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AROEDM Ch. 55.2


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“Huh? What did you talk about?”

Fu Yuanzhou pricked up his ears. After his mother stopped their game, she talked to Xie Lin alone for a long time. Xie Lin never told him the content of the conversation between the two of them. And he had been curious for a long time.

“I told her that I like you.” Xie Lin said.

Fu Yuanzhou blushed, this was too straightforward, he knew what he would keep thinking about in the next few days!

“Auntie supports me in pursuing you.”

Xie Lin looked down at Fu Yuanzhou, his fingertips gently lingering on his face.

“She made me promise that if we started dating, at least until college, I wouldn’t touch you, but if you insist on forcing me to sleep with you… maybe I’ll break my promise.”


Fu Yuanzhou felt so ashamed and angry, he could never have imagined that his mother would talk about this with Xie Lin, and Xie Lin’s meaning was clear now… What a beast, a beast!

“Go, go, go.”

He pulled the quilt over his head and stopped looking at Xie Lin angrily. Xie Lin patted him across the quilt and told him to put his head on his pillow.

“Smell my pheromone, you will feel better.” Xie Lin lowered his head and kissed his forehead, “Good night.”

“…Good night.”

Seeing that he was really leaving, even though he was still chasing people away just now, Fu Yuanzhou was still a little reluctant to give up, he wanted to kiss Xie Lin, but when thinking like this, he spurned himself, obviously he just lived next door, what was he so reluctant to bear.

After Xie Lin left, Fu Yuanzhou’s mood slowly recovered. After all, his body hadn’t recovered yet, and he really fell asleep very quickly. When he fell asleep, his fingers were still holding a bit of the hem of Xie Lin’s coat.

Accompanied by pheromones that smelt of red wine, that night he really didn’t dream of Shen Xigou anymore, but of the nights that Xie Lin slept with him after his mother’s funeral.

At that time, there was a problem with his eyes because of excess crying, and he could not see things temporarily. At that time, Yuan Ye had already left the country, and Yu Fei was in a crew, and she was already filming urgently in order to hurry back, so only Shen Xigou could be with him during the day. And Xie Lin came to take care of him at night.

In front of him was just a white mass. He needed someone to help guide the chopsticks when he ate. If he wanted to go anywhere, he needed to be guided by hand. Even going to the bathroom, Shen Xigou and Xie Lin had to help him, otherwise he couldn’t even go to the toilet.

He lied in bed at night, and because his eyes were overly sensitive, his sight changed from white to black. When Xie Lin came to sleep with him, what he felt was the temperature on Xie Lin’s body, the cool breath, and the gentle touch of his fingers in his hair, and a warm embrace, the sensory memory made that time even more unforgettable.

Occasionally amidst drowsiness, he also felt a soft touch on his forehead, like a falling kiss. At that time, he was immersed in sadness and didn’t care. Now that he thought about it, maybe Xie Lin had been kissing him, it felt very similar.

But it was different from now…

Fu Yuanzhou woke up from the dream, and there was a bit of melancholy in his eyes.

It was not that Xie Lin had never kissed his face or forehead before. He also kissed Xie Lin’s face a few times when he was joking, but it was a kiss without any ambiguous affection. It was the same with Xie Lin. In their last life, they only had pure friendship and no romantic feeling for each other.

If only Xie Lin in the past liked him too… In an instant, such a thought appeared in Fu Yuanzhou’s heart. He was really getting more and more greedy, but that was all in the past, and it couldn’t be changed. All he had to do was to cherish the present Xie Lin.

After a series of sleepless nights, Fu Yuanzhou got up early and hid Xie Lin’s coat. Before Xie Lin took it back, he couldn’t tell Auntie or Yu Fei or let them see it. In addition, he sprayed a pheromone dispersant. He couldn’t let others know that Xie Lin had come to his room late last night.

“I feel very happy today.”

Before going to the hospital, Yu Fei came to see Fu Yuanzhou again, he crouched beside his bed and smiled a little: “Is it because you slept well last night?”

“Well… it’s okay.”

Fu Yuanzhou nodded, he couldn’t tell the truth, and he couldn’t bear to hurt Yu Fei, so he could only lie and try to make his attitude seem more normal. As for his good mood, he really couldn’t hide it. It was easy to see.

“How’s Auntie Yu?”

“She’s recovering well and should be able to leave the hospital next weekend. My father will pick her up when she is discharged from the hospital. The three of us will spend the weekend together.” Referring to this good news, Yu Fei’s eyes also became a little brighter.

Next weekend was the first weekend of December. It was originally the two days when Fu Yuanzhou had decided to continue dating with Xie Lin. Hearing this, his heartbeat involuntarily quickened, and he was looking forward to next weekend for no reason. At that time, he would have the opportunity to be alone with Xie Lin…

But Yu Fei was still in front of him, so Fu Yuanzhou quickly dismissed other thoughts and sincerely congratulated Yu Fei: “It’s great, you say hello to Aunt Yu for me.

“Well, she also cares about you very much, and hopes you can get well soon.”

