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Due to the big black wolf roaring anxiously, the wedding was scheduled for mid-June.

They didn’t know why he broke pretenses with Chris, but in the end they decided to hold their wedding together on the same day as Chris and Ye He—no one was earlier than the other, and the competition was quite harmonious.

When this matter was mentioned, Jing Yan, who had followed Qiao Xi back to the Bird Clan, said in a very doggy-like manner in front of the expressionless Qiao Yue: “Brother, or you and us can go get the certificate together?”

Shocked, Qiao Xi opened his eyes and turned to look at his partner who had already obtained the certificate.

Qiao Yue lowered his head, and still approved the documents with a blank expression: “Do you think I seem to have this time now?”

Jing Yan glanced at the work Qiao Yue was working on and said: “If you are willing to let me help, you can speed up.”

“No, just arrange your own wedding first,” Qiao Yue said very coldly, “If you mess up, just wait for me.”

“…” Jing Yan said forcefully, “Don’t worry, brother, I will definitely make my wedding with Qiao Xiaoxi the most beautiful!”

When Jing Yan went out to answer the phone, Qiao Xi looked at his own brother and asked tentatively, “Brother, what will happen to you and Brother Xing Luo? What are you going to do?”

Qiao Yue’s pen stopped.

When Qiao Xi realized what Qiao Yue planned to do after returning to the Bird Clan, he had already had this question in mind.

He felt that his brother didn’t seem like someone who would play with emotions at will. Xing Luo would definitely sit on the throne of the Fox Clan soon, and if his brother succeeded in sitting on the throne of the Bird Clan in the future… how did they plan to deal with the relationship between them? And their feelings?

After Qiao Yue stopped writing, Qiao Xi was still a little nervous.

But then, Qiao Yue raised his eyes and said simply, “Why, there is no law that says that two beast kings cannot marry.”

Qiao Xi: “…?”

Qiao Yue: “The big deal is that we would be separated for decades after marriage. Both parties can get along with it consciously. If either side is tempted, they can get divorced immediately. What’s the trouble with such a simple matter?”

Qiao Xi was speechless.

“Okay, I don’t need you to worry about my affairs, you and that guy’s wedding is being held in such a hurry, don’t miss anything, go back to the wolf tribe,” Qiao Yue said in a low voice, “finish this wedding properly, and I will also not worry.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes turned red: “Brother…”

After Qiao Xi left, Qiao Yue read the documents in the study for a while, when suddenly, his phone vibrated.

He glanced at the caller ID and answered the video call.

The man at the other end was obviously also in his study, and his brows and eyes frowned immediately when he saw him.

After Qiao Yue answered the phone, he looked away and asked, “What are you doing?”

“It’s okay, I just wanted to see you after a short rest.” The man’s voice was very gentle.

Qiao Yue rubbed his ears, and complained, “It’s disgusting.”

Xing Luo smiled, paused, and asked, “A Yue, I heard that Xiao Xi and Jing Yan plan to have a wedding in June?”


“What about us?”

“It’s early, wait.” Qiao Yue said dryly.

With a smile in his eyes, Xing Luo watched Qiao Yue quietly for a while.

Although Qiao Yue lowered his head and went back to approving the documents, he could still feel the man’s gaze.

And he… couldn’t stand the other party looking at him like this.

Qiao Yue’s ears turned red uncontrollably, and he couldn’t concentrate his thoughts. He squeezed his pen heavily, and suddenly turned his head to stare at the man: “…Don’t look at me!”

Xing Luo’s eyes were dark: “A Yue, you have been awake for more than a month.”

“Yes… so what?” Qiao Yue said habitually.

Xing Luo’s gaze moved down slightly: “I haven’t touched you well yet.”

Qiao Yue trembled, and immediately turned his head away, his heart beating wildly.

……what! What is this guy talking about!!

Xing Luo’s voice continued slowly: “A Yue, can I go to you now?”

“…You, what happened to your nerves suddenly, what are you doing coming here out of nowhere!” Qiao Yue’s tone was fierce.

