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EVLM Ch. 32.1


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Jiang Zheng regretted letting Ji Muye come in at this moment. She forgot that the Chen sisters had become more and more open-minded in their pursuit of matchmaking, and they were trying to implicate her and Ji Muye.

This was really creepy.

She quickly took out the signed photo and stuffed it into her aunt’s hand.

Chen Meiting was really happy. After thanking him repeatedly, she asked Jiang Zheng to take pictures of her and Ji Muye. After taking the picture, she sent it to her eldest sister Chen Jinjiao to show off.

Big boss Chen was in a meeting when she received the photo, and a group of her subordinates were reporting to her with a serious look. She hooked her hand, and the secretary hurried over.

After a while, Chen Meiting received the photo sent by her sister. Chen Jinjiao had cropped her very happily and replaced herself beside Ji Muye.

Sure enough, it was something that big sister could do.

Ji Muye finally refused Chen Meiting’s lunch invitation.

Jiang Zheng sent him out.

In the courtyard, a small perennial tree had stretched its branches gracefully, and the bright green leaf color against the white wall made people feel happy.

Jiang Zheng stopped and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Mr. Ji, just now my aunt…”

Ji Muye shook his head and smiled, “It’s okay. Your aunt is very enthusiastic.”

Jiang Zheng also laughed, not far from them, Jing Meini got out of the car and nodded to Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng: “Then, goodbye.”

Ji Muye hummed, pursed his lower lip, and walked down the steps.

Jiang Zheng looked at his tall figure and sighed to herself. The circle could be both big and small. She didn’t know when she would see Ji Muye again and cooperate with him again.

After “Dongnu Country” ended, Han Yi arranged for Jiang Zheng to rest for a week, and then arranged for her to receive an interview, two commercials, and three endorsement roadshows. After more than a month of work, Jiang Zheng went to a city in the southwest to participate in a horror and suspense variety show “Terror City”.

This kind of variety show was usually recorded once a week, and she could do other things in the rest of the time. Several scripts that had been negotiated recently were still in the early stage of development. In addition, Jiang Zheng agreed with the producer platform, variety show concept and innovative highlights of this variety show, so after they contacted her a few times, she agreed to attend the show.

The setting background of “Terror City” was a city. The time dimension of this city could be any era, ancient, modern or future, and the space dimension could be above or below ground, earth or alien, or parallel world. The six guests invited by the program team needed to find clues, trigger plot points, find out the secrets of the city, rescue the city residents and escape from the city within a limited time.

At the same time, in order to increase the sense of entertainment and participation in the program, “Terror City” adopted the live broadcast format to show the participant’s first reactions to the audience at the first time.

Jiang Zheng took a rest after flying to the destination and was sent to the scene of the first episode of the first season of “Terror City” by the special car arranged by the program team early in the morning.

She wore a blindfold the whole time, and after being carefully helped by the staff to get off the car, she stood there alone.

She turned around, only to hear cars stopping constantly, someone standing beside her, other times she could only feel the wind blowing on her face, and there was a refreshing air in her breath, as if they had come to a secluded valley.

After a while, all the six guests had arrived.

Han Yi stood beside the car, when he saw Ji Muye wearing a blindfold and being helped out of the car, his eyes widened instantly.

What a hell! The “Terror City” program team was good everywhere, but they kept the identity of the guests tightly concealed. Before, he tried to inquire about the guest candidates, but to no avail. Well, he didn’t have to look to know that Jiang Zheng’s eyes were bigger than his.

Jing Meini laughed angrily when she saw Han Yi. It was really enemies meeting on a narrow road. She still remembered the tragic history of looking for someone to get a photo printed in the middle of the night more than a month ago, just because Big Sister Jiang told Ji Muye that her two friends wanted his autographed photo. As a result, Ji Muye even sent it to the other person himself. She had never seen such a humble celebrity.

The two tilted their heads at the same time and walked to the side very tacitly.

Jing Meini: “Why is it so coincidental? They’re on a show at the same time?”

Han Yi smiled, “Don’t you think that their fate is a bit unavoidable and can’t be separated?”

“Indeed.” Jing Meini shrugged, “Do you know that they added each other on WeChat?”

Han Yi was shocked, what the hell? Zhengzheng didn’t tell him.

Jing Meini stared at him, as if trying to see something on his face.

Han Yi calmed down and said calmly, “What are you worried about?”

Jing Meini laughed, “I’m not worried. Anyway, my Muye is 28 years old, so it’s time for him to fall in love.”

Han Yi: “…” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Kill someone every time!

After the staff arranged the six guests, they were asked to take off their blindfolds at the same time.

Jiang Zheng blinked and adjusted her gaze but was suddenly caught by the eyes on the opposite side. Seeing him, she went in a trance. Before she could react, she heard someone shouting, “Teacher Jiang.”

He Xiao looked excited. He rushed over and bowed twice to her. As the most popular one out of the IKEEN boy group, he was also one of the six guests.

Jiang Zheng smiled and said, “He Xiao. It’s you.”

As the two were talking, another girl rushed over next to her, with a small round face and watery eyes. When she saw Jiang Zheng, she shouted, “My mother! Your Majesty, Her Majesty the Queen.”

Yes. Another girl who had been poisoned by “Dongnu Country”.

Jiang Zheng recognized her. Her name was Liang Xiaoduan, a famous rapper with a wave of loyal fans.

Liang Xiaoduan looked back at Ji Muye, and then at Jiang Zheng, and said, “I actually saw His Majesty and Wang Fu get together for the first time after the drama. I’m so happy and excited.”

Jiang Zheng was dumbfounded, get together? Her words were a little weird.

Ji Muye came over and said with a smile, “Zhengzheng, long time no see.”

The corners of Jiang Zheng’s mouth were almost lifted to the sky, but her mind was still there, so she pressed down the corners of her lips and smiled lightly: “Teacher Ji, it’s been a long time. I didn’t see you.”

Liang Xiaoduan stomped her feet and said secretly: It turns out that Ji Muye called Jiang Zheng that way in private. So sweet.

The live broadcast started, and the barrage comments flew over.

#Ah ah ah fairy guests. I can’t believe my eyes.

#My Queen and Her Royal Highness please don’t be so unfamiliar with each other, thank you.

#Liang Xiaoduan is so cute, she doesn’t hide that she is a Jiang Ye CP fan at all.

#I didn’t expect Ke Cancan to get such good resources as “Terror City”. A former host, has some golden thighs been on her side recently?

#Don’t look down on others, I also know that Xiao Cheng is the funny guy of the show. I wanted to laugh when I saw him.

Xiao Cheng was a famous variety show artist who hung out in various variety shows all year round. He had a very strong sense of variety, he was very funny, and he could play well. The audience also quite liked him, so there were many show groups who liked to invite him to participate.

He greeted everyone as soon as he came, and his expression was very relaxed.

Jiang Zheng became the focus as soon as she came, Ke Cancan smiled, but she was really angry inside. How could she be so unlucky, she managed to get good resources, but she met the super eye-catching Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye. She was no less jealous of Jiang Zheng in this circle, but she didn’t have the guts to show it on her face, so she could only greet everyone warmly.

After the greeting, the show officially started.

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