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Everyone looked around. This was a quiet valley. A river ran through the valley, and the mountains on both sides are beautiful. The six stood under an oversized banyan tree covered with red ribbons for blessing. The mountain wind blew up the red ribbons, swaying, as if whispering countless wishes.

Jiang Zheng looked down at the red ribbon, which said words such as “safety, childbirth, and health.”

Bypassing the big banyan tree, a mountain temple appeared in front of everyone.

The mountain temple looked a little old, with blue bricks, black tiles and red walls, it was a room with a sloping roof, the temple door was half open, and it was dark inside, while it seemed as if a statue of a god had been enshrined there.

#Scared me. I seem to see the idol laughing.

#I always feel that this temple will turn into a grand monkey in a while.

#jiangzheng is so courageous, she was the first to cross the mountain temple.

#Sorry my sister Zheng is a heavy lover of horror movies. If this variety show was not scary and suspenseful, she might not be willing to participate.

The half-closed temple door was pushed open by Jiang Zheng, and as soon as the dull creaking came out, she heard Liang Xiaoduan scream in fright.

Everyone: “?”

The barrage style was as follows:


#I was not frightened by the idol, but I was frightened by your sister’s scream!

#On purpose.

Ke Cancan originally wanted to scream, but Liang Xiaoduan took the lead. She couldn’t see that this little girl was playing tricks to steal the camera.

She smiled, “Xiao Duan, follow me if you’re afraid.” She grabbed Jiang Zheng and walked into the temple first.

Liang Xiaoduan apologized to everyone embarrassedly, then smiled apologetically at Ji Muye, inserted himself between him and Jiang Zheng, and pulled the most daring Jiang Zheng’s sleeve.

Ji Muye: “?”

#Hahahaha this girl will be scolded to death by Jiang Ye’s CP fans.

#jimuye is a little confused. You dare to rob my majesty?

#Did you not find it? From the beginning of the show, Ji Muye followed Jiang Zheng, never leaving.

Jiang Zheng patted Liang Xiaoduan on the shoulder, “Follow me.”

In the temple there was a statue of an unknown deity. It was made in gold and covered in satin. Its facial features were very fierce, and the two eyeballs were staring down fiercely, facing the futon position.

Jiang Zheng thought for a while but couldn’t guess what kind of god this was. The Chinese ghost and god system was extremely complex. Since the entrance was marked with a mountain temple sign, there was a high probability that it was a Taoist system God.

Ji Muye: “This threshold was stepped on smoothly, without any edges or corners. It seems that the incense in the temple is very strong.”

Xiao Cheng agreed, “You see a lot of tribute on the platform. There are also noble fruits. Where’s the cherries.”

#Hahahaha funds are burning.

#So what kind of city is this? Where is the city?

#Xiaocheng is swallowing saliva? Does he want to compete with the idol to eat? So bold!

#This statue doesn’t look like a good god, what kind of person would worship this evil god?

The big guys scattered everywhere, looking for clues.

After a while, He Xiao found a pair of small tiger-head boots for children on the offering platform. Ke Cancan found a child’s apron under the altar.

In addition to the blessing ribbon that Jiang Zheng saw just now, this immortal seemed to have the same function as the Goddess of Mercy.

Jiang Zheng circled behind the statue, and suddenly there was a creaking sound, and she silently raised her foot and stepped back.

Liang Xiaoduan shivered, “Teacher Jiang, I’m super afraid of this strange sound.”

Jiang Zheng smiled and pointed to the cameraman on the opposite side, “Xiao Duan, just stare at him when you’re afraid. At least he’s a normal living person.”

Liang Xiaoduan raised her head and looked at the camera brother, who was majestic and expressionless, then she lowered her head silently, “I’d better follow you closely.”

#Hahahaha Where did you find the camera brother, it is the kind with ferocious facial features. The show crew is so bad. They don’t give people a way to live.

#normal living? xswl!

#JiangYe cp fans came to report. It’s a little hard to find candy in a suspenseful horror variety show.

Ji Muye came over and saw Jiang Zheng squatting on the ground and she seemed to be looking for something.

He squatted down as well, stretched out his hands and patted the ground up and down, left and right, there was an empty echo, and he lifted the red cloth hanging down from the altar, and a door knocker appeared in front of him on the ground.

Everyone heard the sound and immediately became excited.

After pulling the door ring, a black hole was revealed, with a wooden ladder hanging down.

Originally, Ji Muye wanted to go down first, but Jiang Zheng grabbed it first. Jiang Zheng whispered: “Teacher Ji, you forgot that you were so scared that your face turned pale on the cowhide raft?”

Ji Muye: “…” When you fall, continue to fall. I dug a hole for myself.

As a CP fan, Liang Xiaoduan could capture such important information in such a frightened situation, she quickly asked, “What? What happened?”

The barrage was also full of question marks.

However, the parties did not want to explain at all. Ji Muye watched Jiang Zheng go first, and he could only follow closely.

Who would have thought that there was a dark room under the idol. There were obviously people living here, there were beds and quilts, the beds were messy, but the people who lived here seemed to have left in a hurry.