“Sending me to your bed?” Xing Luo smiled lightly.

Qiao Yue: “!!!” He turned his head away from looking at the people in the video, and said angrily, “What are you thinking all day long!”

“Can you concentrate on the proper business?!”

“A Yue.”

“If the car overturns, I can’t control it!”

“A Yue, look back at me.”

Qiao Yue’s face was flushed, and he was still slightly gasping.

After a few seconds, he turned his head little by little and stared at the man annoyed.

There was no smile on Xing Luo’s face at this point.

Qiao Yue was startled.

The man stared at him, and said slowly: “A Yue, hurry up and deal with the matter at hand. I really can’t wait any longer.”

Qiao Yue’s Adam’s apple rolled down.

“But… But even if we are married, we can’t stay together every day…”

Qiao Yue was very ignorant and unfamiliar with emotional matters.

The fox family was seductive by nature, so they were very comfortable with love matters.

As for how far he and Xing Luo could go… Qiao Yue was more reluctant than anyone to think about it.

When facing Qiao Xi, he answered freely, but only he knew how much he cared about this question.

Each was king, even if married, it was impossible to see each other every day.

How long could this kind of love last?

I don’t know, I don’t have an answer, and I feel nervous when I think about it.

So he could only choose to tell himself that he had a lot of things to be busy with, and the Bird Clan had a lot of messes waiting for him to deal with, and he had no time to think about love troubles, so he had to put it off, put off all the troubles related to that man.

But Xing Luo was always like this—when he wanted to turn around and escape, this man would gently and forcefully turn him back, forcing him to face those problems.

But could the problem really be solved?

Who could guarantee the future?

Qiao Yue said with a muffled voice: “If we get married, we can only be the same as now. What are you in a hurry for?”

“Because after we’re married, I can tell everyone that you are mine,” Xing Luo said slowly, and it was also very clear, “There are already some people from the noble families in the Bird Clan who are interested in you, right?”

He was right. Qiao Yue didn’t look at them… But he didn’t expect Xing Luo to know about such a trivial matter?!

Xing Luo paused after every word: “A Yue, you are mine.”

The man said softly, “Everyone must know about this.”

He reached out and touched the screen lightly, as if he wanted to touch Qiao Yue.

“A Yue, don’t force me to do something… inappropriate in front of others.”

Qiao Yue shuddered.

What was an “inappropriate thing”…

Thinking of certain possibilities, Qiao Yue blushed so much that he seemed to be bleeding.

“You, what nonsense are you talking about!” Qiao Yue rubbed his face twice, his fingertips were trembling slightly, but his voice had already softened.

Seeing his appearance, Xing Luo smiled again.

He sighed: “I don’t know what you’re worrying about, but don’t embarrass me, I’ve never felt so tormented before.”

After a pause, Xing Luo said seriously: “Stop talking, I’ll have someone prepare a speeding car, I’ll set off now.”

Qiao Yue was startled: “Are you really going to come?!”

“Well,” Xing Luo’s face was out of frame, he was probably sorting something, Qiao Yue could only hear his voice, “A Yue, remember to prepare the things that should be prepared.”

Qiao Yue looked confused: “What do I have to prepare?”

Xing Luo: “Eat what you use.”

Qiao Yue: “…”

He “snapped” and angrily hung up the phone!

There was silence in the study.

After a while, Qiao Yue lay down on the table.

How should I put it, I suddenly feel like I can’t even imagine how that guy Xing Luo didn’t love him??

The more Qiao Yue thought about it, the more he was speechless and amused to himself.

Was he too narcissistic?

Sometimes he lacked self-confidence and sometimes became narcissistic. It was like suffering from schizophrenia, but that man made him like this!

Qiao Yue grabbed two handfuls of hair, straightened his body again, his face flushed red, very serious.

Forget it, who knows what will happen in the future, anyway, all he knew at this moment was that Xing Luo was too clingy, too clingy, too clingy!

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