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Shen Xigou…was mentally ill, and had even been showing signs of world-weariness and suicide for a long time?

Had he been like this in his previous life, why didn’t he even know?

Hearing what Dr. Sun said, Fu Yuanzhou’s head hummed, as if he had been punched, and there was a sharp pain, his chest heaving, and he couldn’t breathe.

His face was pale, and Dr. Sun thought he was afraid and sighed softly. Although she felt sorry for Shen Xigou, she could fully understand Fu Yuanzhou. Anyone who encountered such a situation would definitely be afraid. She also stood by Fu Yuanzhou’s side.

“You have to be careful in the future, pay more attention to your own safety, and don’t meet Shen Xigou alone.” She said, “He may have a deep obsession with you, you have to be careful that he does not indulge in extreme behavior.”

“Thank you, Doctor Sun.”

Fu Yuanzhou was a little dizzy and nodded numbly, but instead of worrying about whether he would be hurt, what he found more difficult to accept was that Shen Xigou had a mental illness, and it was very likely that he had inherited it from his mother. He had been friends with Shen Xigou for so many years in his last life, but he never noticed it.

Just like his mother. Fu Yuanzhou recalled all the tiny details, but they fit so well-Shen Xigou’s mother lived for her husband, and Shen Xigou himself regarded him as the driving force to live.

Shen Xigou had said more than once that without him, he would die… Why didn’t he think about hereditary diseases at that time?

Was it because he didn’t care enough about Shen Xigou? Dr. Sun only went to his house once and found Shen Xigou’s medicine and medical certificate, but they had known each other for many years, but he had never seen Shen Xigou’s medicine or medical certificate, nor found anything wrong with his state.

Maybe Shen Xigou was hiding it from him on purpose, otherwise he should have told him, but why didn’t Shen Xigou tell, was it because he was afraid that he would alienate him in the future?

How could he be such a person, if Shen Xigou had told him earlier, he would definitely accompany him to treat his illness, why would he abandon his friend for this reason?

Regret, anger, embarrassment, fear, heartache.

Fu Yuanzhou’s hands were trembling, he didn’t know, he didn’t know anything, if he could care more about Shen Xigou, would he have been able to find out the truth earlier, and it wouldn’t lead to the series of tragedies in the future?

It was like a slap in the face. He thought he knew Shen Xigou well enough, but it was far from the truth. He didn’t even notice that Shen Xigou was in pain.

It was true that he suffered a lot later because of Shen Xigou, and Shen Xigou hurt him miserably. He had nothing to blame himself for, let alone owe him, but what happened earlier? Maybe he had a chance to save everything, but he missed it.

At that time, Shen Xigou slid into the abyss little by little. He stood on the edge, ignorant of his fall, and finally the whole ground collapsed. He and Shen Xigou fell together, and also implicated others.

“You don’t have to worry too much. You will rarely have the chance to meet in the future. He can’t do anything to you.”

Dr. Sun saw that his face was very bad and reassured him: “When you go home again, don’t be alone, ask Xie Lin or Yu Fei to accompany you. In addition, the effect of the temporary marking will gradually dissipate, your body will recover well, and there will be basically no pheromones left, so you can rest assured.”

Fu Yuanzhou was in a trance and could not hear her clearly. Whenever she said something, he just nodded lightly. Suddenly he thought of another question, his heart tightened, and he asked in a dry voice, “Do you think Shen Xigou has the possibility of… committing suicide?”

If Shen Xigou’s mother was not around her husband, she would try to commit suicide. Would Shen Xigou also…

“…There is such a possibility.”

Dr. Sun sighed: “I read his medical certificate, although it did not mention whether he had attempted to commit suicide, but he has no awareness of survival.”

“For example, his self-mutilation behavior was not the same as that of ordinary people, he also knew that if he lost too much blood, he may die, however unlike ordinary people, he was not afraid of death.”

“In his view, ‘death’ caused by ‘excessive blood loss’ just changes the state of the body, just as ‘eating’ makes the body in a state of ‘fullness’, both in his eyes are the same.”

“So it doesn’t matter even if it hurts, as long as it can achieve the goal, as for his goal…”

Was it self-punishment?

Fu Yuanzhou suddenly recalled Shen Xigou’s previous self-mutilation behavior when he was imprisoned. Shen Xigou knew that he was in pain, so he used self-mutilation as a means of punishing himself.

He also finally understood why Shen Xigou didn’t care about his body at all. A person who didn’t even care about death naturally wouldn’t care about pain and would only devote all his attention to a few special beings.

Like… him.

He was the most special existence to Shen Xigou, even to the point of being extremely morbid, Shen Xigou didn’t even care about himself, but he would suffer because of his injury. He was the key to unlocking Shen Xigou’s emotions.

Shen Xigou didn’t want him to hate him, so he chose to hide his condition. Even the scars he had carved on his chest did not say “Seven”, but “Yuanzhou”, because he had told Shen Xigou to stop calling him “Seven”.

Fu Yuanzhou felt cold all over, he didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes, not only to keep his parents and Xie Lin safe and happy, but also because he didn’t want anything to happen to Shen Xigou. He hated the hurt Shen Xigou caused him, but he didn’t want Shen Xigou to self-destruct, so they should have been strangers in this life, and they would be at peace with each other, which was the best ending.

But now…

“I respect your privacy and won’t ask too much.”

Dr. Sun said, “But I need to ask you, do you have the contact information of Shen Xigou’s family, or the password to unlock his phone? His mobile phone is specially encrypted, it is difficult to open, and his family cannot be contacted to take care of him.”

