pursed his lips and said: “It’s not suitable.”

The two looked at each other and said in relief: “Then let’s forget it?”

After reaching a consensus, the two prepared to go back to their respective homes. Before paying the bill before leaving, Ying Qiao was unexpectedly proactive and straightforward, and even specially asked the waiter to pack a dessert for Jiang Li to take home. Jiang Li thanked him and took the dessert, glanced at the bill by the way, and said a little embarrassedly: “Let’s add WeChat and I will transfer the meal money to you.”

When he said this, his face was calm, but his heart was bleeding. This meal would eat up his living expenses for the remaining ten days. But thinking of Ying Qiao’s salary of 3,000, he didn’t have the cheek to let Ying Qiao pay alone.

“No…” Ying Qiao wanted to refuse subconsciously, but he suddenly remembered that he had just set up a poor and aggressive persona, so he swallowed the words again, and added his WeChat in silence.

Jiang Li added him on WeChat, transferred the money to him, waved goodbye to him, and left in the elevator with his bag on his back.

Ying Qiao’s WeChat rang, and on the WeChat interface was Jiang Li’s transfer, with an emoticon pack of a cute cat head attached. Ying Qiao paused just as he was about to delete the friend and added a note to Jiang Li’s name instead. After that, he put away his mobile phone and took the elevator to the parking lot from the other side.

Jiang Li went out of the shopping mall and went across the road to take the subway. While waiting for the traffic light, a silver-gray Aston Martin passed by quickly in front of him. The young man in the driver’s seat looked exactly like Ying Qiao. He subconsciously wanted to take another look, but the car had already driven away. He withdrew his gaze, thinking that he must be delusional, Ying Qiao was so poor, how could it be possible for him to drive a luxury car?

The author has something to say:

Ying Qiao: The little demon is so pitiful.

Jiang Li: If you dare to date a prodigal with a salary of 3,000 yuan, it’s a bad idea.

Ying Qiao:???

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