Yu Fei reached out to hold Fu Yuanzhou’s hand: “When you are well, let’s go out to play together, okay?”

Facing his expectant gaze, Fu Yuanzhou pulled out his hand, nodded and said, “Of course, us and Xie Lin, the three of us should go out together.”

Since he liked Xie Lin now, it was impossible for him to go out with Xiaofei alone in the future, and he should avoid ambiguous physical contact with him in the future as well, so he immediately took his hand back.

“…Okay, I’ll ask my brother, maybe he’s busy since it is his third year of high school, and he wouldn’t have time.”

Yu Fei’s eyes were slightly gloomy, but he quickly raised his face and smiled at Fu Yuanzhou: “Then you have a good rest, I’ll go to the hospital, if you have something to do, ask your aunt to help, don’t force yourself.”

Fu Yuanzhou nodded, then he sighed after Yu Fei left, he couldn’t help but miss Xie Lin. Today Xie Lin had gone to school in the morning to get back all the papers and homework for the three of them, and he had to hand over the work of the student union also, so he was not at home.

After a while, the doorbell rang, and his aunt went to open the door. It was Dr. Sun who came to examine Fu Yuanzhou’s body. She also brought some things from home for him by the way. Fu Yuanzhou’s mother had asked her to bring them.

“Sorry, Yuanzhou, I’m late today.”

As soon as she entered the door, Dr. Sun said sorry to Fu Yuanzhou. She had always been a very punctual person. She always arrived on time for appointments and was rarely late, but she was over an hour late today.

“It’s okay, Dr. Sun, don’t take it to heart.”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t care. If Dr. Sun hadn’t mentioned it, he wouldn’t even have noticed that she was late. Anyway, she was very busy. Rather than being late, he was more concerned about the reason why Dr. Sun was late: “Did something happen to you?”

He found that Dr. Sun’s expression was not very good-looking, and he was a little worried. As she approached, Fu Yuanzhou found that the hem of her white coat was stained with some bloodstains.

“Blood?” Fu Yuanzhou was shocked, “Are you injured?”

“…No.” Only then did Dr. Sun realize that there was blood on her white coat, and immediately took it off and handed it to the aunt, asking her to wash it. “I helped a wounded person deal with his wound.”

Could it be that Dr. Sun got into a car accident on the way?

Fu Yuanzhou was about to ask in detail, but he suddenly smelled a very faint pheromone on Dr. Sun. Although she seemed to have sprayed pheromone dispersant, because she was a Beta and could not smell the pheromone, she did not handle it quite well, and there was still a little residue.

If it were other Omegas, they might ignore this smell, because the residual amount was very small, but Fu Yuanzhou was very sensitive to this smell, and after smelling even this little bit, his heartbeat accelerated.

That was the smell of his Alpha, the aroma of mandala, the smell of… Shen Xigou.

Thinking of the blood stains on the white coat, Fu Yuanzhou’s face turned pale, as if even his instincts were aware of his panic, his pheromones spread out in an instant, full of uneasy feelings, interacting with his emotions, forcing him to feel even more uncomfortable.

“Did something happen to Shen Xigou?”

His tone changed unknowingly. There were both instinctive influences and his own worries about Shen Xigou mixed in his words. Undoubtedly, his feelings for Shen Xigou were very complicated, there was fear, hatred, pain, grief, and intolerance. In his previous life, Shen Xigou also brought great harm to himself. But still, he hoped that Shen Xigou could live well.

Seeing that she couldn’t hide from him, Dr. Sun had to tell the truth: “Yes, I helped him with emergency treatment.”

She was asked by Fu Yuanzhou’s mother to help him get something. When she came out of his house, a panicked woman suddenly ran out of the opposite villa, screaming for her help.

The woman was the housekeeper of Shen Xigou’s family. She came to do housekeeping for Shen Xigou today but found that Shen Xigou was lying on the sofa covered in blood, with a pale almost bloodless face. If it wasn’t for the movement of his chest, she would really have thought that he was already dead.

Even so, the housekeeper was still frightened, so when she saw Dr. Sun outside the window, she hurriedly called her in to help.

Dr. Sun was also frightened, thinking that there was a case of robbery, she rushed forward to give first aid, but fortunately, when dealing with the wound, she found that Shen Xigu had no fatal injuries, they were all skin injuries, and the coma was due to blood loss. In addition, his physical condition was not very good, but his life was not in danger.

“Later, with the help of the property supervisors, I sent him to the hospital and went through the hospitalization procedures for him.”

Dr. Sun said: “When dealing with the wound, I found that his injury was not caused by others, but himself… It was self-harm.”

“In addition, I also saw several drugs in his house, all of which are used to treat mental illness, and a diagnosis certificate. It is very likely that he has been severely misanthropic and suicidal for a long time.”

At this point, her eyes showed extremely complicated emotions.

“Originally this was his private matter and I shouldn’t have told you, but I told you because I saw your name engraved on his chest.”

“He had engraved the word ‘Yuanzhou’.”

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