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EVLM Ch. 39


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Because of Jiang Zheng’s sudden appearance and Ji Muye’s airborne presence, Beijing Sports became the most eye-catching place tonight. There were many reporters, paparazzi and fans from both sides who rushed to the front line all the while eating melons, but still trying to eat melons at the nearest place.

The singing was still going on, Liang Xiaoduan was full of blood today, as she collapsed and jumped on the stage, and didn’t feel tired at all. In addition, her two wall masters were listening to her singing in the audience tonight, thinking this, she became more and more excited, and finally even sang several more songs before saying goodbye to the audience.

Some fans shouted Jiang Zheng’s name and wanted her to sing again. However, after waiting for a long time and seeing no one, they just left angrily.


Liang Xiaoduan’s manager opened the champagne to celebrate the success of the concert. He didn’t know where his baby’s luck came from, two big men were airborne on the scene, and the fire burned so much that their colleagues must all be bleeding from jealousy.

Today was originally a special day for Liang Xiaoduan, but she walked behind Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye in a cute and well-behaved manner, her brows and eyes were almost gone from smiling, she looked no different from an ordinary star-chasing girl.

Seizing such a good opportunity, how could she not take a photo with her idols. She took out her mobile phone and asked Jiang Zheng to take a selfie with her, then asked Ji Muye to take a selfie with her, and finally asked the two of them to take a photo together with a smile.

Jiang Zheng: “…”

Ji Muye smiled and said, “I’m afraid Teacher Jiang will not be happy.” He had changed her address to Teacher Jiang, showing his deep resentment.

Jiang Zheng laughed dryly, “How could that be? Teacher Ji really knows how to joke.”

Seeing this, Ji Muye took the initiative to stand beside Jiang Zheng and leaned his head slightly.

Jiang Zheng thought about it, and it seemed that she and Ji Muye only had a group photo for stills, or a group photo for work, but there was no such private non-work background group photo.

“Sister Zheng, you should also lean towards Teacher Ji.” Liang Xiaoduan shouted like a professional cameraman: “There is almost a river in the middle.”

Jiang Zheng: “…” This girl is really….

Liang Xiaoduan shouted twice, seeing that the shoulders of the two people were almost touching, she nodded in satisfaction and pressed the shutter.

Wow. So beautiful. Head to head, it was equal to a wedding photo, if there was any.

Han Yi watched clearly from the side. Humph. Ji Muye, everyone knew Sima Zhao’s heart. It’s just that the oblivious Zheng Zheng, didn’t know it yet.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated.

Looking down, it was a message sent by the woman Jing Meini.

[Are you surprised? Are you surprised? Happy or not?] After the message, she added a dog head.

Ji Muye’s appearance was very unexpected, but he was neither surprised nor happy at all.

He stretched out his fingers and tapped the keyboard, [Why didn’t you come?] Wasn’t this woman following Ji Muye every day? It was strange for her to be absent today.

Jing Meini replied in seconds, [Who are you, my mother? To ask me? Have you looked at yourself?!]

There were three consecutive questions, three consecutive question marks, which made Han Yi come back from dead, as he replied with a dark face, “Dead woman!

Jing Mini sent a hehe emoji, and then reposted a video.

When Han Yi opened it, his face turned even darker.

When was this filmed? He had guessed that she had bad intentions when she insisted on fighting with him. This woman was so good at drinking that she even drank three large cans of wine and drank him, a big man, under the table. Then he was photographed looking drunk and stupid.

The eyes were blurred, he was muttering from the corners of his mouth, and was blushing like a monkey’s butt…

[You delete it for me.]

Jing Meini: [No, no. You come and hit me.]

Han Yi: […………]

The person in charge of the security of the concert came over and said that there were several groups of paparazzi blocking the entrances and exits of the Beijing Sports Center. It seemed that they shouldn’t want to go without taking pictures today.

Liang Xiaoduan immediately pulled Han Yi into Jiang Zheng’s car and drove out from the front door. Han Yi sat upright in the back row. When everyone saw it, they thought it was Jiang Zheng who was sitting next to him, so they took pictures with a camera.

As a result, next to Han Yi was Liang Xiaoduan who had covered herself tightly.

The paparazzi were chasing Jiang Zheng’s car, and after a while, the people in the parking lot outside were all gone.

Ji Muye then sent Jiang Zheng out, driving a staff car. This was how they went out without attracting other people’s attention.

The driver who drove Jiang Zheng’s car was a seasoned veteran and had very rich experience in dealing with paparazzi tracking. Han Yi was also very calm. The car turned left and right, and he didn’t move at all, without the slightest panic.

During the period, he could ask Liang Xiaoduan a question, “Xiaoduan, why did you arrange for me to go with you first?”

He actually had a lot of tricks to escape the paparazzi’s pursuit, and he didn’t have to ask Ji Muye to send Jiang Zheng home.

“Hehe.” Liang Xiaoduan stared at the group photo in the phone and said, “Uncle Han, have you heard a word?”

Han Yi: “?”

Did Liang Xiaoduan not have a count in her heart? Ji Muye came to her concert tonight, clearly wanting to cover his presence up, in order to listen to Jiang Zheng’s singing through her pretext.

She understood this very well. In order for this matter to be completed successfully, he must finally send Sister Zheng home.

Han Yi said to her, “You just want the two of them to be together?”