“…” Fu Yuanzhou shook his head, he did not have the contact information of Shen Xigou’s father, even if he did, he knew it was impossible for him to rush over to take care of Shen Xigou.

Shen Xigou had many friends, but they were all casual acquaintances. He was the only one who had a close relationship with him in his previous life. In this life, Shen Xigou was even more alone.

Fu Yuanzhou felt extremely uncomfortable and worried that Shen Xigou might commit suicide, but he couldn’t take care of Shen Xigou, he couldn’t deepen Shen Xigou’s morbid dependence on him, it would only hurt both of them.

“Let me find a way. Since I am a doctor and he is a patient, even though he is not my patient, I will be responsible to the end.”

Dr. Sun sighed softly: “I will take care of him until he is discharged from the hospital, but even after his body recovers, he should go to a sanatorium to get his mental problems treated.”

Fu Yuanzhou came back to his senses and was very surprised and moved by her kindness, he almost wanted to say thank you to her, but he stopped in time. Because he was not someone from Shen Xigou’s family, he had no position to say thank you to Dr. Sun.

“Thank you for your hard work. Before Shen Xigou wakes up, I will pay for all the treatment expenses and your salary.” In the end, he just said this to Dr. Sun.

Dr. Sun did not refuse, thanked him, and asked, “If he has any situation, do you need me to tell you?”

“Okay.” Fu Yuanzhou hesitated, and said, “Please hire him some nurses, to look after him twenty-four seven, I am worried that he might…”

“Don’t worry.” Dr. Sun nodded, “I will handle it well, and I won’t tell him it was your doing.”

“Thank you.” Fu Yuanzhou thanked her very solemnly.

“If he wants to see you, or has something to tell you, should I tell you?” Dr. Sun asked.

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a long time. He was silent for a long time, and finally shook his head. Dr. Sun patted him on the shoulder and said gently, “I see, you can take good care of your body and leave it to me.”

Dr. Sun examined Fu Yuanzhou. After confirming that there was no problem, she rushed to the hospital to take care of Shen Xigou. Not long after, Xie Lin came back from the school, but not only Xie Lin, Yuan Ye also came with him.

“How did you come?”

Fu Yuanzhou was thinking about Shen Xigou, but suddenly saw Yuan Ye open the door, and he panicked, thinking that fortunately he had just sprayed a pheromone dispersant, Yuan Ye should not be able to smell it, and even if he smelled it, he would not know it was Shen Xigou’s pheromone.

“You think I’m so stupid, I will just believe you if you say you have a cold?”

However, things did not develop as Fu Yuanzhou thought, Yuan Ye walked into the bedroom, his handsome face was smiling, but his eyebrows were dark and cold, as if he was suppressing his anger. He asked, “Who did it?”

“What?” Fu Yuanzhou didn’t realize that Yuan Ye had already discovered it.

“Who marked you?” Yuan Ye said in a cold voice, his whole body full of anger, “Tell me, I will break his leg and ask him to kneel to apologize to you.”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t go to school for several days. Yu Fei and Xie Lin also didn’t come. From the beginning, Yuan Ye didn’t believe that it was as simple as being sick. He paid attention to this matter for the past two days, and finally waited for Xie Lin to come to school.

Xie Lin kept silent about Fu Yuanzhou’s matter. Yuan Ye kept asking him again and again but he didn’t speak up. He was so angry that he almost got into a fight with Xie Lin. In the end, he simply followed Xie Lin, but Xie Lin didn’t stop him because it was useless. Anyway, he already knew their addresses.

On the way here, Yuan Ye had already made some guesses. Later, he happened to meet Dr. Sun who was coming out of the building downstairs, so he deliberately pretended to have known about it for a long time.

Dr. Sun was unprepared at first and accidentally said that Fu Yuanzhou was marked, but later she found out that she had been fooled, so she kept silent and did not say Shen Xigou’s name, otherwise Yuan Ye might not have even come upstairs, instead he would have directly gone to the villa area to beat someone.

“Don’t be impulsive…”

Seeing Yuan Ye’s gloomy look and how he was ready to kill, Fu Yuanzhou sighed and reassured him: “It’s not that serious, it’s just a temporary mark, strictly speaking, it was just an accident.”

He said it not only for Shen Xigou, but also for Yuan Ye. He didn’t want Yuan Ye to leave a mark against himself which might cause him to drop out of school. He would become a professional player in the future, and his public image was very important.

Yuan Ye looked at him angrily for a long time, but his expression gradually became low, his head lowered, showing an annoyed and sad expression, and even his eyes were a little red, like a poor dog.

“I’m not reconciled, you are being bullied like this… But I can’t protect you, and I can’t help you vent your anger. I can’t do anything.”

“Didn’t you say you copied my notes for me?” Fu Yuanzhou said, “You brought them with you. Haven’t you?”

“…Brought it.”

Yuan Ye pursed his lips and walked over and took out several notebooks from his schoolbag and handed them over to Fu Yuanzhou. The image varied from earlier greatly.

“Thank you, that’s enough.” Fu Yuanzhou took the notes and said to Yuan Ye with a smile, “Wait for me to make a copy and return it to you later.”

“It’s okay, I don’t need it, I just sent it to you.”

Yuan Ye was silent. After a while, he said, “These are not enough, I want to do more for you, because I…”


At this moment, Xie Lin walked in with water and medicine.

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