Temples receiving incense were usually managed by monks or Taoist priests. This mountain temple only had a small room, and there was no place for them to live. So, did they go to live under the idol?

Everyone started to analyze every word, but they couldn’t understand the function of this dark room.

Suddenly Jiang Zheng saw that there seemed to be something hidden in the corner of the quilt, so she reached out and touched it, and pulled out a piece of paper.

Everyone gathered around to see.

The paper was the type of rice paper used by big families. On the rice paper was written a line of poem: As soon as the spring wind and rain meet, you will win but there are countless people in the world.

#spring breeze? Rain and dew? darkroom? Proper taste of adultery.

#Is this a fertility temple?

#Not surprising. There are often such storylines in ancient novels.

Seeing nothing for a while, Jiang Zheng put away the piece of paper, climbed out of the dark room, walked out of the mountain temple, and walked along the blue brick road in front of the temple.

As she walked, she looked back at the temple gate, and the two eyes of the mountain god seemed to be turning, and they kept staring straight at her.

Jiang Zheng frowned, turned around and continued walking.

The barrage went crazy.

#Scared Laozi!

#Ah ah ah, what kind of plot is this, I can’t guess at all.

#So afraid. Barrage shield.

Going forward along the valley, the river was clear and gurgling, and the river surface was getting wider and wider. Not long after, the six of them walked up a small slope, and when they looked from a distance, they saw an ancient city.

The river flowed around the city, the city walls stood tall, and the gates were hung with red lanterns and red flags. The mountain wind was blowing from the valley, and the yellow sand outside the city gate was flying and dancing.

This was the city of terror that catered to “Terror City”.

#One episode, one city, funding is burning.

#I go! Did you hear anything? This is probably an empty city.

#There are no soldiers at the gate of the city, so people don’t have to go in and out of the city gate to buy things?

The group waited for the wind to stop a little, then walked down the small slope to the city gate.

The city wall was towering, more than 20 meters high. City defense systems such as battlements, urn, and turrets were all readily available. It was just that there wasn’t a single soldier guarding it.

Suddenly, a piece of white paper attached to the city wall that was about to be blown away by the wind came into everyone’s sight.

Traditional, but recognizable.

It turned out that this city was called Wuyou City. The city owner of Wuyou City had a beautiful daughter, and the city owner wanted to recruit a good son-in-law for her. The signature was by the city owner of Wuyou City, and the time was three months ago.

Judging from the color of the remaining paper, it should have been written on red paper, but over time, the red paper turned white.

Got important information, Wuyou City, Wuyou City Lord had a daughter, he wanted to recruit a son-in-law.

Ji Muye: “Shouldn’t the city lord have a son? That’s why he needs to hire a son-in-law who can inherit the family business?”

Ke Cancan praised with a smile: “Muye’s analysis is very reasonable.”

Ji Muye looked back again.

Xiao Cheng: “Intuition tells me that the city lord’s daughter is the key clue.”

He Xiao: “Perhaps, the son-in-law recruited by the city lord was a white-eyed wolf who killed the whole city?”

Liang Xiaoduan glanced around, and the more she looked, the more scared she became.

First, horror and suspense were the best match for red. Second, this city was too quiet, the quieter it got, the weirder it seemed.

“What,” Liang Xiaoduan asked the cameraman with a trembling voice, “Where is the toilet?”

The cameraman held the camera and slapped her face expressionlessly, indifferent.

Liang Xiaoduan was about to cry, she was just too greedy for money, so she dared to take part in this kind of show.

Jiang Zheng patted her hand, “Let’s go to the city. There must be toilets in the city.”

After crossing the city gate and passing through Weng City, a straight street appeared in front of everyone.

It was a mess on the street. Vegetables, fruits, cloth, firewood, turkey, duck, and fish were all thrown on the ground. There were also a lot of fallen tables and benches.

The doors of the shops on both sides stood open, and they were black like a monster’s mouth.

The six people gathered together and walked into the street in unison.

Although they knew that this was a variety show, the program team had burned the funds too realistically. They were immersed in the environment, and everyone’s face was very serious.

Suddenly, a blood-stained brick tower stood in front of everyone.

Just as Liang Xiaoduan was about to open her mouth, Jiang Zheng returned her hand and covered her mouth, suppressing her scream.

#Ahhh so scared! What about Gao Nengjun? Take care of yourself!

#come here finally here.

#Depend on. what sound.

Jiang Zheng was startled suddenly, and there seemed to be movement on the back of the blood tower. The sound was like as if someone was eating.

Liang Xiaoduan choked out a sentence, “Can I cry?”

At this moment, a group of zombies came around from behind the blood tower and stumbled over after hearing the sound.

#Ah ah. Ancient Zombies?

#This NPC is too similar.

#hold me tight.

Everyone was terrified by this scene and panicked.

Liang Xiaoduan’s legs softened, and she was about to rush over to hug Jiang Zheng, but before she could stretch out her hand, she saw Jiang Zheng grabbing Ji Muye and protecting him behind her.

Liang Xiaoduan’s remained fluttering in the air.

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