Ordinary people’s love and marriage was not a matter of one person, it involved all kinds of people and things, not to mention Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye were the top of the top. Once something happened between the two, no one dared to predict where things would develop.

Liang Xiaoduan said solemnly: “Uncle Han, besides being a singer, I’m also a reputable little fortune-telling goddess.”

Han Yi was taken aback: “…What?”

Liang Xiaoduan was afraid that he would not believe it, so she turned on her phone and opened the chat records with her friends.

“I’m very talented, self-taught, good at hexagrams and fortune-telling, and also have a bit of experience in Ziwei Doushu. I’m a bit short on the eight characters, but I’m still able to make a living.”

Han Yi: “?”

“Since I became a girl fan of Dongnu, I will give Sister Zheng and Teacher Ji a reading.”

“No matter which algorithm I use, they end up together.”

“If they don’t get together in the end, won’t they question my professional ability!”

“So, in the dark, Teacher Ji must send Sister Zheng home tonight.”

Han Yi: “.” Were the current CP fans even thinking about fortune-telling?

After all, this was the second time for Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye to ride in the same car. The last time it was the night of the premiere, when she was caught “watching her peers” by him and thus she was forced to send him home. Now the situation turned around and Ji Muye was sending her home.

Jiang Zheng thought that it was too hard for Ji Muye to run around in the middle of the night, so she persuaded him to go back.

Who would have thought that Ji Muye would say directly, “You sang to me, I have to repay you.”

When he said this, his eyes were deep and there was a hint of teasing in the corner of his eyes, but his tone was very serious.

Jiang Zheng was so frightened by the word repayment that she spat out the healthy wolfberry soup.

She stabilized her mind and said to him, “If someone is a little nicer to you, do you have to repay them?”

Ji Muye shrugged.

“First, she has to be a woman.”

“Second, I have only said the word repayment to you.”

When Ji Muye said these two words, half of his body was hidden in the darkness, so the expression on his face was not clear.

After speaking, he walked around the rear of the car very gentlemanly, walked to the co-pilot, opened the door and invited her in.

Jiang Zheng lowered her head, and her forehead just reached his chest.

When she was taking pictures just now, she smelled a faint fragrance on Ji Muye’s body, it was both familiar and unfamiliar, as if she had smelled it somewhere.

After sitting in the carriage, the smell lingered on the tip of her nose.

Somehow, the two didn’t speak in the same car.

Both sides seemed to have a heavy heart.

Fortunately, the Beijing Sports stadium was very close to Jiang Zheng’s home, so Jiang Zheng got out of the car as if fleeing but was stopped by Ji Muye.

He strode over, full of tricks, and handed over a small gift box.

“I think you should like this perfume.” Ji Muye pretended to be casual, “If you like it, use it, and if you don’t like, you can throw it in the trash. I wouldn’t know anyway.” If you don’t take the gift, it will be thrown away.

Quietly returning to the room, Jiang Zheng opened the perfume, sprayed it upwards, closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Ah! It was the smell on Ji Muye.

She opened her eyes suddenly and remembered! It turned out to be pear blossom.

No, specifically, this perfume, the top note had the taste of lime, the middle note was mixed with the fragrance of pear blossom, and finally ended with some kind of warm fragrance, which made people feel like they were experiencing the pure and fragrant early summer of the Dongnu country of Kangyanchuan.

Just in this pleasant fragrance, Jiang Zheng’s heart suddenly trembled.

She seemed to have missed something, it was very important, and she should have understood it, but it seemed like a layer of window paper blocked all the voices and thoughts…

After washing, she lay on the bed and opened Weibo. Sure enough, it was all about her appearance at Liang Xiaoduan’s concert.

“How bold is the husband who dares to let the queen sing to him? “

“Ji Muye’s Airborne Junior Concert, it turns out that the actor likes Xiaomaiyin? 》

The authors of “Jiang Ye CP encountered a crisis, Jiang Zheng originally helped to sing, but even her corner was pried.”

These authors did not think her and Ji Muye were a big deal, except that he and Jiang Zheng were pulled out by fans to join the CP because they co-produced “Dongnu Country” before.

He never got involved in other people’s affairs, and he actually went to the concert of the younger generation today. Wasn’t there a story behind it?

There were currently two camps. One side said that Ji Muye liked Liang Xiaoduan, and the other side said that Ji Muye went to the concert because Jiang Zheng was a guest.

Many people ran to Liang Xiaoduan’s Weibo and warned her not to take Brother Ji away.

How could Liang Xiaoduan bear this kind of accusation, so she immediately posted a Weibo: As everyone knows, I am a fan of Jiang Ye CP. Not only that, she also posted a still photo of “Dongnu Country”. The stills showed a moment in the bridal chambers between Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye.

The comments immediately shouted and scattered. This melon was growing in the wrong direction.

After Jiang Zheng finished eating her own melon, she habitually glanced at Ji Muye’s Weibo before going to bed.

He had updated it a minute ago: At this time, I met a flower shop that was still open, got off the car, bought flowers, brought them back, and put them here, they very much suit my mood tonight.

A bunch of sunflowers bloomed enthusiastically, suddenly leading people’s heart into the path leading to light.

Besides, it had a meaning in the flower language.

The silent and single-minded love that had been staring at his lover.

The author has something to say: Congratulations to Jiang Hanhan’s enlightenment.

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